32 birthday of nima aunty

32 Birthday of Nima Aunty

As I Write this story I’m 25 years old and my sweet love 32. Not so time ago we went for vacation to cox’bazar at saint Martine Island of the Bangladesh. She is a chef account officer from a private company and I’m just freelancer. I have visited many countries and not so clever with girls so far as I join a company as a independent contributor I met with “nima choiti” a beautiful woman with slim chubby body. I was flown when I saw her. She has goddess ass, breast and sexy hand, feet. So project needs to complete with her. As we mat at coffee shop at downtown for further discuss. We began with our personal descriptions. She is married with one little 2 years girl. She was separated due to some timesharing balabla. And I’m a bachelor how can feed and breed a woman with c***d and can fuck with hours.


Her actual photo

Day passed we came so closed like we can share our personal thoughts. So I began to seduce and she also seduce me already. So it was his 32 birthday and she offered me to attended her party at Saint Martine for 2 weeks. She first told ‘rooke” I just want you and me at the party and I said fine I want to. She was so happy so we went to saintmartine.
So it was hot weather and we booked a suit room. With fan no AC in island. I can see was sweating like bathing. I can see her brown nipples. And ass transparent.
I told her nima you are looking so beautiful and she said is it sexy or beautiful then told her sexy dear. Then I drag her to bed. She tried to stop me but I just drag her she said slowly.
When I kiss her lips those thick lips it tastes so good. She 32 but still has goddess sex attraction. Then I untied her blouse and as soon those big melon boobs were bounced out. I stared to suck and pressed those boobs.
Then I drag the saree from her body oh what a body. With plum size figure. I kissed her body and belly sucked her pussy with style for an hours. Her pussy was covered with small hair. The pussy was brown colred and I see the pink inside.
Me: How are you feeling Dear?
Nima: fantastic dear. Please don’t be late I’m hungry for you big cock.
( I can see she Is Talking Like a Whore)
Me: So I can See Her Pussy Is so wet so when I tried to pull my pant she did for me. When cock go out she was amazed by 6 inches fat cock. / so she grab my cock and I started to fuck her in mouth she was screaming trying to stop me. And Ummaaa…. Ummaaa sound was doing she.
Nima- please put inside I am so wet. I can’t stand anymore.
Me: Then I Put her straight and put my cock inside her she screamed ohhhhhaaa. Please slowly….uaaaaa. its so big. Hurts’
So I was Fucking her like whore she was screaming and saying fuck fuck me I Feels So Good Then I changed style and put my cock from behind. Then I just pounding like horse and she was like ummmma ummmaaaa please slowly. But I ain’t stopping then she screamed I am cumming dear. And also I feeling I will do so. She shouted and told me to cum inside . so did it. At same time she cumming.

So those 2 weeks we fuck and practice a kamasutra every fucking time we fucked.

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