My First Tranny

I met Charkara (her real name) through an adult dating site. You can find her pictures on my xhamster page titled,

"My First Tranny". We corresponded through the dating site quite regularly before we decided to take it to next

level and exchange phone numbers and email addresses. We talked on the phone getting to know each other, what we

liked to do sexually, etc. She came off as a total freak willing to do most anything which was an extreme turn-on

for me. We then begun having phone sex with her telling me how she wanted to suck my dick and drink my cum and how

she wanted me to stuff her fat ass with my thick dick. Almost each time during these phone encounters, my dick

would be so hard that I thought it would bust right through my zipper.

As the phone sex increased we began to send sex pics to one another. And when she sent me a picture of her cute

uncut gurlstick, I knew that I had to make plans to meet with her and see if she was going to back up all that

freaky shit she was saying over the phone. Since I was a k** I've always been fascinated by dick but more so of an

uncut dick. The site of an uncut dick just makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and send chills down my

spine. Charkara and I finally decided to set a date to meet and play. I couldn't wait for that evening to come.

I would find myself laying in bed dreaming of how the evening would play out. I would get dizzy with excitement to

finally get the chance to look, touch and suck that cute gurlstick.

The evening had finally arrived and I was ready for it. I got in my car and headed down the highway towards her

apartment. Charkara lived about an hour away from me. Throughout the drive, I called her several times just to

make sure she would be there being that this would be our first meeting. It seemed that my dick started getting

hard the closer I got to my destination. As I was getting closer, I stopped by a liquor store and bought some drink

to share between us. I finally arrived at Charkara's apartment but before I called to tell her that I was outside

I decided to smoke a joint so I would be good and horny and be ready to get our freak on! I called Charkara and

told her I was outside. She told me to walk up to the gate and she would buzz me in. I got out of my car and

started walking towards the gate. I'm a person that doesn't usually let things work me up too much but this

particular evening I had butterflies in my stomach.

Charkara buzzed me in and I started towards her apartment which wasn't bout 20 feet from the security gate. As I

got up to the front door it slowly opened and I could see her through the screen door. She was about my height,

light skin complexion, long black wavy hair and a see thru nightie. I walked in and we immediately started hugging

and kissing each other right there in the doorway. She pulled me into the kitchen and we started kissing and

tonguing and squeezing each other. I opened the bag of booze I had purchased and poured both of us a stiff drink.

As we were having our drinks, Charkara undid my pants and helped me out of them and my hard dick was throbbing up

and down. She got on her knees and began sucking my pole. I leaned against the kitchen counter and closed my eyes

as she slurped and sucked my engorged dick. I poured more tequila and downed it, the weed was kicking in and my

dick was hard as a crow bar.

I motioned for Charkara to stand up because I wanted to see and touch that uncut dick. As she stood up I grabbed

the back of her head and kissed her hard and deep trying to make my tongue reach her tonsils. I got light headed

as my hand started down towards her gurlstick. I lifted her nightie up and grabbed that gurlstick. It was hard

and curved upward which really began to make my head swim in ecstasy. I started stroking it and she moaned and was

breathing heavy. I ran my tongue down the front of her body until I finally got to what I'd been waiting

for...that uncut gurlstick. I almost fainted when laid eyes on it. As I said earlier, it curved upward and it was

hard and throbbin up and down. The foreskin covered the head and the extra skin kind of came to a point. My

fucking dick was so hard at this point my nuts were beginning to hurt. Her nut sack was fucking HUGE!! The last

time I saw a ball sac like that, I think it was hanging off a brahma bull.

I got on my knees and began playing with that cute gurlstick. It had to be about 5 inches and hard. I gently

stroked it and fondled her nuts as she sighed and moaned. I squeezed it and tried to pull her skin back so I could

get a look at that dickhead but I guess that her gurlstick was so swollen I couldn't get the skin over the head. I

anxiously put that stick in my mouth and began sucking it. Charkara started moaning and kind of yelping as I was

sucking and squeezing those monster nuts. It felt good to feel that stick poking my mouth. I then started

stroking it again as I went down and sucked and licked those kiwi's of hers. She humped my mouth gently and

continued to moan saying how good it felt. She then motioned me up from the floor and took my arm and guided me

from the kitchen down the hall to her bedroom. She helped me take my shirt off then told me to lay on the bed. As

I laid on the bed, she knelt on the floor and started sucking my dick so soft and tender that I was in another


Charkara, while sucking my dick and nuts, lifted my legs into the air. At first I was somewhat apprehensive

because I thought she was going to try and fuck me in my ass which I wasn't prepared for then or now. However,

when she lifted my legs up she moved her tongue down from my nut sack to my asshole and went to town. I had never

had that done to me and the sensation was something out of this world! I began panting, moaning and telling her

just how fucking good that felt. The more I moaned it seemed the more she shoved her tongue deep into my hole.

Goddamn that was amazing and my dick was harder than ever before. While she was eating my ass she would grab my

dick gently squeeze it and slowly stroke it. She got up from the floor and told me to get on my hands and knees

and when I did, she grabbed my dick and pulled it between my legs and would run her tongue the length of my dick to

my nuts, then into my asshole!! What seemed like forever, she must've done that for at least 10 minutes.

Charkara then laid on the bed and told me to sit on her face and SHIT what an ass eating I got! I can't describe

the feeling but it was awesome. While she was eating my ass I leaned forward and started playing and sucking that

cute little gurlstick of hers. I could put the whole thing in my mouth and I could feel it pulsate and I tasted

her precum. She licked and tongued my ass as well as sucked my dick and nuts. I would stroke that stick and put

her nuts in my mouth. We did that for at least an hour. Charkara told me to lay on my back where she got between

my legs and started sucking my dick with a passion. I started pinching and rubbing my nipples while she was

sucking. My hips started moving with the rythym of her head and I started to get more vocal with my sounds until I

couldn't take it any longer. I think she sensed I was about to blow my load because she went all the way down on

my dick and when she did that I shot my shit and I heard her gag. I could see some of my cum run down my dick but

she quickly licked that up back into her mouth. Charkara literally sucked my dick as if it were a straw to get

every last bit of cum out of my dick. I was spent, breathing out of control sweating and trembling. That was one

of the best orgasms by mouth I had experienced in a long time.

Charkara then stood at the edge of the bed and began yanking her gurlstick. I sat up and started rubbing that huge

ball sac. I then moved her hand out of the way and sucked her stick with a vengence. She started fucking my mouth

and I was sucking and tonguing her as she started to moan more and more. I must've sucked for 5 minutes when I

told her I wanted to see her squirt that gurl juice on me. Charkara gently pushed me back onto the bed and

straddled me while she stroked her shit. I would gently squeezed her nuts and run my finger down her ass crack.

Her stroking got faster then said, "Oh shit baby, I'm gonna shoot!". No sooner than she said that a long thick

stream of cum oozed out of that extra skin and landed on my chest. My dick started to get hard again at the site

and feel of that hot cum on my chest. She rolled over and laid on her back and we spent the next few minutes

fondling each other. It wasn't until her stick got soft that I was finally able to pull that skin back to expose

that cute pointy dickhead of hers.

100% (25/0)
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2 years ago
Awesome story! HOT!
3 years ago
damn sounds like it was jammin.
3 years ago
Mmmmmm sounds like fun
3 years ago
Very good story.
3 years ago
Yes that brings back memories of my firwt time thanks