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I checked into my hotel room, exhausted after the long drive. It would be an early morning and I needed to find a way to relax. I took out the clothes I needed to wear for the meeting in the morning and almost as fast, shed my travel clothes except for my bra and panties.

Just then, I hear the muffled sounds of a couple enjoying sex next door. I hear mostly her, and the sounds of vigorous lovemaking. She moans into her partner's shoulder, or mouth...I can't tell. Deep, guttural sounds as she's penetrated. Each thrust moves her closer to orgasm.

"Fuck my pussy" she says. "harder!" "That's it" she pants. "suck me" she commands. Her voice rises up. She's grunting now.

I pull my breasts out of my bra and pull on my nipples, realizing that I'm wet listening to the woman and her lover.I push aside the crotch of my damp panties and dip my own finger into my pussy---moving my finger around my lips, and my swollen clit. I circle it with my left hand and pull my nipple with my right. My movements are timed with the thrusts and grunts of my hotel neighbors.

She breathlessly shouts for more of whatever is being done to her. I feel myself getting closer. "Jesus, Sally! I'm cumming." She exclaims.

I'm so surprised that a woman is making her cum that I moan out loud as I reach my own climax. The sensation floods my clit and pussy as my juices flow out with each pulsation. My neighbor and I cum at the same time.

I lay back and enjoy the little aftershocks of orgasm ripple through me. It's one of those orgasms that find you wanting another, and another. And then the knock on the door between rooms.

I hold my breath. I realize that I'm sitting against our shared wall and they certainly heard me. I push my breasts back into my bra and re-adjust my now wet panties. There is no hiding the flush on my face of new orgasm, the smell of my pussy or my hard nipples.

I answer the door.

"Hi neighbor." It's Sally, the lover. "Hello, I offer in an apologetic tone."
She notices my nipples. "Did you like that?" She's cheery about it, demanding at the same time. I feel compelled to answer.

" very much."

And she pulls me into their room.
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3 years ago
now why can i find a room like that
3 years ago

*just grins*
3 years ago
thank you, that made me very wet
3 years ago
Oh there has to be so much more to this story!
3 years ago
Very well written! Please continue . . .
3 years ago
Love it!
3 years ago