Her round full breasts- 2nd installment

My young friend enjoyed the last waves of her orgasms and then looked into my eyes intently. I knew I was in for it.

She got up and motioned me to do the same. We went into her bedroom where we stood face to face and she leaned in and tongue fucked my mouth, her arms working furiously between us to unbutton and unzip my jeans. She broke her kiss and slipped the pants down past my hips and yanked down my panties, bending down to get them below my knees.

She stopped for a moment at that intersection of my lower belly and breathed on me, pausing, gently kissing.

I could feel my clit tingle as it grew hard. It took everything I had to resist thrusting my hips insistently toward her mouth. I grabbed a handful of her soft hair and pulled gently, which is how I like it. She looked up, smiling with a wicked, crooked grin.

I let her hair go and sat down on the bed and spread my legs for her, stroking myself in anticipation. She moaned at the sight, licking her lips. She nuzzled my clit hood with her nose and teased it with a feathery tap of her warm tongue. The feeling was like an erotic electric shock through my body. I arched my back reflexively and she took that opportunity to pull me towards the edge of the bed and scooted in to feast.

Her pace turned agonizingly slow and deliberate. Her firm tongue probed the entrance of my pussy as she alternated with cupping her tongue, and forcing it in. As she gradually increased her stroking, I could feel her nose under my hard clit and with each stroke of her tongue, I was getting close to cumming.

I raised my head to look at this lovely woman eating me so well. The sight of a beautiful woman between my thighs brought out a visceral and even aggressive need to direct her. But I resisted, simply enjoying the sight as it was making my pussy flood with wet, horny want.

Sensing my need to dominate, she moved her lips over my clit and sucked it into her mouth. I gasped and could only offer a moan mixed with a scream typical from a girl getting expertly fucked by another girl. The sensation of her pulling my clit up into her mouth felt full, delirious as I teetered on the edge of a great orgasm. And this is where she kept me. My pussy walls were squeezing shut and relaxing wanting to be filled.

She sensed my need and worked in three of her fingers, palm up until she found my g-spot. Rather than thrusting her fingers in and out furiously like a porn video, she kept her fingers in at the right depth and then just moved her fingers around, short quick and side to side.

And then while she was still sucking in my clit, she started tonguing it. Feather light, rapid. Torture. Every nerve in my body was focused on my impending orgasm. I was floating nearly out of my body. I was entirely my pussy and her mouth and at her mercy.

I'm sure the neighbors could hear my wails of pleasure just as they had heard hers. The perfomative aspect of that enhanced my pleasure as I'm sure it did her own. Anyone in the apartments of either side of her place could hear us fucking.

Her fingers and tongue found that magic point of no return combination and I could feel my body rise up as if it were taking a breath before my thundering wave of orgasms would begin. I could feel a sensation underneath the pleasure that felt a bit intense, but in a different way. I let out a scream as I started squirting on my lover's face. It was part apology and lust. I had no control. She waggled her head and smiled ad she was enjoying the result. I could feel her voice on my clit and immediately exploded into waves of orgasm.

In all my lesbian years I didn't think it could be so strong. She didn't let go the way most women would fearing I'd become sensitive after such a strong cum. Instead to my surprise,she coaxed another orgasm immediately out of me. My clit was nearly in pain, but pain mixed with pleasure.

My kinky girl found my button. After the second wave she let her lips relax and just thrust her fingers in short strokes inside me, now having 4 fingers inside. Her knuckles hit the ridge of my opening and her cupped palm made the juicy noise echo in a slutty, juicy, wonderful way.

"Keep cumming for me," she commanded. And with her hand moving so deliciously inside me, I had no choice.

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that definetly had me cumming
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great story