Vivian and Tanya's Forest Romp

This was Written for Enjoy!

Vivian and Tanya are friends from work. Vivian is Asian American with a big firm set of breasts and a luscious ass. She has jet black hair and is very exotic. Tanya is a Russian blonde. Her rack is very similar to Vivian’s. She has an athletic build and her ass is every bit as large, round and juicy as Vivian’s. Vivian and Tanya had been working out together lately at the local fitness club. They had worked up a glistening, sweaty sheen together, seen each other changing and in the shower on several occasions. Both girls knew just about everything there was to know about the other's body. They had gotten especially close chatting during their workouts, and on a few late d***ken nights. For a change of pace, Tanya suggested they go to a park she knew of with long trails and great scenery. “We could get lost for hours.” she said jokingly. Vivian agreed and they decided to meet up for their next workout at the park.

Tanya picked Vivian up, and they arrived with plenty of time to get a good long jog in before night fall. It was Friday, and the regular crowd was thinning out due to the weekend. They started to the trail area which had several paths leading to different trails. “How about this one?” Vivian asked pointing to a well marked path obviously used frequently. Tanya replied, “No, I’ve been down that one and so has everyone else. It’s pretty much a straight line. I heard some people talking about that one, as I was coming out last time I was here. They were raving about it.” It was a lesser marked path off to the left that quite actually, didn’t look like a proper trail.
“How long is it? I kind of have to pee.” Vivian said.
“I’m not sure, but there are plenty off opportunities along the way if you really have to go. I do it all the time. I’ll probably have to go the same time you do.” Vivian was a little hesitant, but she trusted Tanya’s judgment.
“After you.” Vivian said smiling, as she threw her arms out in a Vanna White type move. Tanya giggled and then lead her friend down the trail.

The trail was fairly narrow and partially overgrown in some places, but the ground was flattened for the most part, and it was mostly easy on the feet. The narrowness of it kept the girls right next to each other occasionally rubbing arms during their strides. It was very warm out. Each girl had opted to pull her hair back to a pony tail. Tanya had on a pink sports bra and white spandex shorts that pulled tight across her curved ass. She also dawned white running shoes with pink accents. Vivian opted for a matching set. Black sport bra and drawstring shorts with blue trim, and her shoes white and grey with blue stripes. Both girls were showing off their midriffs. Vivian’s was very nice, and Tanya had just the hint of a six-pack starting to show. The girls were already sweating. Whenever their arms collided, they slid past each other like well oiled machine parts. “A little tight in here, huh?” Vivian commented after one of their bumps. Tanya grinned and said, “What’s wrong Viv? Can’t take a little contact?” She then made a pouty face at Vivian. It seemed Tanya was only joking, but whether it was the heat or the week of work stress, the comment caught Vivian the wrong way and slightly pissed her off. Vivian smiled back and pretended it didn’t bother her. As they went on the trail got even tighter. Not hardly enough for two people to jog side by side. They were rubbing and bumping more frequently now, and it was really starting to get on Vivian’s nerves. She even talked herself into thinking Tanya was doing it on purpose at some points. Just then Tanya took a wrong step and came right over at Vivian her arms shot out to maintain her balance and grazed Vivian right across the side of her breast. “Ow!” Vivian exclaimed and stopped jogging. “Oh shit!, I’m sorry. Are you ok?” Tanya said after regaining her balance. Vivian, still fuming from Tanya’s last comment said, “No I’m fine. Just a little contact right? Let’s go single file until this opens up a little.” There was a small tone in her voice when she made the “contact” remark, and Tanya picked up on it. “Ok, sure. I’ll lead.” Tanya said.
“Why you?”
“Because I’ve been here before.”
You said yourself you haven’t been down this trail before. And I think I’m smart enough to jog where the trees aren’t!” the comments were definitely taking a catty tone. Tanya hadn’t had the greatest week either.
“Ok you get out in front then. I believe they said it opens up to a field up here somewhere. We can take a break there, and then start back if you want.
As Vivian moved passed her arm brushed Tanya’s breast it wasn’t hard, as Tanya was turning to follow her, but Tanya asked herself, did she just try to bump me? She kind of sheepishly grinned to herself as she fell into line. As they continued down the trail Vivian’s mind was wandering. She was almost seething now and her pace would slow for a moment and then speed back up. A quick breather at this clearing, if there even is one, and then back home. Before I end up slapping her Vivian thought. Vivian began thinking who would win if they had gotten into a catfight. This was certainly the place for it. She hadn’t seen anyone else since they had started down this deserted path. Tanya was more athletic, but Vivian had a small size advantage. At least in her tits she thought maliciously to herself. She was entertaining visions of her and Tanya rolling around in this forest slapping and pulling at each other. Her pace slowed as she daydreamed. All of a sudden Tanya clipped the back of Vivian’s heel and down she went, hard! She tumbled a few times before jumping up. She realized she had rolled right into the clearing Tanya was talking about earlier. Vivian returned to her senses and exclaimed “What the hell is wrong with you Tanya?!”
“I don’t know Vivian! I guess you should concentrate on your running! You slowed down and I stepped on your heel before I could stop myself . Are you ok?” Tanya made her pouty face again. “Fuck off Tanya! You’ve been slamming into me all day, and why are you acting like such a bitch?”
“Gee, I don’t know. Maybe because I heard what you aid about me behind my back Viv! You know the girls at the gym talk to me too you know.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I heard what you said about having a better body than me!”
“Are you k**ding me? I said I had bigger tits and a rounder ass. If you listened to the whole thing I said you were more athletic than me! This is why you’ve been being so-”then it hit her, Tanya had been running into her on purpose.
“That’s right! I do have the more athletic body And the hotter body anybody would chose me over you!” With that Tanya closed the distance between them. Vivian was going into fight or flight mode. She was sure Tanya was preparing for some type of attack. She had to buy herself a little tie to get her thoughts straight.
”Hotter body, please! There is no way anyone would rather have your body than mine. I’m hotter than you, I have better tits than you… and you know what bitch? My pussy is better than yours!” Holy shit! Vivian thought to herself. Where did that come from? The comment was meant to buy some time, but it had the opposite effect. Now Vivian’s mind was reeling. What had she said? “You think so slut? Well you’re going to have to prove it now.” Tanya said, taking the last step of distance between the two girls. They were now face to face, breasts almost touching.
“What do you mean prove it?” Vivian said now confused but slightly calmer. “You said your pussy was better than mine. You’re going to have to prove it by beating my pussy in a fight.”
“You’re crazy!”
“Think about it. We can’t go getting into a huge catfight and coming into work Monday with black eyes and hair missing.”
“So how do you think we’re going to fight then?”
“We’re going to fight with our bodies. I’m going to make your pussy cum, and your going to try and do the same to me. Nobody gets physically hurt. I just humiliate you and show you who the hotter, sexier one of us is.”
Vivian’s mind was back to its previous pace. Is she serious? It was plainly obvious she was. Vivian’s anger began to return. You know what? Fuck this whore! She thinks she’s hotter than me? I’ll fucking show her!
“Fine, you little lesbo whore. I’ll play your little game. You’ve obviously been planning this all day. I’d hate to disappoint you. But if you start this you better be ready to suffer the consequences?”
“First off I’ve been planning this all week! Secondly, what could you possibly do to me?”
“Bitch you have no idea what humiliation is. I’m going to have your little pussy squirting all over this field!”
With that comment Tanya’s eyes widened. Vivian continued “Oh what’s wrong? Forgot we had the d***ken conversation about us both being squirters?”
Tanya’s only recourse was to escalate. She remained silent, took a couple of steps back and kicked off her shoes. She then slowly began to peel off her pink top. The fabric clung to her sweaty frame. She next slid her spandex shorts down past her shaven pussy and her glistening thighs. She kicked them over to where she had thrown her top. She defiantly coked her hips and waited. Vivian had seen Tanya naked before, but in the midst of all this anger and the sheen of sweat rolling off her toned body, Vivian realized two things. One, she had better do something to answer, and two… she was already wet. Vivian dropped the straps of her top and opted to pull it down. This had the effect of causing her boobs to almost “pop” out at Tanya. She then slid the top down to the waist of her shorts. Vivian then turned away and slid the whole outfit down bending over and giving Tanya a full view of her pussy and ass. Vivian stepped out of her shoes and left everything in a pile together. Tanya was also wet now, seeing her former friend showing off for her like this, so aggressively. She didn’t think Viv had it in her. Vivian turned back and said “What now dyke?“
“I’ll show you who the dyke is. I’ll have you begging me to fuck you.”
It was Vivian’s turn to be the aggressor, “It’s not going to happen anyway. But it sure won’t happen from over there.”
With that the girls moved towards each other slowly, seductively. They opened their arms to each other just before contact. Their breasts came together first. They pressed them together in a hug. “Mmmmm. You like the feel of my big, firm tits on you lezzy?” Vivian whispered in Tanya’s face.
“Yeah they feel just like mine, bitch.”
“I don’t know how. Mine are bigger.” With that Vivian pulled Tanya in tight into a bear hug. Their breasts swelled at the sides as they mashed together. The girls could feel each other’s erect nipples digging in. They were like daggers stabbing at each other’s areolas. Tanya leaned in and whispered in to Vivian’s ear, “Well bitch I guess you’re not so superior after all. My tits are holding up just fine against your saggy bags!”
“Oh really dear, why don’t you take a look down.”
Tanya looked down and was horrified. As their boobs had come together she realized Vivian’s had swelled out farther than hers. It was a slight amount, but it was significant enough to prove Vivian’s point. “I fucking hate you!” Tanya spat as she reached up and grabbed two handfuls of Vivian’s ebony hair. “Ow! You whore!” Vivian shouted as she returned the favor. “Ungh!” Tanya’s anger numbed her reaction. They started to stagger around farther into the field. The women were yanking at each other’s hair mercilessly. Finally Vivian lost her footing and went down to the ground. Tanya was on top of her in an instant. She let go of her death grip on Vivian’s hair and immediately pinned her wrist to the ground straddling her. “You know I could beat your ass from this position, but I’m not going to. You said your pussy is better? Time to prove it slut.”
“I will trash!”
“We’ll see”
Tanya slipped on of her legs between Vivian’s. It was obvious what she was doing. “Both of their pussies were soaked with sweat from the physical contact in the hot forest, and with their own sex juices. Each pussy was practically drooling to get at it’s opponent. Tanya slid her slit over Vivian’s and they made contact for the first time. It was electric! The soft gooey friction of their stiff clits rubbing together was amazing. They locked arms and began pulsating into each other. Vivian used her free arm to stabilize herself on the ground. Tanya had the advantage being on top. She was in a cowboy position tribalism with Vivian. Tanya took her free hand and started kneading one of Vivian’s breasts. “You’re so proud of these things, let’s see how much they turn you on.” Vivian knew she was in trouble. She thought about moving her free hand, but that would allow Tanya to have all the leverage. She remained in her current position. An orgasm was slowly building in both groins. The pace quickened. Slow rhythmic bumps gave way to hard deliberate thrusting. Tanya pinched and pulled at Vivian’s nipple. It was more than she could take. “Oh - you - fucking - bitch!” she shouted between thrusts. Tanya knew she had her. She slammed her crotch into Vivian’s furiously. Vivian’s arm gave way and she collapsed on her back while Tanya pounded away. “That’s right cunt! Cum for me! I want to see you gush!” Vivian couldn’t hold out any longer. Her orgasm hit her like a sledge hammer. Her pussy juice began to flow. Tanya locked onto her and began grinding her vigorously. An orgasm had been slowly rising through Tanya also, and the sensation of Vivian squirting onto her vagina was overwhelming. She too burst into orgasm. Both girls now both screaming and writhing against each other, lubricated by two spurting fountains of pussy juice. It splashed onto both girls tummies and tits, and ran down between their asses. It was wrestling in oil. The orgasm subsided and Tanya collapsed on Vivian in a slippery mess.
Vivian came around first. “Get off me you fucking lezzy!”
“Says the girl who just squirted all over my pussy.”
“Fuck you! Any whore can grind a fucking pillow or sit on a washing machine to get off. That didn’t prove shit! My pussy is still better!”
“Sorry I couldn’t hear you over me fucking you.”
“I’ll show you who’s fucking who.” Vivian rolled Tanya over, got on top and quickly spun into a sixty-nine position. She pulled Tanya’s legs up and back, and then pinned them under her arms. Before Tanya knew what was happening, she had two of Vivian’s fingers shove in her vagina searching for her g-spot. Tanya quickly regained her bearing and shot her hand to Vivian’s love hole. She pushed two of her fingers in and started working Vivian’s still sopping gash. The girl’s began to moan they were already hyper-sensitive from their last staggering orgasm. This time Vivian was on top and she was going to exploit it. She was slamming her fingers into Tanya. CRACK! Vivian planted her free hand on Tanya’s left cheek in a thundering spank. Tanya flinched in pain.
“That’s right hooker. You probably shouldn’t tell dirty little secrets like how you enjoy it rough, and then challenge that bitch to a fuck fight!” CRACK she brought it down again. Tanya moaned. She had to do something Vivian was dead on. She quickly inserted a third finger and increased her pace.
“See how you like this little secret skank.” Tanya sucked Vivian’s clit into her mouth and began suckling on it. She knew this was Viv’s weak spot. It’s why she had started the contest with tribbing. Vivian’s waist buckled and she almost collapsed. Oh no, she thought. Tanya was about to rip another orgasm out of her. Tanya could feel Vivian trembling. She kept pounding and sucking away. Vivian knew she was going to cum, but she couldn’t lose. She knew she was better. The race was on in earnest. Tanya was three fingers deep and sucking for all she was worth. Vivian was hammering Tanya’s pussy, and had slapped her ass to a crimson red. Tanya bit down on Vivian’s clit and pulled. Vivian could stand no more. She erupted in a fountain of orgasm all over Tanya’s face and chest. Vivian’s pace slowed as she bucked her hips to Tanya’s attack. Vivian’s eyes started to roll back. Her upper body drooped almost passing out. Tanya was not letting up. She wanted a complete defeat. Vivian’s eyes snapped back to a hawk like focus. Tanya suddenly felt Vivian raising moving her upper body. Vivian reached forward and tongued Tanya’s asshole. Not that she needed to from all the previous lubrication, but Vivian mustered a big glob of saliva and left it right on Tanya’s tight little bud. Tanya could only brace for what she knew was next. Simultaneously Vivian stuck an extra finger in Tanya’s pussy and matched it in her ass. Three fingers in both pussy and ass! They slid right in, expanding Tanya’s snug little hole with ease. Vivian began to violently finger fuck both holes like a woman possessed. Tanya’s mouth slipped off Vivian’s clit. Vivian’s mind numbing orgasm started to dissipate. Tanya attempted to go back on the offensive, but her body began to twitch and convulse.
“I told you I was going to humiliate you. I didn’t start this sexfight, but I’m sure as fuck going to finish it!” Tanya had completely stopped trying to work on Vivian. Her arms were almost limp. She could feel the impending flood coming. Vivian slid backwards off of Tanya’s face, and literally pulled Tanya’s crotch up by her pussy and ass so that Tanya’s legs were over her head and she was staring directly up and her own vagina. “Viv- I can’t- Oh God! You fuck- bit-” Tonya was stammering and stuttering. Vivian had found Tanya’s g-spot and was working it form the inside. With this new found position she also used her thumb to massage Tanya’s clit enhancing what was to come. And through all of this she never did relent on Tanya’s ass. Vivian was working like a machine.
“Cum you whore! Cum all over yourself! I won’t you to drink you own fucking juices! Cum! Cum!” Tanya erupted like a sex volcano. Vivian worked her pussy violently to drain every ounce of fluid. The juice spurted and poured. It rained down on Tanya’s face and into her mouth. It flowed down her body covering her abdomen and tits.
“Pleas sto-, plea- stop,” Tanya was murmuring.
“Alright whore I’ll stop as soon as you say I’m hotter, and that I fucked you like the little lesbo bitch you are!”
Tanya was partially asphyxiated from having her legs above her head combined with the intensity of her orgasm. She was fading in and out.
“Say it cunt!”
“Ok o- You’re better. You fucked m-”
Vivian pulled her hand out of Tanya’s asshole, and cracked her already ruby cheek with another spank.
“Fucking say it or I swear I’ll finger fuck your pathetic pussy dry!“
The stinging pain brought Tanya back with a surprising acuity.
“Ok you Bitch! You’re better! You fucked me like the lesbian bitch I am!”
“That will do, I guess.” Vivian shoved Tanya’s defeated pussy away from her. Tanya slumped to the ground in the fetal position. Vivian rolled Tanya on her back. She leaned down inches from Tanya’s face and said, “One more thing you stupid dyke. I told you when we started this that you have no idea what humiliation is. I also told you I had to fucking go before you brought me down here for your stupid little lezzy contest.” Vivian snatched Tanya by the hair and planted a deep passionate kiss on her. She almost choked Tanya out with her tongue. Vivian broke the kiss and pulled Tanya’s half limp frame up to a seated position. She straddled Tanya’s face and pulled it close to her pussy by Tanya’s golden hair. “ Just in case you ever think about telling this story to anyone I’ll make sure to tell them how it ended you filthy fucking whore.” With that Vivian let out a golden stream of urine that covered Tanya’s face and hair. Vivian pulled Tanya close and began humping her face while she peed. It was a glorious release especially after such an intense sexual session.
“Rub your little titties!” Vivian commanded. “Act like your in the shower. Rinse yourself off with my juices. Tanya was a little hesitant.
“Do it!“ Vivian punctuated her order by mildly kicking Tanya between her legs. Tanya’s face was covered with sweat, pussy juice from both women and now the pungent golden fluid of her ultimate humiliation. She began to rub her breasts and stomach with as Vivian instructed. Vivian finished relieving herself on her conquered enemy. She retrieved her garments, threw Tanya’s clothes at her and said, “Glad we’re not taking my car. You’re fucking filthy!” Vivian laughed out loud at her own joke. “Now get dressed bitch, I’m ready for you to take me home.”

The end.

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3 years ago
best story ive ever read
3 years ago
3 years ago
wow that was really good my pussy is slopping wet
3 years ago
good story, like free bird it has me hard, contains some of my favourite things
3 years ago
fucking hot story it got me hard