Last Fantasy to Fulfill

The only fantasy I have left to be fulfilled, in brief. Will add more to this later. I've experienced all my other fantasies, numerous times & helped others live theirs too. I know fantasies can never be perfect, especially when involving other imperfect human beings, nothing can ever match what's in our heads, no matter how good we describe it or how hard we try to match it. The best we can do is come as close as possible, and to enjoy what we can get from the experience. If more go into it with that attitude, it's likely to be a great event.

My fantasy may never be able to be fulfilled because of its public aspects, however there may be ways to work around it, not sure yet how.

A brief sketch for now [Obviously I got into it so it's pretty much fully detailed except for dialogue, you can make up your own ;-]:

I'm at a window looking in at a couple having really hot sex, they were so loud I heard them from the street & had to come investigate & nothing gets me hotter than hearing people having sex.

I'm peeking in the window, it is dusk & the area seems deserted, so I doubt I'll get caught as long as I'm quiet--which is a real challenge for me during sex--because their window is open a bit to let the cool air in.

I'm wearing a summer weight dress because it's so hot outside, and as always, I never wear panties, they are just too constricting, gave them up many years ago. I'm stroking & fingering my pussy, biting my lip so I don't moan, watching him slide his coke can thick cock in her tiny looking cunt and her labia grips his cock on every out thrust, all wet & glistening...

Suddenly from behind my dress is pulled up and a couple fingers thrust into my pussy, and I start to turn around to resist when he pinches my engorged clit between the fingers of his other hand & bites my rear shoulder, making me throw back my head & moan. I want to look but I don't want to look, I'm conflicted. All I know is I am dying to feel a cock stuff my hole just then, and he spreads my pussy open wide, finger fucking me with 2 then 3 fingers, really fast, while rolling my clit & I can't hold still or be quiet anymore, I must cum, I'm going to fucking cum any second!

That's when he slams his cock into my pussy, only the head of his dick sliding in & out of my tight hole, all lubed up but his dick is so fat it won't just slide in, he has to work it, and my pussy muscles are resisting, clamping onto the violating organ like vice grips or the cliched velvet glove but with steel behind it. He thrusts in and out several times, moaning into my ear, telling me how wet & tight I am, how much he loves my pussy already, how he knows I'm going to be a great fuck & enjoy his cock immensely. I get off even more on his dirty talk, squirming with need, biting my arm to keep from screaming out my pleasure when he uses his hand to jerk off my clit.

I cum almost instantly & squirt all over myself as I cum, and that's when he finally sinks his whole cock into me all the way to his balls which slap my clit once seated to the hilt, making my still pulsing clit go into overtime, I'm cumming again when he grabs my hair & pulls my head back, biting my neck, ear & shoulder. I still have no idea who it is fucking me & that's even more exciting, but the couple I am watching has glanced over at the window, I'm afraid they might hear us. Normally I'd love to suck a cock while being fucked, it helps muffle the sounds I make and I just love having my mouth full of cock as I cum. But there's only one cock here and my pussy is greedy for it.

I arch my back as deep as possible & start pounding my cunt back onto his dick as he thrusts forward just as hard as he can, my pussy stretched to the limits & fighting to grip & hold his tool on every out stroke, his fat cock head popping against my super tight cunt muscle, driving me mad every stroke, fuck yes, I feel like I am going to scream any second. My eyes close instinctively to concentrate on the wild spasms of my hole, when he starts pulling his prick all the way out, then slamming it back in deep, slowly & rough, I'm nearly ready to beg him to fuck me hard & deep & fast!

His fingers are rubbing circles around my clit & nearby urethra, his cock hitting every nerve ending inside as well as the slight curve of his dock striking my g-spot in sync with his pounding in strokes, and I can't help myself anymore, I lose all control, open my mouth to scream out my climax, and he jams his fist into my open mouth! I'm squirting cum on every single stroke of his cock fully out of my cunt before he pushes all that man meat back inside, the wet sucking noises of my pussy sound so loud & embarrassing if I wasn't too busy cumming to notice.

Suddenly he grabs my hip & bends me over, reaching between his hairy dark colored legs I grasp his balls & fondle them absently and automatically, eyes still closed in throes of my cum, his grunts & moans becoming faster, as fast as he is now fucking me! "Oh my fucking God" I screamed, his hand had left my mouth to pinch & roll my clit some more, my pussy tight around his cock as if to never let go, he gets nearly thrust out from my clenching cunt because I am cumming so damned hard & pushing down without knowing it, making my pussy tighter & hotter and wetter, I am about to fall down, can't hold myself up any longer so he wraps his other arm around my waist to help hold me up.

Now his balls are banging my clit, I'm screaming to wake the dead, and he's yelling into my ear and biting my ear lobe, sucking my skin, thrusting like a rabbit as his dick fills with hot jetting spew that sprays all over the walls of my cunt, making a frothy cream coat his cock, both of us still thrusting together through the cum and into super sensitive but feels too good to stop, when I hear the noise of a window opening right in front of me. Oh shit, I think, caught. The couple had long finished their own fucking & had been watching us, unbeknownst to me.

Suddenly my pussy is left bereft & throbbing, the cock & his body's warmth disappearing as mysteriously as it appeared. I sunk to my knees in the soft green grass, turned finally to look but saw no one. I looked up at the window & it was shut, the couple gone from the room. It must have been his own window shutting, I thought. Who could it have been, I wonder, looking at each house close enough to house a stealthy fuck & run. I'm a mess of cum dripping down my thighs as I walk & stumble home 2 houses away. That's when I see the curtain moving in the window of the new neighbor across the street, the one none of us has yet seen since the moving company unloaded his stuff a week ago. Looks like I may need to bake something, bring him over a welcome gift, see if his skin matches the glimpses I got in the dark of the man's legs who had fucked me so expertly.

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2 years ago
very hot story had me shooting cum everywhere! I have one question? do you have a big clit?
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
very hot story !