Sex with my x gf in a bar.

Well its a general feeling when your girlfriend becomes "X" and suddenly one day you bump into her your eyes shine as if to say "damn !! Is she the girl i dumped ?? I am an asshole. She is sexy !!" Obviously I stood there dumb struck as she went by. Well its only now that India has grown up in term of sex ofcourse. 10 years back, If you would fuck a girl and leave her then you would probably be rotting in the bl**dy jail for "A Crime" as termed by the law.
Anyways here I was looking at her sexy body and all sorts of fantasies rushed into me. I must admit that I had broken her virginity and believe me if you do that in India then that girl will certainly find ways to get you caught or get killed, sad i know. After a while i saw her dancing and all intoxicated. I suddenly held her by her hips and started dancing with her. Then ofcourse we kissed in pleasure and i am not sure whether it was the tequila shots or she was really into me but I didnt care and I took her to one of the lounges in the bar. Didnt care who would look or what will happen next but I just went through.
I undressed her kissing her neck, shortly biting her ears. She was wet and even she got into it and started holding by dick. She swallowed by dick like she was eating some ice - cream and i didnt mind at all. I riped her dress and started drinking all the love fluid and soon enough i was fucking her doggy style until she finally swallowed every drop of my cum.
Yeah well now she is married and I really miss this night with her.
I know its an ordinary thing in other countries to do such stuff but in India its tough really.
88% (11/2)
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