Valantine Glory Hole....

We were married only 4 days. It was our 1st Valentine's Day. What could I do to make it special for him? I figured after a long day at work I would have him come home to candles, a nice cold beer and his new wife in lingerie. He called and said he was on his way so I positioned myself with a glass of wine, awaiting my man, while sprawled across the floor to welcome him home. You could see the excitement arise in his eyes and pants when he walked through the door. As we rolled all over the floor caressing ever part of each others body, we both became hotter than hot. The suggestion of having someone else enjoy the passion with us slipped out. I think I came right at that moment. We decided to drive down to the Adult Bookstore and see what kind of fun we could stir up. As we entered the booth I was feeling a little shy. I was not used to this type of place, but it was oh so thrilling just to be there. We were surrounded by people who were as horny as we were. As we started to watch the movie in our dark cubical, I could hear the others in the room moaning with excitement. Suddenly something appeared out of the corner of my eye. A long hard cock had found it's way through a hole in the wall. I was drawn to it, I had to touch it. The excitement of not knowing who's it was was overwhelming. I stroked it back and forth and started to lick it. While my hubby fingered me and jacking off at the same time. My whole body was on fire, with juices flowing. Hubby whispered in my ear to go check him out on the other side and he would be right there. I walked around the corner and entered his booth. The stranger was so excited he came right at me and wanted to stick it in my pussy, so I let him. He thrust his cock into me and stuck his fingers under my arm and fingered my armpit like you would play with a clit. The hubby was watching from near the curtain and stroking his cock so hard I thought it would explode. And then we did, he came all over me from all the excitement and I nearly convulsed through my orgasm. The excitement was over, I didn't even wait for the stranger to finish. We got up and left. I was still tingling from all the excitement. What a great way to celebrate your 1st Valentine's Day!
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