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Other tributes of mine

I have been having trouble uploading tributes to hamster for some time....however they work on another site. I've deleted some of the ones I couldn't up.oad but will add them on links here from now on so be sure to check back every once in a while though I don't often get chance to do is that chavgf one tho first....u may have seen my pics of it but here is the vid;

Here is second of her....this time spunking her chav whore face
Posted by gilly123 1 year ago  |  2

Posted by gilly123 1 year ago

My favourite porn clip

I have been wanking to this clip for years...first of all i think the slut in it is really cute and sexy but what makes it amazing is the door buzzing at the end.

Basically shes sucking him off and there is a buzz at the door and she gives him this look as if to say 'shit what do we do?' she must see that he needs to cum and is close cos she starts wanking him really hard wanting him to cum before they let the person in. She then gives another look as if to say 'you better fuckin gimme this spunkload right now' then he blasts a big load right in her mouth making her choke a bit before she ... Continue»
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Spunk Ice Cube

Mmm today was a fuckin kinky day for me...mrs was at work and I was having a nice long dirty wank and had a kinky idea....I decided I was gonna do something kinky that I have never done before...I've spunked In a cup a few times then made my wife a hot drink it it when she got home which was hot but today I decided I was gonna spunk in an ice cup tray and freeze it....then when I get my mrs a cold drink I'd put the spunk ice cube in it...

While I was edging holding back my cum load I checked babecast tv...a slut I really like Karina Currie was on looking hot and filthy....I ended up calling... Continue»
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[Story] Katy Perry Nasty d***k Fuck

Dont ask me how but the other night I managed to get into the VIP section at a new club in the city. I couldnt believe some of the A list celebs that were there and got an instant hard on when i saww my favourite celeb slut Katy Perry was there wearing as usual a very revealing tight outfit that showed off her huge cleavage. She seemed pretty d***k already as she was very loud and stumbling around laughing. I couldnt keep my eyes off her or her cleavage and thought her tits might actually fall out at any moment. She seemed to be annoying everybody with her loud d***ken behaviour and aft... Continue»
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