So excited & Really happy

So excited really happy

The man comes home tonight. I can’t wait. He has been gone for almost a week. All I can think about is when he comes home I will be sitting here on the couch naked or semi naked waiting for him to walk in the door and see me playing and caressing my sweet wet pussy. I want nothing more than to jump up and run into his arms, but instead I f***e myself to stay on the couch sliding down more so my night gown rides up and everything is exposed more.
This is our conversation:
Me: Hi my love.
Him: Hi baby.
Me: How was your drive?
Him: Good the roads were dry.
He is slowly taking his clothes off. He has on multiple layers to stay warm while working out in the snow all day.
Me: Hmmm I’ve missed you so much.
Him: I’ve missed you too.
Me: Baby???
Him: Yes baby.
Me: I need you. I want you. Please come here and let me help you get them clothes off.
He slowly walks towards me and the couch. I am still rubbing my dripping wet pussy. Spreading my lips open so he can see all my wetness. I slowly stick a finger in my pussy and my finger is instantly surrounded by wetness. It almost feels as if I have already cum just from the excitement of having him home and having him so close. I know that I’m going to suck his dick he knows that I’m going to suck his dick. I’ve been waiting for so long to have his dick in my mouth. And just the thought of having him in my mouth makes my body tremble.
He stands in front of me. I stand and give him a kiss. I then help him continue taking his clothes off. While he undoes his pants I remove his boots and start pulling his pants down. I can see his dick hard and straining wanting to be free of his clothes and straight into my mouth. I slowly slide his boxers down as I ask him more questions about his trip. I rub his hard cock and pull him free I don’t yet put him in my mouth but I do kiss the head. I am slowly looking him over and kissing him here and licking him there. I continue to rub his cock as my hand lowers to the base of his cock I bring the head of his penis so that he is resting on my lips.
Me: I’ve missed you love. I’m so glad that you’re finally home.
Him: I’ve missed you too baby.
He grabs the back of my head grabbing a handful of hair and f***es my head down hard on his cock down way down my throat.
Him: But I’ve missed this the most.
I swallow him down my throat and suck some more. I then remove his dick from my mouth and start to jack him so that I can suck and lick his balls. I love having his balls in my hand and in my mouth while I jack him off. He gets so hard. I love it so much. I get so really excited when he gets that hard. I get back up on my knees and start to suck his dick some more. I am urging him to cum in my mouth I want to taste him I need him to finish in my mouth.
I continue to suck his dick and I reach down to find a small puddle of my wetness between my legs on the floor. I start playing with my pussy. I’m so completely wet and throbbing. I stick my fingers in my pussy and start to ride my fingers as I suck his dick. My clit gets really hard and throbs calling for someone to come fuck me, for him to get up off the couch throw me down and fucks me hard.
I so love it when he puts me face down in the bed or the rug and fucks me from behind. It allows me to reach down and play with my clit. I am on the verge of having a huge orgasm. He starts fucking me harder. He flicks my clit. I yelp. And push against him, grinding on him. I continue to play with my clit as he feels my orgasm building harder and stronger.
He reaches down between us and starts playing with my clit. I can feel my orgasm building and it is building fast. I start riding his dick and fucking him as my orgasm consumes me. He fucks me hard, so hard that I almost fall flat on my face. No need for rug burn on the face. I can feel his orgasm coming he is going to cum hard. As I work to make him explode inside me I can feel myself explode all over him again. As we climax at the same time we fall to the floor in complete after sex bliss. I lay on the floor rubbing his back. I feel myself start to drift off. I get up and drag my man to the bedroom.
We climb in the bed and cuddle. He has his back to me as I wrap my arms around him holding him close and pass out.

Now this has not happened yet. It will though tonight when he comes home. I’m so excited. I can’t wait. Just having these thoughts running through my mind all day is driving me bonkers with need and want.

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2 years ago
Yum! Made my dick nice and I have to do something about this! ;)