a very hairy girl part 3

The next time I saw Ariel was even more exciting..

She had been texting me all week long how fascinated she had been by me licking my cum from her pubic hair and how pleased she was to have finally met a man that liked her the way she was.. Very hairy!

The texting built up a lot of tension, and I added to that tension by telling her I like watersport games, and enjoy the smell of her pussy hairs when they have been soaked in her pee..

She asked me: "would u like it if i didn't wash my pussy the day we meet again?"

Fuck yes, I wanted her to be dirty, smell like a woman,not like soap.. So I asked her not to wash it anymore till the next time we would met, wich would be 3 days later..

And she agreed, after asking me if I was sure.. She told me that because of the amount of pubic hair she had it was difficult to make herself dry after peeing.. So usually she wouldn't bother doing that at all, she would just put her panties back on, pulling it over her hairy wet slit.. Thinking of that made me go crazy, I wanted her so bad, and I wanted to be the one to clean her.. With my tongue!

Finally the day arrived that I would see her again.. I went to pick her up in my car, and was stunned again by her looks, she was so pretty, wearing white leggings and a tight tank top that made her tiny titties look so cute.. The legging was a bit too tight and showed the cutest cameltoe I had ever seen.. I always thought only shaved girls could have toe, but she sure as hell proved me wrong!

On the way home I could already smell her, and the thought that i would be eating that pussy gave me a throbbing hard on..

She asked me again if I was sure that she shouldn't shower, and I assured her that it was ok, and that she smelled wonderful..

She smiled at me.. : "you are too sweet, I think I love you!" she said

And i knew for sure I loved her more!

when we got home she quickly got out of her legging, revealing her panties.. She was wearing very innocent white Hello Kitty panties.. A big turn on, specially because her pubic hair was coming out on the sides! The contrast of her small skinny body covered in innocent cotton panties, but with that much hair coming out was very attractive to me!

I started licking the panties and could already taste her dirty pussy wich had been soaking her panties on the way over...

When I got her out of those panties and could admire her fuzz covered slit again I went mad.. I was so horny from the built up tnesion, I couldn't control myself and had to be very very fast to get my dick out of my panys not to waste my cum! I never had the problem of premature ejaculation before, but with her, everything seemed different.. I quickly aimed my dick at her pussy and cummed so hard, not only did it cover her pussy, it coverd her tank top and even her face was hit by a big squirt of semen!

She looked at me, dissapointed, and surprised.. Thinking this would be it...

But I smiled at her and went down on her pussy immediately.. Now she really was a mess, smelling like pee and her girlfur covered in my cum.. I decided to wash her thoroughly withmy tongue, and she enjoyed it very much!

And so was I.. the taste of her slit, so salty from er pee, and a bit bitter from my own cum made me hard again.. I licked her fur and her clit till she was totally clean.. She loved it so much that in the process she came twice, making her pussy leak like crazy...

She told me she wanted to be fucked real bad now..

So I used my dick to collect what little semen was still around her pussy, and used it to push the cum deep inside her little pussy.. She was so tight, I could have sworn I was fucking her asshole, so I fucked her gently, but she started screaming: "no, nooo, fuck me hard, fuck me deep! I don't care if it hurts, I wanna feel all of you!!"

Needless to say that I comlied, and fucked her as deep and hard as I could, feeling my dick touching her cervix, deep inside her..

The second cumshot she got was deep inside her wonderful pussy.. And when I pulled out she grabbed her Hello Kitty panties and put them on, making sure the cum wouldn't be lost..

end of part 3
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5 months ago
mmmmm love dirty pussy the smell and the taste so yummy love when my wife don't wash her hairy pussy she will let it go for days just so I can eat it and share her dirty pussy juice with her
1 year ago
wish there was more parts
3 years ago
it was really very exciting
3 years ago
Fantastic story icame with you and am going to cum again hope you write manymore stories thanks
3 years ago
wonderful stories, heaven
3 years ago
Hot story ! p.s hello kitty panties are huge turn on for me too ;)
4 years ago
You know this is something given the chance i'd do willily thanks
4 years ago
You must have been so glad to have this!!!
4 years ago
Awesome story!!!!
4 years ago
Dude, it must have been a dream. I don't know any girl who wouldn't wash her pussy for me.
4 years ago
oh mijn god dus ze bestaan nog wel!!!lekkere behaarde vrouwen,heerlijk hoor!!!!heb je dr nr nog???haha,keep up the good work!!!!
4 years ago
Great job.
4 years ago
this is one very hot story & you are a lucky dude