Anal part 2

My second anal encounter came when I attended a house party thrown by a local chap I know. There were a number of people there some familiar some not so. Anyway about 10.30 I needed the toilet so made my way upstairs. Unfortunately someone was in the toilet so I decided to wait. Another chap I recognised came upstairs. "You need the loo" he said. "Yes desperately" I said. "There's an en suite in the bedroom over there use that one" he said. I did in a hurry. What I didn't realise was that he followed into the room after me. I opened the en suite door once I had finished only to find him sitting on the bed. "You need to go too" I asked. " no but I need a word with you, been meaning to all night" he said. I was intrigued. I had seen this chap a number times at the local health club so knew him by sight and especially by sight in the changing room. Great body and a great cock to go with it. He was married and I was used to think lucky woman getting that in you regularly. "Anyway I just wanted to say that I have noticed you ogling me in the changing room" he said . "It's ok though I don't mind I quite like it actually. Don't get a lot of attention at home" "your joking, with a cock like that I surprised you can keep her off you" I said . "She's not interested now" he said. "Anyway I know your interested and I have always wondered what a mans mouth felt like round my cock" he said. "Wow, erm just give the opportunity you won't regret it" I said. He stood and I sat down watching him undo his jeans. He pulled them down along with his boxers then straightened up again. I gulped, my eyes wide "oh my god that's a lot bigger than I thought it would be" I'd had an eight inched before and this was just longer and much fatter. " it's nine and a half actually" he said. "I fucking bet it is" I thought as I found myself kissing the head of his cock and then running my tongue down the entire length of his extremely hard swollen veiny cock. I playfully bit into the hardness making him groan before letting him push his cock into my wide open mouth. Heavenly. My mouth took in about half his length before I was gagging, the girth filling me completely. "When did you last fuck your wife" I asked "not for a very long time" he answered. " well your going to fuck me right now, or at least we will see if we can get that cock in me one way or another" I said as I stood and stripped off. I was so horny now and it wouldn't take much to finish me off. Him neither. We could use that he said pointing to a bottle of baby oil "lube you up maybe" "let's try I said " we got the oil and rubbed it on cock then around my bum and pushing my fingers inside to really relax it and lube it well. He couldn't wait long and was pushing me back onto the bed opening my legs and pushing them back so he got full exposure of my glistening ready ass. He sunk his cock into me firmly but slowly making me gasp and turn my head to bite the duvet as he opened me up inch by inch. He started to push back and forward burying more deeply each time getting faster each time. Pain and pleasure mounting. " oh fuck" I said as I couldn't hold out any longer and started to cum on my stomach. He was also ready to cum too I could tell. "Go on babe let it go I want to that spunk fly" I said. He quickly withdrew leaving my arse gaping wide for something to fill it. He held his cock and started to cum each spurt getting stronger until it subsided on about the sixth spurt. "Fuck you needed that" I laughed. "Yeah I fucking did" he laughed back. "Next time I'm gonna leave it in and fill your arse with it" he smirked. "Next time" I asked. "I can't wait" I sighed . Part 3..........
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