A Bull Cums in my Wife Five Times.

My wife Linda was in a "sex twice a month marriage" for many years and eventually she and her hubby split up. During those years that she was married, Linda would use a vibrator on herself while having hornier and hotter fantasies which when we met, she told me all about and it used to turn both of us on big time. Eventually, we put a profile on AFF and since then we have met quite a few men and my wife has had a few sexual experiences, mostly, but not all with hung black guys.

Linda is very beautiful, in her early fifties and very submissive. She likes men to use her anyway they want to and for her, it's impossible to say NO to cock. A few months ago, we heard from a guy called James who was serving in the military He had sent a face picture and a cock picture, both of which my wife liked very much so she started to write to James on a regular basis once or twice a week. He would tell her how horny he was and how he wanted to fuck all her holes all of which she loved to read.

A short time ago, James was back on leave and the very first evening home he came over to see Linda. She was still doing make up when he arrived at our home and over a beer he and I started talking, mostly about Linda and how hot she was. James told me that he hadn't even jerked himself off for over a week and his balls felt as tight as hell and he needed release, real bad. When she eventually joined us, I could see that there was immediate fireworks between them. I gave my wife a glass of wine as she sat next to James and almost straight away they were kissing and sticking their tongues into each others mouth.

My wife's pussy is always wet and open when she is around a cock so when James put his hand between her legs, two fingers slipped easily into her hot cunt. From then on, things happened very quickly and after a few minutes of cock sucking, my wife led James into what we call our slut fuck room where he bent her over the bed and just stuck his cock right up her pussy. It wasn't even slow fucking to start with, just hard like my wife loves it and she was begging for him to use her like a slut should be used. A few minutes later and James eased his big black cock into Linda's asshole and she took it all at the first try. He fucked her ass for five or ten minutes then said he was about to shoot his load. He was in her asshole right up until the last minute, then pulled his cock out and pulled Linda up from her laying position. She just had time to open her mouth when the first shot of cum splattered her face and the second went straight into her mouth before James pushed his cock in as deep as he could and down her throat.

Linda was licking James cock clean but he hardly lost any of his erection. They both had a short break for a drink and while Linda was toweling some cum off her body, James asked us if Linda could come to a party the following night. He said he had three or four friends from the army who were getting together at a motel and Linda would be very welcome. Before I had a chance to say anything, Linda said she would love to meet his friends so basically, that was that.

James was still horny and while I was getting more drinks from the kitchen, I could hear the familiar sounds of my wife getting fucked start all over again only this time it went on and on for quite a while before James eventually shot his second load deep inside my wife's pussy. As the cum started to ooze out of her cunt, Linda opened her legs wide and beckoned me to go down on her. She and James started kissing again while I ate my wife's pussy and licked James creampie out of her. The next time he un loaded in Linda's asshole and again, she had me lick her clean also.

By the time the fucking was finished, it was quite late so Linda asked James if he would like to stay at out home for the night and he said he would. I went to bed and after showering, Linda came over and gave me a quick kiss before saying she was going to say goodnight to our guest. I was starting to drift off to sl**p when I heard Linda's moans and knew he was doing her again. Half an hour later, Lin came back and kissed me with a mouthful of cum.

At sometime during the night, James came into our bedroom and took Linda away to fuck again. I have no idea how long that went on but the next morning I found my wife with James in his bed and he fucked her again before he left.

The party James had spoken about didn't happen the following night as he told us, but two days later and it wasn't with three or four friends but eight or nine guys and one other female who was black and although my wife isn't into women at all, or that's what I thought, she and the other girl put on quite a show for the guys, eating cum out of each others pussies. But that's another story.
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7 months ago
Very hot story got me so hard!
7 months ago
Hot story