Fucked a slut from a strip bar

Cocoa Beach is another town that has grinding clubs. It is bullshit that I have to travel out of Orlando to get my grind on but it is what it is. There are three clubs on the A1A strip. I will usally slide over there around 3 in the afternoon and find some little slut to rock her pussy on my cock. One day I went there and there was 6 girls working. Everytime I go there they are always different girls because they get caught doing something i*****l or have d**g problems etc. I ordered a beer and watched one girl on the stage dancing when this petite girl (maybe 95 lbs) came over and sat next to me. I asked her if she want a drink and she ordered some girlie drink. We talked a bit and then she started telling me she just moved from North Carolina and was living in a hotel room back in Orlando. She kept saying she needed to make $50.00 for the room that day. I normally spend a $100.00 for my grind session so I didnt think to much of what she was saying. I told her I would go back to the dance room if she wanted. She told me she was really horny and would rather go back to Orlando to her hotel room and she was in need for some cock. No shit..my dick started growing right there. Before I knew it my shit was hard as a rock and she says "well'... I told her to ask him (pointed down at my shorts) and she looked down at my shorts and saw my cock poking straight up and she reached over and grabbed a hold of it and said looks like he wants to. We both laughed and she said she will leave now but she needed gas money to get back to Orlando...I started thinking to myself this bitch might be playing me. I took the chance and told her okay. She told me to go over to the Publix parking lot and wait for her and told her I was in a blue F350 truck. I left and went across the street and started to wait. No lie...I was sitting rubbing my cock thinking about what I would do t that little body. I started to get con cern because I fucking sat ther for an half hour and was about to give up when she pulled up. I jumped out and gave 20 for gas and she told me what hotel she was at and gave me her phone number. I took off back to Orlando and stopped by the house and picked up some condoms and worked my way to her hotel. When I got into the parking lot I called and she came down and walked me up to her room. In her room she had a kitchen and bedroom. She asked if I wanted a beer and I said sure. I sat on this little couch and told her to give me a dance like she would of in the club. So she took off ALL her clothes and started grinding on me . My cock got nice and hard watching and feeling her little ass rocking on my cock. She stood up and said lets go on the bed. I stripped out of my shorts and followed her over to the bed. She sat at the end of the bed and started checking me out. It was the middle of summer and I sunbath nude and I was dark from head to toe. She looked at my throbbing cock and reached out and grabbed it and started stroking it. She told me it was the biggest cock she had ever had. I was thinking to myself she is a slut and she sure knows how to make a man feel good. While she was stroking I reached down and started rubbing he rpussy. It was already moist from her grinding on me earlier. I rubbed it for a couple of minutes and reach for my shorts and pulled out a condom. She layed on her back with her legs open waiting on me. I jumped between her legs and went to put my cock in her. I was surprised the trouble I had getting it in there. Most girls that I have been with at her size normally have a larger pussy. I worked it a little and finally got all my meat into her. The moan she made was a sure sign she was digging it. I went to work on that pussy. I had her 12 different positions in a half hour. Hoitting her dogging was so fucking good. Felt like I was fucking a 12 year old she was so small. We fucked another 15 minutes or so and I was ready to blow my load. We were doing it old fashion at this pointe and I was watching my cock disappearing into her tight pussy and I was about to cum I pulled it out yanked the condom off and began squirting my cum all over her body. I fucking covered her good. I was shocked how much cum came out of me that day. With her having such a small body and me with a large load it was awesome!! She stood up and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and said what the fuck!! All that came out of you? I smiled and watched her try to wipe it all up and when she thought she was done I told her you missed some here an here and here. I love fucking sluts!! She asked if I would stay the night and sl**p with her but that would ruined her slut status with me. I gave her 100 dollars (she deserved it) and she said that was to much and she only wanted 50 dollars but I told her it was all good abd gave her a kiss and got the fuck out!!

Those kind of hook ups are such the best. No strings attached just straight up fucking!!!
100% (11/0)
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1 year ago
2 years ago
Glad it all worked out. Great story! I don't think I would ever pay for sex, haha not only am I cheap, with the amount of slutty ass pussy out there, there really is no need. But in this case, I may have reconsidered.
2 years ago
I had this slim slut with a tight PUSSY......OMG.....she knew how to work that PUSSY....
2 years ago
Hot. I think I would have stayed and fucked her a few more times before leaving.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very hot. I think I might have stayed and fucked her again in the morning.
2 years ago
very good