Cheating Women Relatives

That my wife cheats is of no surprise to me. In fact I rather anticipated that she would cheat here and there since I'm not particularly well endowed and know that I can't fully satisfy her. Add to this the fact that she frequently travels on business and works in a male-dominated occupation and, well, there is an expectation that she would want to take advantage of the opportunities presented. I recognized this and was supportive of her doing so; in fact, it was a bit of a turn on. Not that Nancy needs my support; we are in a Femdom relationship and she does what she wants, and I do what she tells me! Nancy never told me about her encounters but she did discuss them with her mother and aunts who, on occasion, would pass on some tempting tidbits. Her Aunt Julie in particular tells me a lot, but not because she thinks I should know; rather, because she likes to humiliate me.

Extramarital affairs are the norm in Nancy's f****y. Nancy's mother, three aunts, and even her grandmother all had affairs. Some were one-night-stands and others of longer duration; some were kept secret from their husbands, others were quite open. None of the women felt particularly guilty about their affairs and the men seemed to accept them, too. So, it's no wonder that Nancy and her s****r also indulge in carnal pleasures outside of the marital bedroom – they've had good role models.

Nancy's mother had an ongoing affair with two men at the store where she worked. Her grandmother screwed the owner of the car dealership where she worked; it was a mutually beneficial relationship and one that later inspired Nancy. Her Aunt Kay had a series of men over a 20-year period. Aunt Judy had three long term relationships with well hung guys much her junior and kept fucking one of them long after he was married. Aunt Jane loved the excitement of a one-night-stand during out of town educational trips. All the women took advantage when situations presented themselves for a little extramarital activity. Yearly 'Girls Only' trips to the beach were specifically for such opportunities.

Aunt Julie though, was the most open and most direct. She screwed a succession of men – all with large cocks - and was very open about it. She dated her lovers quite openly and even brought them home to bang them in her bedroom with hubby made to listen and sometimes watch! Julie's ongoing affairs were always a topic of conversation when the women got together; they'd come right out and ask “So, Julie, how's Ralph been treating you”? Of course big dick Ralph was fucking her brains out and she'd only be too happy to tell! One of the guys Julie screwed was a muscular, well hung, guy reputed to have criminal ties. Ralph had a sizable dick that even the guys admired when he was at the gym – I'm bisexual and have fantasies about his tool to this day! He could have had any woman but wanted married women; particularly married women like Julie, who also had money. Ralph worked at her husband's company; her husband, Robert, was a big boss there but Ralph worked in the mail room, when he worked at all. And he made it a point to smile knowingly at Robert and sometimes tell him that he was going out with Julie so “don't wait up”. He told others how much he enjoyed fucking Robert's wife!

I became a cuckold – so to speak - even before we were married. We were visiting Aunt Julie and she'd been talking up Ralph and how good he was in bed. Ralph was visiting that evening and, right in front of me, Aunt Julie invited Nancy to participate! After a mixed drink or two Nancy agreed and got ready for some excitement. Julie warned her that once she fucked Ralph, no other dick would measure up! She turned out to be so right. Ralph came over and he and Julie went right to her bedroom where they stared fucking. Nancy worked her make-up, powdered her body, did her hair, put in some long sexy earrings, and slipped into a pair of Julie's nylons and a garter belt; Julie had laid them out – Ralph loved women in garter belts and nylons. She made her way into the bedroom, her beautiful 36DDs bouncing as she walked, and on the way looked at me and said, “There's not a damn thing you can do about this”... Nancy immediately captured Ralph's attention, bringing her towards him and exploring her body; he sucked her nipples, felt her ass, rubbed her nylon-clad legs, and tasted her pussy. She was going wild with anticipation wanting to get at his thick eight-inch cock. He laid back and let her handle his love meat. She licked it from base to head and started sucking it. Julie was right, it was the biggest cock she'd ever seen and the biggest one she could ever imagine. I listened at the closed door to the unmistakable sounds of her sucking cock. Ralph moaned, Julie and Nancy giggled! Apparently Julie tried to get in on Ralph’s cock and Nancy said, “no, go away, it's my turn first”, to which Julie laughed and laid back to light a smoke while Ralph stroked her tits. Nancy continued to work his dick, making him moan as she took a considerable amount of it into her throat. Some minutes later Ralph said to Julie, “OK, She gets and 'A' for cock sucking, let's see how she fucks now”, and rolled Nancy onto the bed, positioned her so he could enter, and start fucking her. Initially he slowly eased his engorged dick into her wet pussy to let her get the feel of it. Nancy had never had anything nearly as big as this and moaned loudly. He kept it in her, slowly pumping until she came. Then he nearly pulled out of her and began to thrust her long and hard, very hard, his big balls banging against her, the bed creaking, Nancy screaming, Aunt Julie encouraging him to “fuck her hard, Ralph”. Ralph moved Nancy into different positions, fucking her hard each time and each time giving her a thunderous orgasm. He fucked her to exhaustion for what must have been ten minutes and was still rock hard. Julie took over now, banging her stud in a variety of positions. Finally he rolled her over on her back lifted her legs high, and thrust his dick into her over and over for another two minutes before finally erupting deep inside her cunt. He was not only big but he was a heavy cummer, too. His load rolled out of Julie and onto the bed; she felt it was a sign of appreciation for her to eat some of that cum and she did. She rubbed his cum onto her tits and sucked him a little as a sign of affection... The women spent, Ralph walked naked out of the bedroom to get dressed; he passed me in the hall not even giving me notice; I noticed though, any guy would admire a cock like that, let alone a bisexual like me; for a moment I wanted to get on my knees and suck the thing. A minute later the Julie called that she needed two drinks and a pack of smokes. I brought them a strong gin and tonic and a pack of Virginia Slims. The women had three more mixed drinks and smoked half the pack of cigarettes before coming to the living room nearly-naked, wearing only nylons and heels. It had been a hell of a night for all of us; and it was the first and last time I was present when Nancy entertained a man. As for Julie she continued to screw Ralph occasionally inviting her friends to participate as had Nancy. I asked Julie if Nancy had ever screwed Ralph again; but she only smiles and says, “I'll never tell” and adds, “you certainly can't give her a cock like that, can you”?

Years later I confided to Aunt Julie that I admired Ralph's dick and would have loved to have sucked it. She laughed and said that Ralph later told her that he wanted to make me suck him when he passed me in the hall! At the time Julie wasn't OK with bi-sexuality but she is now and told me so, adding, “If you want some cock let me know and I'll have them lined up for you!” I've since learned that she can deliver! But more on all this later...
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10 months ago
i appreciate your comment on my story of too long ago. The Women in the family are HOT to say the least and always looking for a little adventure - Wifey included! Mother-in-law told me that Wifey likes to have at least one new man a month - more if she can get them. Am i angry - hell no; it's exciting to me. My best friend has a wife who's also a cheater and She got pregnant to another man. He was out of the country on business for three months and when he got back she was two months preg! I'm also bi-sexual by the way and enjoy women and men.
1 year ago
a turn on for sure and what a family!..yeah same as my girlfriend years ago and she got pregnant to another man who was also fucking other women around the area but i was angry at first and the thought of her having sex with another and getting pregnant was a great thrill for me.but i loved the story and they must be some women,all of them..