Anal part 2

I had been invited to a party at the house of a chap I knew in the town. There were quite few people attending, some familiar some not. Anyway the party was going ok but around 10.30 I really needed the toilet. I went upstairs only to find the door locked. I decided to wait outside on the landing. Soon a chap I recognised came upstairs."if it's locked there's an en suite in the room across there he pointed" "thanks" I said and walked into the room and en suite. I hadn't noticed but the chap had walked in behind me and shut the door. I had relieved myself and nearly jumped out my skin when I opened the door and saw him sitting there. "Hope you don't mind but I needed to talk to you " he said. I knew this guy by sight from the health club not to talk too but I had secretly watched him in he changing rooms and what a great body and cock he had. "Ok what's the matter" I asked. " well it's you really. I have noticed that you appear to always be sizing me up in the changing rooms" I was so embarrassed. "Look I really don't mind in fact I'm really turned on by it" the chap was married and often thought what a lucky woman to have him fucking her regularly. "Always wondered what a guys mouth feels like round my cock" wow I thought."well I'm here and willing" I said. He didn't need any encouraging. He stood as I sat on the bed and took down his jeans and shorts. "Oh my god that's a big cock" I gasped. He was big and thick with it. "Nine and a half he smiled" "wow I smiled as I urged him closer. I kissed the tip of his cock and started to run my tongue down his long length. He was so hard and I even playfully bit into it making him groan. He pushed his big stiff veiny cock into my mouth almost making me gag on the sheer size, my head moving back and forward. I took about half his size into mouth. Heavenly. "Bet your wife loves this" I said. "We don't do it anymore. Haven't had sex for a few years now" "well your going to fuck me I can promise you that" I said. I wasn't letting this opportunity pass. It would be difficult as he was huge and I was a novice and tight. I noticed some baby oil on the cabinet. We proceeded to oil each other up. Me rubbing the oil on his gorgeous cock and him massaging it into my ass, opening it up and stretching the opening."don't think ill last too long" he said. I didn't care I knew he was ready to cum and I was too. He pushed me back and pushed my legs back revealing my moist glistening ass. He plunged in, his cock so hard, piercing my tightness. I gritted my teeth as he sunk deeper my hands grasping his back. I turned my head and bit into the pillow as he started pushing faster and faster. " oh fuck I gasped" I was beginning to cum and it was streaming over my stomach. He looked down and smiled red faced at what he'd done to me. " my turn now" he said. He pulled out leaving my ass gaping needing something to fill it. He stroked a couple of times before the cum spurted from his cock each time getting stronger before subsiding on the sixth spurt. "Wow that was fucking brilliant" he said . " next time I'm going to fill your ass with spunk" "next time?" I said. I can't wait...................
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6 months ago
Nice story but so short. Just getting into the story and it was over.