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Spunk Ice Cube

Mmm today was a fuckin kinky day for me...mrs was at work and I was having a nice long dirty wank and had a kinky idea....I decided I was gonna do something kinky that I have never done before...I've spunked In a cup a few times then made my wife a hot drink it it when she got home which was hot but today I decided I was gonna spunk in an ice cup tray and freeze it....then when I get my mrs a cold drink I'd put the spunk ice cube in it...

While I was edging holding back my cum load I checked babecast tv...a slut I really like Karina Currie was on looking hot and filthy....I ended up calling her telling her what I was gonna do and she fuckin loved it...she got really into it telling me to spunk in that tray and think about how hard my cock would be when I watch my wife drink it....I spunked soooo hard talking to her and shot a nice thick load into one of the tube trays....I then popped it in the freezer and one of my mrs mates came over for dinner kind of a last minute arrangement.....about ten mins ago I poured my mrs and her mate a glass of lemonade and popped the spunky ice cube into her mates really frioths up in lemonade so be carful if u do it lol

Anyway I ended up getting it all to melt into the drink then gave it to her and watched her drink it....fuckin hell it was sooo hot....her sexy mate drinking a glass of lemonade after a big ice cube of my spunk has melted into her mate has just swallowed a big load of my spunk seed....yet she nor my wife have any way would she ever swallow my spunk in any other scenario so this was such a hot way of having her do it....I hope this inspires some guys out there to do the same....either to ur mrs....or save it for if ever u have a hot girl over....then pop it in her drink and she will be swallowing ur spunk seed without even knowing it.....

Love to know ur thoughts on what I did....god or bad all comments welcome ;)
Posted by gilly123 1 year ago
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5 months ago
wow that is hot
9 months ago
that was fucking amazing, should have put 2 or 3 ice cubes proper give them a taste. you should make your wife a smoothie in summer. cum in an ice tray freeze it and then mix the cum cubes with fruit blend and serve chilled. heard its refreshing ;) also make home made cum ice many ideas ..
10 months ago
that's sot hot my cocks sticky thinking of doing it to my huge titted sister in law who would never even suck a cock
11 months ago
did something similar with my slutty secretary at work. went in on Saturday and wanked and spunked into her coffee cup and let it dry. On Monday I offered to make her a coffee and watched with a hard on as she drank it.
1 year ago
Hot. Any story with the outcome??
1 year ago
I did this years ago and put the ice cube in my sisters drink.
1 year ago
I'm really thinking of doing this to my roommate's hot girlfriend!!
1 year ago
Gave me a terrific laugh reading this - as for the morality I really don't know. Nobody got hurt, so no harm done I suppose. Don't know whether I would do this - although I am starting to think about it now! Would be really interesting to see what women think about this.
1 year ago
Very awesome.
1 year ago
mmmmmm fucking hot
1 year ago
im gona do that
1 year ago
I love it - very kinky :)
1 year ago
Made me laugh