Getting wasted with a stripper

There is a club here in Orlando called Rachels. They are know for having a five star restraunt and some of the hottest girls. It is a bottoms on and tittie tape bar. No full nude. A buddy of mine had his eyes on this very fine 18 year old stripper that lived with her mom and worked the daytime shift. We had made about four visits there in a two week period. He bought a vip card for $500.00 and was using being of money to seduce her. It was working had he finally nailed her but this story is what happened to me while he worked to land her.
On that fourth visit there was this 22 year old blonde and when I say she was fine that is a understatment. She had tanned skin with c cups and a ass to die for. The four of us was in the vip area and we all started drinking shots. They were doing Patron and I was doing Crown Royal. This stripper started getting fucked up. It is a little dark like all clubs and we were in the corner and she started going on how horny she was and was rubbing her pussy through her bottoms and eventually started pulling her bottoms to the side and showing me her hairless pussy. She would look down at her pussy then at me and said you want to fuck my little pussy dont you. Joking I told her oh no I am gay and we laughed. She goes no seriously you want to fuck it dont you? I said how much and se replied no money just fuck it good. I said hell yeah and she said she gets off in about an hour. So, we all hung out and did some more shots and bought some dances from the girls. On the shift change the girls go to the dressing room and leave from the back. She asked what I was driving and I told her and she said meet you in 15 minutes. The girls left and I told my buddy I hit the mother load with this one. He said why whats up and I told him she wants to fuck and she is so fucked up right now. We all were fucked up but she was at the staggering staged. He laughed and said I bet she dont show up and we bet $20.00 bucks. We went outside and he went to his car and I went to mine. I sat there for 20 minutes and said to myself I knew it was to good to be true. My buddy called and asked if she showed and I said not yet and he laughed and said you owe me 20. We hung up and I started my truck and was getting ready to pull out and here she comes flying around the corner and just about hit me! She stopped in front of me and said were you going. I told her it had been 25 minutes I figured you was fucking with me. She laughed and said I will be fucking you alright. She told me to follow her and this crazy girl was driving wild. I look back now and the bitch should not of been driving cause she was hammered. We go about three miles away from the club and pull in to this abandoned commercial building. She pulled to the back and I pulled next to her. She jumped out of her car and into mine. She wasted no time yanking my pants down and shoving my cock into her mouth. While she was sucking my cock I started pulling her shirt off started playing with her tits. Now dont get me wrong the sucking was good but if you ever been with a d***k girl you know what I am talking about she was so damn rough. Teeth scrapping my dick. I guess you would call it a sloppy blowjob. I had to push her off my cock cuz I wanted to fuck that sweet young pussy. I got her off my cock and she finished stripping her jeans and panties off and I did to. I have always had big trucks because of the line of work I am in so we moved to the back seat. She leaned with her head against the door and opened her legs and I jumped right in on licking and tasting her pussy. I was in heaven, her pussy was so moist and had such a sweet aroma! I massaged the top of her pussy with my mouth and had two fingers inside her rubbing the top inside of her pussy. I had her cumming in no time and she had my fingers soaked in her juice. I positioned my hips between her legs and slid my cock into her soaked pussy... Yes no condom!! I didnt give a fuck, I wanted that pussy so bad and she was showing it to me at the club. Damn her pussy was so tight and wet and I was enjoying every minute of it. Well it didnt take her long and she was begging to get on top so we flipped and she was in cowgirl position and the view was spectacular! This girl was fucking fine and here I was underneath her looking up at her perfect body. I said I wont last long like this. Well that went out the window real quick. This girl started going all devil like. My cock gets real hard and I can barely bend it past the 90 degree angle from my body. This bitch was rocking so hard and violently I thought she was going to break my cock. My dick was rocking so hard inside her and she was bouncing up and down like a crazy one. Finally she camed and slowed the fuck down...I waasted no time to get her off me and I told her to put her ass in the hair so I could hit that shit from the rear. She was sweaty and her sexy back was all I needed to look at as I was pumping my cock into her pussy. After several minutes I pulled out and shot my cum all over her back. I used my shirt to clean her back off and asked her to say hi to my friend real quick as I called him. A bet is a bet. The only bad thing about doing that is she tooked my phone when she was done and called her cell phone and said here is my number. I didnt think to much of it but several weeks later I was at home and my phone goes off with a text message and my live in girlfriend looks at the text and it was her saying come back up to Rachels so we can do it again. Fuck!! I got in so much shit on that one. My girl went through the phone records to see if I ever talked to her before that text..luckly there was none and I smoothed talk my way out of it.
It was so worth it though..I could smell her sweet pussy for days in my truck and she was one of the hottest girls I have fucked

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2 years ago
great story bro
2 years ago
lucky son of a bitch! haha