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Noora and Nadira attended college together. They were similar in size, however Noora was an inch taller. They both had long jet black hair. There was no love lost between them. Both girls were beautiful, but both girls knew it too. Each girl also thought the other was too proud. The heat between them was building. They had exchanged bitchy looks all semester. Recently, the catty comments and insults made their way through Nadira and Noora’s group of friends, and now each was hearing what the other had to say.

One day while walking to class, Nadira received a text message on her phone. It was from a number she didn’t recognize “I know you’ve been talking shit about me you vain bitch!” read the message. Nadira stopped dead in her tracks and looked around. No one seemed to be paying attention to her, but she had an idea someone was watching for a reaction. Nadira composed herself and continued to class. The more she thought about the message, the angrier she got. By the end of class, she was seething. But before responding she had to do some investigation. She sought out a girl she had met earlier in the school year. She hadn’t really talked to this girl much lately, but she wasn’t seeking her out for a conversation. Nadira knew they had a mutual acquaintance. After a well thought out distraction, she went through the girl’s cell phone until she found an entry for Noora. She held the phone up next to hers. The numbers matched. “That whore! How dare she!” Nadira said quietly to herself. Nadira stealthily slipped the girl’s phone back in her purse before she knew what had happened, and left to contemplate her next move.

Noora’s phone indicated a text message had been received. “You proud little whore! How dare you send me a message like that?”
Noora replied. “Well, it certainly took you long enough to figure it out. How dare I? I hear what you are saying about me behind my back! Did you think you could get away with it?”
The messages were exchanged rapidly, “I had to make sure I was after the right slut! You insult me just as much behind my back Noora! I hear what you say too. And what do mean get away with it? Like you could do anything to me, ha!”
“I can wipe that stuck up look off your bitch face!”
“I’d love to see you try slut!”
“Easy to say over a text message”
“You name the time and place you want to get humiliated by me.”
Noora thought for a moment
“Meet me at the sport centre on campus, in the locker room tonight before closing. And you better come by yourself.”
“Don’t worry I wouldn’t miss it, you do the same?”

They each wore loose fitting workout clothes, and spotted each other near the locker room about the same time. Noora approached Nadira and greeted her like a best friend for appearances sake. The centre was still crowded. “I have a friend who works here. I told her I wanted to stay late and workout alone, so she’s going to lock up with me inside.”
“What about me?” Nadira asked.
“You have to go hide in the bathroom. Should be fitting for you.” Noora smiled
Nadira was furious. She wanted to lunge at Noora that very moment, but there were too many people still in the centre.
“Run along now, it’s almost closing time.”
Nadira was on fire, but she knew what she had to do. She went to the restroom inside the locker room and hid.

She heard the attendant walk through a short time later and call out for anyone remaining. Then there was a long silence that seemed like forever. Finally she heard footsteps and Noora’s voice called out, “Are you still here or did you run away?” Nadira stepped out and glared at Noora. “What took so fucking long?”
Noora replied “Well everyone’s been gone for awhile. I just was reading the most fascinating article, and I forgot all about you.”
“You fucking stuck up whore!” Nadira stomped towards Noora. Noora held her hand up and said “Wait you pathetic slut. You might want to roll around in a bathroom, but I prefer a cleaner area. Follow me.”
“You bitch. I’m going to tear your fucking head off!” Nadira was practically growling as she followed Noora out to the large workout room. It had a mirrored wall and workout mats for aerobics classes and such. “Now before we get started I think we should set at least a few rules. One, no attacking each others face. You can say whatever you want, but you love your face just as much as I love mine.” Nadira was actually a little relieved to hear that. It was really her only worry. Nadira spoke up, “Fine, and I have a rule. We can’t go home with our clothes in tatters, and since I’m sure you were not smart enough to have brought extra, I say we remove our clothes.” Nadira expected Noora to be taken back at least slightly by this suggestion, but she wasn’t. She simply smiled and said, “That’s fine by me. It saves me the trouble of having to rip yours off. Which brings me to my next rule.” Noora threw her workout bag at Nadira’s feet and said, “I don’t want to just kick your ass, I want to defeat your whole body.” Nadira reached down and opened it up. It was Noora’s turn to try to surprise. The bag was filled with sex toys, and some of them were big!. But after a moment Nadira snapped herself out of it, and realized she had secretly wanted the same thing. Nadira sneered, “You fucking egotistical whore! I am going to beat your proud little ass, then fuck it like no one ever has.”
“Please, when we are done you will know your place is beneath me trash.”
“So other than those rules, anything goes?”
“I agree.”
“Then strip, cunt!”

The girls slowly stripped down to there underwear. Nadira had on black lace panties and a pink bra. Noora had purple panties and a white bra. Nora looked down at Nadira‘s lace covered pussy, “I hope you don’t like those, because I’m taking them as a prize when I’m done with you.”
“I’ll be taking more than your panties when I get done fucking your ass into submission, slut” was Nadira’s response.

The girls circled each other on the mat. Their black hair dangles over their backs. They looked like Panthers ready to strike. They rushed each other and immediately went for each other’s hair. They both let out grunts of pain as the each girl entwined her hands in silky black locks. They yanked and pulled each other’s hair viciously. They staggered around the mat covered gym until Noora hooked her leg around Nadira’s and they came crashing down. The impact caused them to break h hold on each others hair. Now on the ground next to each other, Nadira made the first move and snatched at Noora’s white bra. In one swift motion, it was ripped from her body releasing her beautiful tits. Noora scrambled to return the favor. She grabbed Nadira’s bra with both hands on both cups. She squeezed and yanked away hard. The pink bra covering Nadira’s orbs didn’t stand a chance. Nadira’s breasts were just as magnificent as Noora’s. Now clad only in their panties, Noora jumped on top of Nadira and they struggled for a dominant position. The air conditioning was on a timer and had already turned down for the evening. It was getting hot already. Between that and the raw physical activity of the duo, the sweat had already begun to trickle from they’re bronze skin. Their bodies were becoming slippery as the slid over and under each other. Nevertheless both sets of nipples were hard as diamonds. Nadira secured a top position. Her left leg slid in between Noora’s. Both girl’s pussies were moistened by their battle. Noora drew first bl**d by reaching in Nadira’s panties and finding her slippery gash. “Oh. Do I make you wet honey?” Noora taunted. Nadira quickly shoved her hand under Noora’s waistline to find a similar wetness. “No bitch, I think I’m so hot I made us both wet.” Noora attempted to respond, but she was cut short by Nadira clamping her mouth over hers. Nadira invaded Noora’s mouth with her tongue violently almost choking her with it. Nadira simultaneously shoved three fingers into Noora’s pussy. Noora let out a muffled groan into Nadira’s mouth. Noora sent two finger into Nadira’s pussy and found Nadira’s clit with her thumb. They both began to work their fingers in and out of the other girl beneath her panties. Nadira kept tonguing Noora, while Noora was working Nadira’s clit with her thumb. This went on for several minutes. The girls hips started gyrating. They began humping the other girls hand. Nadira was in a good position and moved her free hand to one of Noora’s breasts. She squeezed it hard. This sent Noora over the edge first. She came hard on Nadira’s fingers, and Nadira could feel it. She looked Noora right in the eyes as she ripped the first orgasm out of her body. Her satisfaction was short lived however. Watching Noora writhe underneath her in the throes of her climax was too much for Nadira. She too went off, cumming on top of Noora. As she did her kiss clamp slipped off. Noora gasped for air as she finger fucked Nadira through her first orgasm of the night. Their orgasms ran their course and the girls rolled away from each other.

They lie there panting trying to re-orient themselves. Noora spoke first, “I knew I could make your body submit to me.”
“Ha! I haven’t even started. And, if you’ll remember you came first you cheap slut!”
“Fine, take those panties off and we’ll see who the common whore is!”
They stood facing each other, removed their soaked panties and threw them to the side. Noora moved towards the gym bag. After some searching she removed two identical purple dildos. She threw one to Nadira and asked, “Top or bottom?”
“Top.” said Nadira.
“I knew you would.” Noora said with a sly grin as she lay down on her back. She curled her finger and invited Nadira to join her in a sixty-nine position. Nadira crawled on top of her facing her feet. Noora positioned her left arm inside Nadira’s legs under her hip, and her right arm outside. Both girls shoved their respective weapons into the other’s pussy without regard for lubrication. However each girl was still somewhat moist from their previous round. They began pumping the toys into each other. Nadira braced her forearms on the inside of Noora’s thighs to hold herself up. She knew this wasn’t the most comfortable placing for Noora and she didn’t care. She used her free hand to manipulate Noora’s clitoris. Noora opted to suckle at Nadira’s clit with her mouth while she worked her dildo. Nadira though she had the advantage being on top. She though she had one of Noora’s arm practically rendered useless. The began ramming each others pussies with the dildos while Noora sucked a slightly bit on Nadira. Nadira rubbed Noora’s clit roughly taking time to pinch and pull at it periodically. Both girls felt another orgasm building within them. Heir pace quickened hips began to slowly respond. Noora decide it was time to show her cunningness. She quickly pulled her dildo out of Nadira’s pussy. She transitioned it to her other hand. Three fingers went back into the pussy while she stabbed Nadira in the asshole with the massive toy doused with her own juices. Nadira’s head shot up as the dildo penetrated her sensitive ass. Noora was now working her pussy, clit and ass at the same time. Nadira had thought she was at an advantage on top , but had limited access to Noora’s ass. Nadira’s body trembled and shook. She began to moan. Her body erupted in pleasure. Noora was literally pounding at her opponent with her fingers and dildo. Nadira slowed her attacks all but to a stop as she shuddered on top of Noora. She was brought off to a wonderful climax. Not to be outdone, Nadira mustered her thoughts and reached behind her snatching the dildo out of her ass and Noora’s hands. She then yanked Noora’s legs back. She stepped over one of them and sat on Noora‘s leg and stomach. This rolled Noora’s her pussy up in the air to the point Nadira had access to her little brown hole. She slammed both dildos down hard. One in the pussy and one in the ass. “You cheating whore!” Noora protested. “Anything goes. Remember Noora?” She worked the dildos like pistons alternating one in and one out, then both together and back again. Noora squirmed and squealed as Nadira sexually pummeled her. Noora’s body was in spasms as another explosive orgasm rocked her body.

As Noora recovered, Nadira scrambled to the gym bag. Not wanting to lose her advantage she knew she only had seconds to follow up. She rifled through the bag, but was too indecisive on what to use next. Her failure to make a choice cost her. Noora dove on her from behind. She rolled Nadira over and straddled her in a scissor position. “I’ll fuck you pussy to pussy to prove I am better!” she snarled. Nadira humped back almost instinctually. They gripped each others legs and pulled together as they grinded away at each other. Nadira looked back over her head and saw a double-sided dildo hanging out of the bag. She grabbed it and swung it at Noora. “Use this tramp, unless you’re afraid of me!”
“Never! Give it to me!”
Nadira handed the eighteen inch monstrosity to Noora, and she backed off just enough to slide it between them. First into Nadira’s pussy, then her own. Noora slid down the massive rubber dong until it bottomed out in both girl’s love holes. There was hardly any separation between their clits. Noora pushed that extra centimeter and their love buttons made contact while the double dong filled them completely. It was electric. Noora pulled back for another charge. This time Nadira met with equal f***e audibly slapping their pussies together. Smack,…. Smack…smack..Smack, SMack , SMAck, SMACK! They met hard ramming together trying to gain some advantage. It was equal at first. The Nadira had an idea. She pulled back and then clamped her pussy muscles for all they were worth. She grabbed the dildo with her snatch and f***ed it into Noora. The extra length was almost unbearable inside her. SMACK! They went, and again. Nadira was fucking Noora at will. The sheer mass of the toy was expanding her from the inside while Nadira was still f***efully stabbing Noora’s clit with her own. Noora knew it was over. An tremor formed deep inside her loin. It blazed up from a place deep inside her and intensified as it ascended. She began to gasp with each contact. The orgasm overtook her. It was like noting she had ever experienced. The felling was so intense she began screaming at the top of her lungs “Oh!-Oh!-OH!-You-fucking-bitch!-It’s-too-much!-I’m-gon-na-cum!” Nadira pounded away at Noora through an earth shaking screaming orgasm. The whole room was filled with her screams. “Look!” Nadira said pointing at the wall of mirrors. “Look at how I’m fucking you, you pathetic trash! Watch my pussy dominate yours!” Noora turned her head and stared at the image. She could hardly keep her eyes open. Nadira was fucking her into oblivion. Noora was powerless, she was overwhelmed. And watching it turned her on even more. Just when she thought it was almost over another wave of passion washed over her. She collapsed to her back still screaming and just watched Nadira violate her pussy. Nadira was screaming obscenities at her, but Noora was cumming so hard she actually faded into u*********sness.

When she awoke Nadira was standing over her wearing Noora’s strap on dildo. It was a massive Red dildo attached to black rubber underwear. There was also a cock on the inside of the underwear that was firmly inserted into Nadira’s pussy. Noora’s hands were tied with a jump rope. “Like I said slut, I’m going to take more than your panties!” With that Nadira rolled Noora over onto her hands and knees. “I’m going to fuck your proud ass just like I said.” Nadira slammed the massive red dong into Noora’s ass. She cried out and collapsed down to the mat. Her elbows collapsed. “I’m going to fuck you until I get tired of cumming whore!” Nadira started pounding away on Noora’s ass. She was fucking her harder than any man ever had. Noora was crying and sobbing uncontrollably. Nadira thrusted away as an orgasm shook her. “Oh Noora you have the sweetest ass! Ha!” Nadira screamed as she powered through the orgasm. Noora’s ass was on fire she could feel the small tears forming from the violent assault. Small droplets of bl**d began to mingle with the sweat and pussy juice. Nadira felt the final surge upon her. She hammered away at Noora’s ass like a woman possessed. Noora felt the unthinkable. With all the stimulation throughout the night she was now going to suffer the ultimate humiliation and cum from Nadira fucking her ass. Nadira picked up immediately Noora’s cries turned into moans. Nadira snatched Noora by her hair and wrenched her head back. “Cum for me you filthy slut! Cum for me while I’m fucking your ass!”, Nadira screamed. Both girls were fucking with all they had. They both exploded together in an intensely violent orgasm, that shook them to their very core. They both collapsed. Nadira awoke about an hour later. She took ALL of Noora’s clothes and her bag of toys. She also left Noora lying there naked and beaten to be found be the staff when they opened in the morning.

The End

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