my ex wife so sexy

when i met my ex wife mary who is 5ft 6 size 12 small 34b tits and a lovly trimmed dark bush
she was at the shop and i said to her how sexy she looked in her short tight dress saing to her as i stroked her arse how good a fuck she was and is she still as good she replied with a smile my hole is still wet as hell most days
i asked her if she fancied a drink and she said we should just go to mine for a drink
as we got to mine she asked were my g/f was not in i said as we chatted and drank the conversation got on to sex as she asked if lian got into swaping no luck i told her i tried to get her to get her friend over as she wants me to fuck her as we reminised of when she got fuckd on holiday as she crosed her legs giving me a view of her white panties and i knew she noticed i had seen them as she smiled and opened her top button as i said i loved her tits and liked her underwear as she stood up and dropped her dress off standing in lacy pants and satin baby doll top i kissed her as i put my hand down feeling her pussy just then the front door opened and in walked lian stood still staring at mary as mary took her hand sitting her down saying sorry as lian looked at her smiling i said she still gets horny thinking of the time you both had girly fun as mary says she also gets so horny as lian says to her she is joking mary then kisses her saying you like my tits and body lian and you get so horny for me i see lian tells us she is going to shower and goes to the loo
as we chat i kiss and stroke her clit as mary groanes as lian returns as mary tells her she is horny as i finger her harder she moves her hips groaning saying to lian sorry hes going to fuck me as i open her legs and pull her gusset to the side and slide up her as i pull lian over kissing her then pump mary till i come as mary grabs lian fondling her tits saying to her oh baby as lian rubs her wet hole as mary askes lian if i can get a fuck at one of her mates and she agrees saying who will i get as go and call val and her man fuck buddy who i never met but got told he bi and ali and her man as mary tells me they are both bi when they all got to mine i was surprised as the two guys i knew and got poppers out giving us all some as we all got so horny as allan and abdul said they liked the porn as i saw guys who were hairy wanking saying to val let kev see your tits i ask val to have a joint and as we all have a smoke then we take a few pipes each and i see vals nipples hard sticking out and i go to the loo as allan comes in with me as we have a pipe and he holds his cock pulling the forskin back for me to see as he gives me poppers saying he spoke to me on chatline i got red faced saying not to say as he said you like hairy guys as he stripped as i took poppers looking at his fat 8; cock as he put my hand on it sniffing poppers feeling it grow as i stroked it saying he was so dirty as val was at the door allan let her in as we took a pipe val sat on the loo as i rubbed her tits as allan put my hand on his cock as val said she loves watching others having sex saying lian is getting fucked as i say i want to fuck mary as val gets mary as we go to the room and lay on the bed chatting as we decide to play dare as val dares me to wank allan i say not in font of them as they say they will go for a while as allan takes the cover down as hi cock springs out putting my hand on it as i get poppers and get so kinky thoughts as he covers his cock as he moves my hand up and down it as he moves his hips saying oh yes you want to suck me you will be good as he tells me to imagine cum shooting from his cock and imagine it in my mouth taking poppers i was so horny thinking of it and said he could ease it in slowly a few times my eyes closed feeling his fat cock enter my mouth slowly as he said yes take it suck me i was so horny and said to him as lian walked in with val ali and mary as mary tells me her and lian have been meeting for sex as allan rubs his cock on me as they go leaving me and allan watching porn saying its ok as lian came in and crashed on the bed snoring as allan asked were my fancy dress costume was and to try it on saying no he rubbed the vibrator over my ars and balls getting me horny as lian woke we got up and got ready
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