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UNEXPECTED- The Friends Who Love Me!

I have no clue what to say so many of you won't take the time to read anything and then there are others of you that no matter what I take the time to write or comment on you are all over it...anyway here goes...

If you have read the story called Happy New Year you know how I came to be on xhamster in the first place. Extra money and to clear some sexual frustrations going on at the time. So that brings us up to today's post.

***When I came to xhamster I was not looking for any new friends. I never even expected to make even one new friend. I had plenty of friends and plenty of attention in my real life from those who care about me. I came on here like many of the cam girls do to do my little show for whatever reason and enjoy that.

What I found out within a few hours is that xhamster is a community. The people here are just that people you find anywhere else. There are people who are crazy as shit and there are people who are perfectly normal just like anywhere you go.

It has hit me that at first I must have thought only perverts watch porn. Only lonely people with no life watch porn. Only loser watch porn. Who knows what I thought, as I had actually never given a thought to porn or porn watching before. In fact I had never watched any live cams, had only seen a hand full of porno movies and magazines in my lifetime so I probably had no clue.

As I sit here today what I realize is that I am so happy that I came here because of the people I have made friends with. Yes I have fans too, lots and lots of them but the ones I am talking about now are the true friends I have made. They know who they are, they are the people who know when I am sick or hurting, know when I am up or down or even hey this is a small place here and we talk about and see everything...I swear half of you probably know what day of the month my period starts and ends even though it still will surprise me each month when it happens. Those of you who know me better than I know myself.

Normally being a writer in real life I will do a rough draft, then edit it, proof read it, revise again and again before you see my thoughts here no matter what the topic is...this is just me running

I have friends on here that will not watch my show anymore because they are like a big b*****r to me. I have friends on here who chat with me about their wives, k**s, pets, house, job, school, health and more. I have friends on here who send me sexy pictures of their naked wives, friends who flirt and believe it or not friends who NEVER flirt with me. I have friends who jerk off, and friends who I am absolutely certain have never thought about me other than as a friend.

All of this is strange to me. I never expected to have fans. I am a BBW and did not think I would be popular so I never expected to have fans. That being said I do have fans and lots of them, but more important than that I never expected to make friends on here and find people that would listen and people that would love me.

I never expected anything REAL to come out of me being on xhamster and really truly each of you in your own way makes it real for me each and every time we interact and I love that about all of you.

There is no point to this blog today, none at all...just me chatting senselessly about you guys- my unexpected friends! Kisses for each of you and many thanks for all the love and support you all give me! ~~Glassheartlady

As I said it is just me going on- the point I was going to make and never got to-

This IS part of me and part of my REAL life. Last night after I laid down my head to go to sl**p one of my REAL friends on here clicked on the CLOSE ACCOUNT button and retired. I am sad. Please do not think that there is a difference between your xhamster friends and your REAL friends. A friend is a friend regardless of whether you met them in church or on the porn site. If you consider someone a friend tell them today because they could be gone tomorrow. I hope my good friend comes back because I miss him. I also have very high hopes for another friendship I have made on here but that is another story!
Posted by glassheartlady 2 years ago
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24 days ago
I am back on here! Couldn't take glassheartlady out of retirement so check out my new profile. Hopefully a bunch of my friends are still around.
2 years ago
yes to the next 2 who commented- you are counted among my friends! Much love to all of you!
2 years ago
Well Mrs. Glassheartlady, i hope that you call us friends? Were glad to call you friend and we agree friends.
2 years ago
loves ya girl...keep on keeping on.....
2 years ago
Thanks and to the 2 who already commented- you know you are 2 of the friends I speak of. Lots of hugs for you both!!!
2 years ago
i know you got it straight, glass. i hope you count me as one of your friends, be good, love ya..H.
2 years ago
we all love u glass keep being so good and special ;)