Fucked in the woods.

A short story of complete fiction.

He had been sitting on the bonnet of his car when I arrived. He had a close shaved head, and from what I could see, a nice taut body. I had stared, almost blatantly at his crotch as I strolled past him, and he responded by rubbing what looked like the outline of an enormous cock through his faded wranglers.
‘Got a light mate’ he said. Fuck this boy was buff! A tiny trickle of sweat was winding its way down his neck disappearing into the open collar of his tight shirt. Ahh err no sorry I don’t smoke came my stammering reply. I just hadn’t expected this cute young guy to talk to me. ‘So you going for a walk then’? my mind whirled as I blurted out the first thing that came into my mind ‘yes I’m going down to the woods’ , ‘cool I’ll tag along if you like’.

It was blisteringly hot that day and as we ambled across the field, buff guy took his top off. ‘fuckin ot aint it’ ‘yeah I’ll be glad to get into the shade’. I was walking to his side and as I spoke i got a chance to study this vision of beauty! His tight jeans covered a beautifully rounded peachy butt and his arms were toned and veiny and hung to the side of a stunning strong chest. He was well over six foot and blonde with piercing blue eyes.. god this guy was making me horny!

As we reached the woodland things changed suddenly, he grabbed my arm and dragged me further into the trees.’ Come the fuck with me’ he scowled, ’I know what you want’. We stopped in a shady clearing where things were about to get a whole lot worse.

‘Get you’re fucking trousers’ down’ he snarled. Buff guy had turned into an a****l and was breathing down my neck, the smell of beer and stale fags on his breath. ‘Ok ok give me a chance’,I said. I was starting to panic; this guy was rough, really rough.

Before I had my jeans and pants halfway down he pushed me and I fell forward onto the cold leaf strewn floor of the copse. ‘You’re going to wish you had a bigger fuck hole buddy’ he hissed as he yanked at my pants exposing my by now hot and sweaty buttocks. I could hear him spitting on his cock and flinched as an un lubed finger probed my pink fleshy interior. Suddenly he thrust forward. I let out a scream, yes I actually screamed, half through pain, half surprise. ‘ Holy fucking mother of Mary’ I shouted before the young stud behind me clamped his hand around my mouth and pushed my face down so hard onto the forest floor I thought I might suffocate.

‘Shut the fuck up motherfucker’ he said as he pulled right back until the tip of his cock was nestling on the moist outer ring of my butthole, then plunged back in again so ferociously that I tried to scream but was muffled by the strong hand that clamped down across my mouth. I felt his huge balls banging against my arse as repeatedly thrust into me and his speed increased. This was not about giving me pleasure; this was about taking what he wanted. ‘You want my seed don’t you cunt’ he grunted as his frenetic thrusting threatened to tear my hole wide open. ‘God please stop’ I pleaded, but it was too late. The thrusting increased to a frenzy and I felt his taunt young body stiffen on my back and my hole filled with warm sticky cum as his balls throbbed against my arse cheeks.

‘you make a good ride bitch’ ,he said flicking the remaining cum from his cock onto my sweaty back before pulling his jeans up ‘I looked round at him, the stud standing there over me. ‘Say thank you then’ he said. ‘Thank you!, you nearly ripped me a second fucking arsehole you prick ’ I said through tear stained cheeks, ‘Yeah but you loved every minute of it’ came the reply, and before I could respond, he turned and walked off back in the direction of the car.
Love it..love it, well yeah I did love it actually, but I wasn’t going to tell him that was I?

JohnB. Feb 2013.

85% (10/2)
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well, you know how to write story.
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Well written
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i love being used like that
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