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Middle of Winter

This is where my story really begins. It was the middle of winter, which gets very cold in Idaho, and I had just dropped off my oldest two c***dren at school. My third is in a preschool, but that wouldn’t start for a few hours, so I was planning to take the younger two to a nearby mall to play in the inside playground area there.

After letting them run around and have their fun while I watched for a while, it was time to go home and do some chores around the house. I loaded up the k**s in the SUV and then went to start it, but it made a strange noise and wouldn’t start. It was at precisely ... Continue»
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[Story] Listening to Mom and Dad

Do you know how much it sucks to move just before your senior year? Daddy works for a big manufacturing firm and they tapped him to help absorb a new factory they had purchased clear across the country. Without even talking to me, Daddy and Mom decided to sell the house and move from Arizona to some small country town in Kentucky. Apparently, they were able to sell our nice house and buy an old country house and pocket a sizeable profit.

"We're talking enough to pay for your college, Pam," Mom told me matter-of-factly. "I know its hard moving and leaving your friends and old school behind,... Continue»
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[Story] Playing Doctor

This is not my story, I found it online and wanted to share. Enjoy!

My s****r and I had always had a great relationship. I was the younger "protective" b*****r and she was the older "troubled" c***d that always had me on my toes. You see my s****r and I were the only ones we could count on after my dad died in a plane accident. My mother was a local gynecologist, and always busy with patients and rarely at home. So that left my s****r and I with a lot of time together to talk and lounge around until mom's arrival.

One afternoon, Amy confided to me that she thought about sex all the time... Continue»
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