Wife Slut Trains s****r-in-Law

Call a woman's intuition, but Libb knew her husband wanted
to fuck her little s****r, Meredith. He'll, she wanted to fuck her little s****r too!
How could you not want to suck on her c cup melons, spank her
tight round ass and open up her legs to see a marvelous
beaver that she must have?

So one night, Libb plied her s****r with beer at a party.
She insisted Meredith stay the night with her.

Then she made her husband roll a fat joint knowing
that always made her s****r horny. Before he knew it,
Hubby saw both his wife and her s****r stripping down,
giggling together and rolling around on the bed.

"C'mon - take some pictures", Libb told her dazed husband.

"Oh my God, look at his bulge!" laughed Meredith, as she pulled
her panties off.

So hubby started snapping pics as the two s****rs
put on a show for him.

"Kiss your little s****r," he directed. "Now, spread her
legs apart. A little more. Keep spreading that twat. Wow."

Meredith's cunt was even more pretty than he thought. Meaty
Just like her s****r's but more trimmed and honey colored.

"ha, is this sweet twat what you've been wanting to see? You've been
dying to see my little s****r's twat haven't you? You fuckin perverted
bastard. Rub your dick."

Then Libb mounted her s****r in sixty nine position. Hubby
witnessed his wife tonguing her s****rs swollen labia.

"Yeah, lick your s****r's twat. Tongue her clit until she cums"

Libb was lapping and licking and flicking that long tongue of hers until Meredith
cried and convulsed with orgasm.

"Fuck, lick my cunt, big s****r! Lick me so good.", Meredith cried.

After a while of slurping and sucking, Libb lifted her head and said "Are you going to fuck us both now?"

"Yeah, fuck me and my s****r with that big tool she keeps talking about," chimed in Meredith.

Hubby let his swollen dong come out and Meredith's face lit up. Wow, it's as thick as you said it was s****r.

"Fuck my s****r first" Libb said. "Alternate fucking her vagina and anal holes and then my mouth," she commanded. "I want to taste my s****r's pussy juice on your cock."

Lucky hubby then proceeded to fuck these s****rs while they in 69 - a feast of their sweet asses bouncing on his cock and their lips, tongue and face all in his ass and balls.

He stuck his dick in their mouth and fingered the other one's ass.

Then, he couldn't take it anymore seeing both these s****rs with their pussies and faces all over his cock, he tore Libb off her s****r and made them both kneel down.

"You slutty s****rs ready to get showered with cum?" he said as he locked their heads together in a vice grip.

"Cum all over me and my s****r," Libb commanded as she started french kissing her s****r and rubbing his balls.

"Yeah, you always wanted to give me a facial, didn't you, big b*****r?" she coyly laughed. "Now's your chance - so spurt your ball juice all over us you fuckin bastard."

Then, streams of cum started leaking out of his cock.

"Lick that cum" he panted as he pulled Meredith's smiling face smushing it into his cumming cock.

"Ah!" Meredith screamed as her face was splattered with the first jet wave of hot cum. Then Libb got a stream on her smiling face.

"Now, kiss eachother while I cum in your faces", he barked.

He then shots the rest of his load all over their french kissing faces...

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