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it was ten years since me and mary got divorced after 18 years married as we were still mid forty,s and had other partners who got on well and when lara offered mary to come to her girly night mary called me to tell me and said she would try convince lara to let me fuck her old mate ali if she would let me knowing me and lara fantasised of it and i told mary she was so horny for her aafter there bit of girly fun
i went out that night and got a txt at 11 saying lara said that i wanted sex with me from ali i txt back if only she txt back saying if it was true lol would you be up for it i txt,d then lara called saying i could come home
when i got in they where d***k and vic asked me in the kitchen if it was true i wanted ali yesi told her saying mary was bi and liked lara vic said marywas a sexy woman yes i said she is a great fuck better than you for sure and so would ali just then ali came in and vic left as i went behind alipressing my cock on her ass saying how sexy she was and hoped she bought sexy undies ali asked me if i licked see through cammy sets oh yes and stockings i said she opened her long skirt saying like them showing me her sussy tops just as mary came in and saw her and said shutting the door to go tothe room as lara was sl**ping and vic was nearly the same ali said she was nervy as i took her hand taking her to the room and pushed her against the door kissing her my hand grabing her skirt open and rubbing her cunt on the outside of her nickers as she relaxed and held me as i felt her wet crotch as she groaned saying she needed a trim as i felt her hairy bush as i fingered her and turned her as we fell onto the bed her legs opened as vic and mary came in mary told vic i had a big cock and was dirty as i said to vic not to say mary said they woulnt as she put the light out with the tv on as i pulled my cock out pulling ali,s knickers to the side as i put it up her cunt as she moaned saying yes give me your cock i love it as she bucked her hips as i saw mary talking to vic as she rubbed her hands over vics bum as she lifted her top showing her tits as vic giggled as mary bekoned her to do the same and she did as mary sat on the bed rubbing her hairy cunt for vic to see as vic stared at her mary said to vic her tits where lovly as she stroked over her nipples as vic giggled and sat next to mary as mary kissed her vic did not move at first as mary pulled her to the bed kissing her as she stroked her tits just as ali groaned and came to orgasm ali went to the loo as i told vic to get naked ok she said taking her jeans of as i said to mary vic had a sexy body as ali returned her hairy pussy wet mary said to her she would love to taste her as ali stroked her tits as they kissed as i pressed my cock on vic she turned and wispered not in front of them going to the loo as i followed locking the door as i got on my knees pulling her crotch to the side forcing my tounge up her cunt as she groaned holding my head as she ground her cunt on to my mouth as i said to her her cunt was good just as we heard lara tell you of later meet
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