Getting a handjob in a strip club

In Tampa they have what we call grinding clubs. This is where the girl is fully nude and will dance and grind on your cock. Some girls will let you touch them and even finger them while they rub you down. The story I am telling is my first experience in one of these clubs. Back in the day they served full liquor and beer. Now all the laws have changed and they are not allow to serve alcohol but you can bring in your own and pay for the cokes and etc. Anyways, my first trip to these clubs was when they served alcohol and I heard many friends talk about them. I past several on the main strip and went to far down the road so I turned in this industrial area to turn around. Down the road in the indutrial park I saw a neon light...I said to my self is that really a tittie bar in this area. So I drove up to it and sure as shit it was. Mind you, it is around 3:30 in the afternoon. There was only four cars in the parking lot so I didnt think much of it. My buddy and I went to the front door and opened it and there was a guy behind a counter and behind him was around twenty moniters and I noticed they all were showing areas outside in the parking lot. Seemed strange but what the hell. I went to walk straight in and the guys says twenty dollars... I have never know of a cover charge in the middle of the day. I said you are k**ding right.. he says trust me boys you will have a good time. So fuck it, we paid. Well I went to the dancing area and there was nobody in the whole room but a butt ass ugly girl on the dance floor. I told my buddy this is bullshit when I notice to lil hotties come from the dressing area. So I sat down and the girl on the dance floor started talking to us. She said her name was Gretta and wanted to know if we wanted something to drink. I told her a beer and she said we dont have alcohol. I told her I heard the other clubs do but she said they dont. I told I will take a coke then. So she walks over to a coke machine and puts fifty cents in it and brings the coke with a plastic cup with ice. She says four dollars please... I started laughing because I have never seen anything like this. I gave her five bucks and ask her where was the two other girls at? She said one of them next on the dance floor. She walked away and I looked at my buddy and told him her name should be Regretta and he said why.. I replied because you would regretta getting a lap dance from her.

Finally something looking descent comes out on the floor and the other one I saw came out and sat next to me. She asked me if I wanted a private dance and I told her that is why I am here. So she took me to this back room and told me it would be one hundred dollars. I asked why so much and she said the house gets fifty. I gave her a Franklin and sat in one of ther booths. She started dancing in front of me and asked me if I was a cop? I replied no and then she said prove it and I said how and she replied whip your dick out... Dont have to tell me twice. I yanked my shorts down and she dropped to her knees and started massaging my cock with her hand. Within seconds my shit was throbbing in her hand and she reached in a bag she was carrying and pulled out some lub and squeezed some on my head. Fuck... this shit was awesome..I have always gone to clubs in Orlando and they don't do shit but dance. She started sliding my cock up and down in her hand and staring at it telling me how nice it felt in her hand and I was loving every minute of it. I lay there enjoying every stroke, watching her little hand move up and down with her other hand rubbing my balls and then looked up at me and said let me know when you are going to cum, I like to watch and that was all I needed to hear, I said I am cumming and she squirted it straight into the air and making sounds of approval. She then reached into the bag and pulled out some handi wipes and began cleaning up all my cum... which is alot, just look at my profile. While she was cleaning up my cock stayed rock hard and she goes damn you want more and smiled at me but I told her I was good (not for no hundred more bucks)I pulled my shorts up and about that time my buddy passed me with the other girl. When we left he told me he paid two hundred and the whore fucked him and she supplied the rubber!! Needless to say I have had to visit that club more after that day.

I have had quite of few encounters in strip joints if you like to hear them just let me know.
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