Chatroom Sexfight Fantasy #2

This is a sequel to my "webcam experience to remember" blog/ "Who's better?" story based on those events. This is almost the exact transcripts minus typos and what not. Hope you like it!

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Me: M 25 USA ;)
Stranger: 21 F USA ;)
Me: horny?
Stranger: Of coursssse
Stranger: U?
Me: Yes. You kinky?
Stranger: Very
Me: Well I’ve got a kinky little fantasy for you if your interested
Stranger: Oh yes I am very interested....
Me: you and another girl fighting over who is better at sex. The two of you have a contest… winner makes the loser cum 1st/more/harder etc. for the prize of your choice… i.e. her bf, me, her as a slave whatever
Me: I told you it was kinky ;) You in?
Stranger: Yes
Stranger: It’s very kinky ;)
Me: Sound interesting?
Stranger: Of course
Me: So who’s your other girl?
Me: Maybe some bitch you don’t like or my girlfriend?
Stranger: Um, I think maybe this girl I three-some’d with last week
Stranger: Oooh no, I like your girlfriend better ;)
Me: Nice, what is the prize?
Stranger: you
Me: I love it! By the way, she says she can outfuck you ;)
Stranger: I tell her that no one blows like me
Me: She says there is no way your touching me, unless you can outfuck her first!
Me: she says as a matter of fact, if you can outfuck her, she'll let you tie her up and watch us fuck
Stranger: So I say its on and I get ready to fuck the shit out of her
Me: I say maybe the loser should lick the cum out of the winners pussy ;)
Stranger: Yes please ;)
Me: She asks what are the rules? Toys, fingers, mouths?
Stranger: All rules!
Me: She shoves you down and starts licking your pussy
Stranger: I flip over in a 69 and start fingering her pussy/ass
Me: Oh she loves it in her ass! She’s moaning already
Stranger: I find her g-spot with my fingers and I start licking her tight ass-hole
Me: Uh oh! She grabs a dildo… a big one
Stranger: I take the dildo and shove it up her ass...but I continue licking her pussy
Me: Mmm you keep going... I’m busy ;)
Stranger: Ok
Stranger: I spin around on her and start sucking her tits, as I f***e the dildo inside her pussy
Stranger: I tell that the only fucking she is gonna be doing, is fucking herself while I take you with her watching!
Stranger: I then f***e 3 fingers up her ass, and she cums all over herself… I win!
Me: I love it!
Me: Now you get to have me while she watches/helps
Me: My dick is super hard!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I guess she didn’t want to stick around for her victory party. How fucking hot!


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3 years ago
very good win but lose