"Who's Better?"

So this is a story based off my first blog post and true experience. I will obviously take some literary liberties. This is also my first real story, so let me know what you think.

Jessica and Taylor were best friends. They had grown up together and were nearing the end of their first year of college together. They shared a dorm room. Jessica was eighteen (about to turn nineteen next month), and Taylor had just turned nineteen herself.

The girls had gone out for a night of drinking and dancing at one of the college bars. They had used fake I.D.’s to get in, and had just enough drinks to make them a little too honest with each other. Both were in fairly new relationships. As the night had wore on they had discovered that they both had slept with each other’s boyfriend. Although not intentionally. Taylor figured out that she hooked up with Jessica’s current boyfriend at one of the last high school parties she went too. Jessica had a class with Taylor’s beau, and went home with him after bumping into him at a frat party earlier in the year.

The girl’s boyfriends had not wanted to come out this particular weekend, so the girls resorted to a well rehearsed tactic of clinging to each other on the dance floor to avoid any real contact with any random bar guys. Aside from a couple saps duped into buying them drinks as needed. Taylor and Jessica stuck together like glue. Tonight was a little different though. After this new revelation that they had been intimate with the same men the girls began to secretly evaluate each other as they danced. They studied each others moves and gestures. For the first time they began to compare assets quietly in their heads. They were almost identical. Each was about 5’4” with similar figures not hard to look at all. Each had been blessed with silky smooth skin, and both were very attractive in the face. Tonight they had each dawned a white top. Jessica’s was sleeveless, while Taylor’s was a spaghetti strap. Taylor had on a short blue skirt, and Jessica had the same skirt in blue. As the girls danced, and the alcohol kicked in the distance between them closed. They were no strangers to physical contact with each other especially on the dance floor, but tonight was different. There was a tension in the air. The two began moving with each other as they would with a new boy when they knew they would be getting laid.

The night went on and the girls closed down the bar. They were lucky enough not to pay for a drink the entire night which left them more than enough money for a taxi back to the dorm. Neither girl said anything during the cab ride home. Jessica keyed open the door to they’re room and was followed in by Taylor who closed and locked the door. “Who do you think is better? You know, in bed” Taylor asked as she stared at the door. Slightly taken aback, but just slightly, Jessica took a moment as she threw her keys on the dresser and said, “Me, of course.” Taylor spun around and faced Jessica. She had not been ready for such a direct response to the question. “Why do you say that?” Taylor inquired. “I don’t know, why? Do you think it’s you?” said Jessica. Whether it was intentional or not Jessica had a tone to her voice that was staring to rub Taylor the wrong way. Before she could express her annoyance Jessica walked over to Taylor’s dresser and removed one of Taylor’s sex toys from her “secret drawer”. It was pink 6’ life-like dildo. Jessica knew about it because they had bought matching toys at an adult book store one d***ken night. “I know how we can find out.” sneered Jessica as she walked to her own dresser and removed her similar red toy. “ What are we gonna fuck each other?“ Taylor asked the question, but she knew the answer. Jessica nodded and said, “You were the one who brought it up. Do you wanna know or not?“ Taylor smiled and said, “Get ready to be disappointed slut.” Jessica looked back with the same evil grin and said, “Turn on some music bitch. Don’t want you getting security called on us.”

Taylor turned on her i-pod with similar music from the bar they had been to. There was no turning back at this point. The girls approached each other. Jessica handed her red dildo to Taylor who griped it like a dagger. They touched and began to sway with the music. Jessica slowly leaned in and kissed Taylor. The girls knew each other like no others. Nineteen years of secrets and discussions of sex made them perfect to lovers for each other. They both loved to make out it made them instantly wet. They embraced each other with the hands holding their respective dildos. The free hands groped and fondled all the right places. The girls skirts rubbed together as they pressed the hips together in a slow grind. Jessica broke off the kiss and Taylor remarked, “I can’t believe I’ve known you for so long and didn‘t know what a hot little whore you were.” Jessica said “That’s right. We have known each other a long time.” Jessica slid the pink dildo in her mouth and twirled it covering it with saliva. Jessica removed the lubricated toy and a drop of spit fell to the carpet. “Long enough for me to know that you don’t wear any panties to the bar.” And with that Jessica reached under Taylor’s yellow skirt, and drove the rubber penis deep into her already moistened pussy. Taylor let out a gasp and dropped her red love toy, clutching to Jessica’s shoulders. Jessica worked the dong in and out of Taylor’s wet pussy with tremendous f***e. Another secret Jessica knew was that Taylor liked to be fucked hard, almost to the point of v******e. Jessica reached her free hand around and snatched Taylor by the back of the hair. “Yeah you probably shouldn’t have dropped that.” she taunted. Taylor was in shock. Jessica pulled her friend over to the closest bed by her hair while still feverishly pumping the dildo in Taylor’s now sopping pussy. Taylor tried to pull Jessica’s hand away from her pussy, but Jessica had the leverage now. She trapped one of Taylor’s legs with her own keeping them spread. Taylor was gasping in pleasure. Jessica sensing the end was near leaned in and bit Taylor on the neck while giving her hair a tug in the opposite direction. Jessica was slamming the dildo in almost it’s full length. Taylor began screaming in ecstasy. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh Fuck Jessica! I’m cumming! Taylor’s hands moved to her own breasts, and she squeezed them hard as surge after surge of orgasm pulsed through her body with each of Jessica’s thrusts. Taylor’s pelvis thrust into the air, and Jessica released her clamp on Taylor’s neck. Still clutching Taylor’s hair, Jessica finished the job with slow, deep and deliberate thrusts. Taylor regained control of her body as Jessica removed the dong. “You fucking bitch! You never gave me a fucking chance!” Jessica just smiled and replied “Nope.”

Taylor’s body shivered in Jessica’s arms. “You know this doesn’t prove shit. I didn’t even get a chance to work on you.” Jessica climbed off the bed and said, “I know. And I’m sure I’m in for one hell of a payback, but I’ll take my chances. Now get off my bed I’m tired. Fucking you is hard work.”

The end???

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3 years ago
great story so hot!
3 years ago
More more more :)
3 years ago
very good but a rematch is in order