a very hairy girl part 1

here i was at the beach, surrounded by micro bikini's and big fake boobs when something out of the ordinary caught my eye..

there was a girl approaching me, i tried to guess her age, she was probably between 16 and 20. A bit hard to tell since she was very skinny, so did not have big breasts at all. I could see that already although she was still fully clothed.

she was looking for an open spot on the beach, and i considered myself lucky to see her choosing a spot just a few feet away from me!

once her towel was down on the sand, she started undressing, starting with her top, when she lifted her arms to take it off i noticed that she hadn't recently shaved her armpits.. it wasn't a big bush, but it was obvious that it had been at least a week since she shaved there, and that was a pleasant surprise for me since i am a big fan of natural women, specially when they're not too old!

once her shirt was fully off, a white bikini top gave me an oppurtunity to "size her up" even better, and it wasn't much.. I estimated her about a 32 A cup, nice and firm, and small.

she continued undressing, i saw her drop her tight black legging.. and then i was stunned...

her white bikini bottoms revealed a lot of soft, straight, very dark pubic hair coming out! it was coming out on the sides and there was also a treasuretrail leading up to her belly button, and judging by the amount of hair coming out of her panties i figured she must be on of the hairiest girls or women i had ever seen!

very interested by this, i decided to try and make contact, since she was all by herself anyway and other men were definately not paying her attention..

we started to talk, i learned her namen was Ariel..

what happened with Ariel and me and how inmensely hairy she turned out to be is for part 2...
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3 years ago
O K i'm hooked thanks
4 years ago
Thank you i will read the next chapter you got me hooked
4 years ago
I cant wait. I love hairy pussies also.
4 years ago
good start but to to short
4 years ago
good start