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Happy New Year!

The year in review: 2012 was very interesting for our f****y. My husband deployed at the end of 2011 and was gone until nearly Halloween of 2012.

That left me (Glassheartlady) home alone and very horny. He came home in April for a short time for R&R. When that ended I was even hornier than ever. I talked to Mr.G. about this horniness and the idea of doing cam shows to relieve some stress! So on July 1, 2012 I created an xhamster account!

Everyone wonders how that all happened...well here is the truth of the matter. I was minding my own business playing a Facebook game and wasting some time when a guy comes up to me in the game and begins to chat. I get to know him some. He asks me if I ever heard of xhamster. No- I had not heard of it. He sends me a link and asks me if I want to check it out. I did! Now by this time he had me added as a friend on Facebook and had seen my pictures. He said to me you should do that you look so good and would be great at it.

I was very nervous and skeptical. Some of the thoughts that go through your mind are: "Will people make fun of me?", "What if people from my k**s school or husband's work see me." "What if no one watches." So of course I say to my buddy from Facebook no I don't think I could do that but I may watch sometimes. He then sent me 2 more links and the rest is history. One was to the page about the contest money for models on xhamster. They make it sound like you could win $15,000.00. I liked that idea, but still had my fears about will my husband let me do this and what will he think, as well as concerns mentioned above and since I am a BBW I also had the fear of am I too fat to do this!

So my Facebook buddy over in Australia sent me the 3rd and final link that sealed the deal. He sent me a link to an older BBW who is much larger than I am and is 17 years older than me. He said lets watch this together. He said do you think you are better looking than her? I was silent, he said do you think your personality is better than hers? I was still silent because I knew just where he was headed. Finally he said don't you think you can do what she is doing only better mate? To that I replied YES!

So I spoke to my husband and he surprised me by saying if I wanted to do that he supported me. I got out our camera and took some pictures of my wet pussy and the rest of me and posted them. Then that night I did my very first cam show.

People were kind and my buddy from Australia was watching and giving moral support and acting as my moderators do now. Oh there were a few who had rude things to say even at that first show, but for the most part everyone was very happy to meet me and share whatever I had in mind.

I did xhamster for a few weeks and then took off on vacation for the summer. I was hardly able to get on xhamster at all while on vacation and it drove me nuts. I wanted my friends, wanted to do my show, wanted to cum for everyone. Yes in just a few short weeks I was very much in love with xhamster.

I have had my ups and downs with all of you on here. You were there for me when things went wrong and applauded when things went right! I have made friends some of whom I do wish to meet in real life one day, and yes I have made a few enemies too. Lucky for me there is a BAN button that works as a magic wand to simply erase them from my life here so the show can go on.

Statistics: As of today I have over 3700 friends on here. 100's of those are active with frequent chats and comments. Each day there are more that are turned away because they have no content, won't say where they are from, or I have checked out their profiles and found that they are completely different from what works for me.

Statistics: Around 403 people view my profile each day making a total to date of over 70,000 people who have seen my profile!

Statistics: Over 1600 comments have been made on my profile and pictures!

I have made friendships all over the world with men and women who share at least one thing in common with me and that is an xhamster account. I have made friends with people from Australia to Venezuala! That is nearly A-Z around the globe! I have seen things that I never knew existed. My eyes have been opened to new things.

And best of all this year just before Halloween my hubby Mr. G. came home from Afghanistan safe and sound! He is back by my side and enjoying his time on camera with his new friend Glassheartlady!

I wonder what 2013 will bring to us as a couple and to the Glassheartlady show?

May you all have the best New year ever, and thanks for sharing this year with me and helping pass the time while hubby was away. Thanks even more for embracing him as a part of it and helping to coax him to come on camera with me when he returned home. We are loving sharing our sex life with you sometimes. It is great fun to share it and we hope you will continue to watch us and share your sexy hot comments on the page in the coming year.

My New Year's resolution is to keep the Glassheartlady show going strong in the New Year.

Many thanks to all who have tipped, sent gifts, posted hot comments, taken the time to enjoy some interesting chats, and especially to those who have gotten to know me as a real friend. You know who you are and I appreciate each of those real friends.

Happy New Year!

Posted by glassheartlady 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Thanks everyone!
2 years ago
Hello, you have open my eyes to new things as well, and for that I am thankful. I really have enjoyed watching you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! Have a great New Year!
2 years ago
Aww Mrs G, you have touched are hearts. And were glad to call you and Mr G friends. heres to a rocking new year and hunny keep doing what your doing. Cause you rock! Kissies!
2 years ago
Great post, nice to get to know you better, and look forward to catching a live show! Cheers, and Happy New Year, Mrs. G! ;)
2 years ago
Just for today as these messages come in I am posting them in the comments of this blog- maybe I will even write a new blog using some of them.

Here are another 2 messages that will not be answered:

#1 "hey u wanna see me cum for u in a video chat"

#2 "u do private sessions?"
2 years ago
Thanks hm1e6, you are one of those friends I am happy I made on here!
2 years ago
2 years ago
FYI: Here are just a few PM's that have not and will not be answered by Glassheartlady:
#1 "i wana spunk my last load of 2012. wana see?"
#2 "just cum but i think i can cum again wana watch?"
#3 "still loaded if you wana watch x"
#4 "c2c"
#5 "hi"
#6 "how R U"
#7 "what ya doin"
#8 what ya wearin"
#9 "hey"
#10"what's up"