a very hairy girl 2

Me and Ariel were getting along just fine, and we were spending our afternoon there, talking and laughing till it got a bit chilly.

Such a pretty girl, i now learned she was 17, skinny.. small breasts.. But I was still hypnotised by the hair coming out of her bikini bottoms.. I decided to make a bold move and asked her if she wanted to have a drink at my place.. And she gladly agreed!

She did need to use the bathroom she told me, and the thought of her overly hairy pussy peeing before she went home with me certainly intriged me a lot! I've learnt from earlier experiences with hairy girls that those pussy hairs can capture her smell very good! And judging by how long they must be i figured those hairs would definately get wet with her using the bathroom.. She got back wearing her bikini and I could swear there was a wet spot where there wasn't any before..

We drove home, me delighted by having this sexy hairy teen sitting next to me..

At my place the first drink lead to a few more and she was getting a little tipsy.. That made her very open, and all of a sudden she asked me how i felt about girl's who don't shave... I told her I had noticed that she wasn't shaved completely, to say the least. She smiled at me and told me it had been 4 years since she shaved "down there" as she liked to call it.. That thought made me even harder than I already was! I confessed to her that I am a big fan of hairy girls.. Ariel was convinced that I would be cured instantly when I saw her naked, apparantly she had been rejected a few times because of her not being prepared to shave herself..

I reassured her, tried to comfort her.. And was dying to see the pussy that was so hairy that other men didn't even want it, despite of her being so cute herself!

We kissed passionately.. and then all of a sudden, while still wearing her bikini top, she stood up and let her panties slide down to her knees...

There she was.... young beauty queen.. her legs still pressed together.. Her pubic hair was very dark, almost black, and it was very dense... But what stood out most was how long those hairs were.. I estimate they were abouy 7, 8 inches long.... And her whole pussy was covered in them!

Her pussy was small and tight, with the outer lips pressed against eachother.. but I could hardly see that since her massive bush was covering all of it, it was even growing on her pussylips..I looked at her and I was even more in love than before.. You.. you.. You're so beautiful i stumbled..

Her answer was short but clear..: Prove it to me.. Lick my pussy hairs... She smelled really strong, a mix of a very horny girl with pee, irrisistable.. I started eating her out and my whole mouth was filled with her long pubic hairs, i sucked on her fur and tasted it, those hairs had been wet and against her pussy all day, and she tasted sooo good....

She noticed I was really licking the hairs and was amazed, she never had a guy eating her since she stopped shaving and she loved the attention I gave her and the idea of me licking her dirty girlfur...

Doing this made me so horny, i couldn't control myself at all.. My hard on was ready to burst... She noticed my pre cum leaking out of my dick and she started licking it up, while she turned herself in 69 on my face...

Then i rolled her on her back.. With her head on the edge of the bed.. I wanted to fuck her throat... And she sure as hell didn't mind! My cock was sliding in and out real fast and real deep wich made her drool all over it.. Her gagging sounds almost drove me over the edge... I could tell that it was sometimes hard to breathe for my lil hairy princess, but she didnt complain at all, she was loving every bit of it!

She noticed that i was almost about to cum and stopped.. "I want you to cum on my pubic hairs" she said...

shw was still on her back and she jerked me off while holding my dick in her soft fuzz.. That sent me over the edge.. A huge erruption of semen started to cover her from her thighs to her belly button.. her legs were pressed together in order to make sure the cum didnt spill on the bed.. Her long dark hair was soaked by cum, I had never cummed so much before in my life, and it looked very sexy !

For a moment we layed next to eachoter.. Smoked a cigarette together.. Then I heard her say now u gotta clean ur mess up.. I wanna be cleaned.. And I wanna cum... At the same time...

I looked at her and asked.. : "you mean... Eat you? Like this?" I looked at her sperm covered pussy.. hmmmm "yes" she answered... "eat my dirt cum soaked pussy... Lick it clean!!"

Getting a huge turn on out of this I started my job by licking the cum soaked girlfur above her pussy, wich she seamed to enjoy a lot, since she encouraged me by holding my head and rubbing her fingers through my hair

the I gently went down on her, cleaning the huge cum mess up from her pussy, and showing it to her before I swallowed it... "Yesssss bb, eat my cummy pussy, suck on my dirty pubes!!" she yelled... And that sent her over the edge, she was cumming, violently shaking, while I was still licking her extremely hairy, jizzed clit....

End of part 2
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1 year ago
super story!
3 years ago
I've always loved to eat suc a very hairy oussy its o=so fucking senual ican't stop cuming fron that thanks
4 years ago
O M G i had to jack off just to finish your story the third chpter must be fantastic thanks
4 years ago
This really turns me on! So delightful, honest and sexy!!!
4 years ago
Fuck my cocks hard so I have to keep reading ....
4 years ago
very good excellent continuation but part 3
4 years ago
Great story. I love hairy also.