Who says fucking emploees is a bad thing

Here is a story you may like, I use to manage a restaurant. One of my employees was a 110 lb blonde named Chris. For several months we flirted and I am a big flirt but harmless. I didnt think much of it because she was married. Well one day she took the flirting to another level. She walked up to me and rubbed her hand on cock and told me she has been fantasizing about my cock in her mouth. I was slightly shocked but wasted no time on letting her know to get with me after her shift. When her shift was over she came into my office. The restaurant had a big room that was a dead area in the back. I told her to back there and wait for me. I made sure everything was going good in the restaurant and I proceeded to the back room. She was sitting in a chair when I entered. I walked up to her and my crotch was level with her face. She wasted no time exposing my manhood. Without using her hands she slipped my flacid cock into her mouth. She started massaging it with her mouth. As my cick started filling with bl**d she swallowing less and less of it. Once it was fully erect she started using hands and was only able to put about half in her mouth. Damn she really could work a cock. She would use her saliva as a lubricant for her hand. Twisting with hand and her mouth had me ready to cum in no time. She never said dont cum in her mouth so I assumed it was what she was looking for. Well I started to cum and I could the first contraction was huge. I saw her face winch and she pulled of my cock and put her head downwards to spit out my cum. I was like what the fuck so I quickly grabbed my cock to finished my orgasm. I contracted eight more beautiful shots all over her hair and clothes. Watching my cum covered her clothed body made me keeping cumming and all I remeber was her saying fuck I never see so much cum in my life. I still remeber that day vividly. The smell of my cum and all the stains on her shirt. We had to throw that shirt away and I gave her a new one to go home to her husband with. We carried a sexual relationship for the next nine months after that day.
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nice dude tell us more