My Wife Loves Big Black Cocks.

The saying is that once a woman goes black, she doesn't go back and I agree with that. Now, after being used by several black guys she just wants more and more and there is no such word as "No" to a black cock and no such word as enough. Couple weeks ago we had arranged to go a meet a black guy, which turned out that he had a friend who had never stuck his cock in a white slut before but that's another story. On this occasion we were at our local adult store buying some new outfits and a new toy for Lyn my wife. She found this little pink see thru dress which she really liked and had tried it on in one of the changing rooms. When she came out to show me. We both liked it and she paraded around a mirror showing all angles. From behind one of the rows of porno DVDs, we heard a guy say "Very beautiful" and Lyn turned around to see who had said it.

The voice had come from a tall good looking black guy which bought a big smile onto Lyn's face and she went right into her big flirting mode. She walked right over to the guy and grabbed the DVD he had in his hand and looked at it, then read out the title which was "White sluts". "I like your taste" she told him.

My wife doesn't waste any time. She got real close to the guy and I heard her whisper to him that she loved black cocks and could she suck his for him. I don't think many guys would be against that arrangement so after paying for the dress, we left the store with the black guy and he followed us to our place in his car. I reminded Lyn that she had a date later but Lyn isn't a lady to miss any opportunity for a good fucking.

As soon as Lyn sat down on our well used couch, they started kissing while I grabbed my camera. By the time I had gotten back with it, Lyn had her hand inside the guys pants and wanted his cock out to play with it and she wasn't disappointed. She started sucking his cock like her life depended on it and she loves doing it. She must have been sucking it for at least fifteen or twenty minutes when the guy said he was going to cum, but Lyn wanted him to finish off in her mouth so she could taste and swallow. A few seconds more and the guy started to shoot his wad and I could see Lyn swallowing spurt after spurt and his shot into her mouth and down her throat. Even that wasn't enough as she squeezed the last drops out with her hand. We found out later that our guest hadn't had any sex for over two weeks as he had only just gotten back from a business trip.

After a fifteen or twenty minutes, Lyn took the guy into a bedroom and after eating her cunt for a while, they got down to some hard fucking with Lyn telling him to do whatever he wanted to her. They fucked in every position and Lyn swallowed another load of his hot cum. After another short break they were back at it and I asked the guy to shoot the next load in her pussy as I enjoy eating creampies out of her. I wasn't disappointed as while the guy was getting dressed, I spent some quality time cleaning up the mess which really got me excited.

Strangely enough, because of the rush we didn't get the guys name although he did write his number on a piece of paper before he left and I know Lyn wants to see him again soon. After that, it was a rush for the shower so Lyn could get ready for her date that evening with more cum.
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