My First Gay Bar

I recently visited a gay bar in my area for the first time. I was a little nervous as its location wasn't exactly in the best part of town and that I wasn't sure if it was actually a gay bar or just a place being advertised as such but may be a place where one could be set up. After circling the club a few times I finally got up the nerve to park my car and go inside.

Once inside it seemed just like any other typical night spot with the exception of men talking, holding each other dancing kissing, drinking and it was the same for the women that were in the club. At first site I could feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach. One reason was the feeling of "who's this stranger, we've never seen him before". The other was the possiblilty of being seen by someone from the neighborhood. I looked around and it seemed as though nobody really cared who I was or where I was from. I soon realized that everyone was there to just have a good time and be themselves. There were people at the bar, dancing, playing pool doing just about everything straight people would do while in a bar. The only exception was that there were men with men and girls with girls doing these activities. I found a place to sit and just took in the atmoshpere. I started to relax and really began enjoying myself. Being it was my first time, I wasn't really there to try and 'hit' or pick up anyone but to see and be seen.

I walked up to the bar and ordered a Corona and shot of tequila then proceeded back to my chair. I was enjoying the sites and listening to the music that was playing. I saw a couple of guys dancing and some playing darts and few others sitting holding hands. There were women there sitting, dancing and one couple in the throes of passion. I have to adimit that I was getting slightly aroused watching all of this happening right in front of me. I decided to go back to the bar and order another Corona and shot of tequila. As I was walking back to my seat I noticed this guy looking at me. I got a little nervous because this never happened to me before. I sat down and even though it felt like five minutes, it was probably more like one when he came over and asked if he could sit. I invited him to sit and we began to talk. He asked had I been here before and I told him that this was my first time. He was very cool and personable. I told him that I was bisexual and that I had always wanted to come to a bar like this to see what went on. He told me that he too was bisexual and no one knew and he had been coming to this bar for quite some time and for the most part, everyone in the club was pretty cool.

We talked for about forty-five minutes or so then he said he had to leave. We exchanged numbers and before he left he got up and hugged me. I got a little dizzy because I didn't know if the next move was for him to kiss me, which I wouldn't have mind. I sat back down in my seat and listened to the music. After twenty minutes or so I decided to sit at the bar and have one more beer and tequila 'for the road'. I ordered and as I was waiting for my drinks another gentleman sat down beside me and said hello and told me his name (Carlos). I spoke back and he asked if this was my first time here which I replied yes. He then asked if I was enjoying myself and how long was I planning to stay. I told him that I was actually thinking of leaving soon as I finished my drinks. He offered to buy another round if I agreed to stay just a little longer.

As I was thinking about it he said, " come on, what else do you have to do? Let's have some fun and dance." He had this genuine smile on his face which caused me to say what the hell, that's what I originally came here for. We went onto the dance floor and started dancing. I have to admit that with the alcohol in me I had loosened up quite a bit and was honestly having a good time. We danced to a few songs then went to sit down. As we were sitting at the table and talking I felt his hand on my leg. I got a little light headed and felt my heart pumping faster. As he was moving his hand on my thigh he told me how much fun he had dancing with me. I told him that I had fun as well. Just then a slow song started playing and he asked if I wanted to dance again and I said sure why not. We walked onto dance floor and embraced and started dancing. As we danced, I began to feel his dick growing in his pants and pressing on my thigh. He started rubbing my back then his hands slowly moved down to my ass. By this time I felt my dick getting hard and throbbing and I pressed into his body so he could feel my bulge and how excited I was getting.

As we continued to dance, he whispered in my ear that he liked the feel of my dick. He then moved his hand toward the front and gave my dick a quick squeeze and moaned with pleasure as he did so. Then Carlos whispered in my ear, "I want to suck your cock." I said what?! And he repeated himself saying that he wanted to suck my cock. I didn't quite know how to respond at first. I think I asked him where did he plan to do this if I agreed to his request. I honestly thought that we would go to his place but he said he wanted to blow me outside in my car. I'm sure most people would agree that I was very aprehensive at the thought of getting head not only in my car but parked on a street in front of a gay bar. I contemplated for what seemed like an hour but he was very persistent about wanting to suck my dick. I eventually gave in and we left the club and walked to my car. We got in and he immediately went to undoing my pants and pulling my dick out.

I was so nervous at first that I couldn't get hard. I was so worried that someone would walk by may be call the police or in fact the police themselves would pull up. I guess Carlos had done this before because he was sucking me without a care in the world. I finally started to relax and enjoy Carlos and his sucking ability. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes while I was listening to him slurp and moan on my dick. I reached over and grabbed his ass then slid my hand down his pants and stroking his meat. He had a small dick and it was uncut but so stiff. As I stroked his dick mine began to get harder. He started moving head up and down faster rubbing my nuts in the process. I could feel his dick stiffening and throbbing. By this time my hips were thrusting hard and deep into his face and I could feel that I was getting close to busting a load. Carlos started to moan more as if he couldn't wait for me to shoot my wad in his mouth. He squeezed and rubbed my nuts and no sooner than he did that, I told him that I was cumming and I let go. I could feel my dick throb as I was shooting my cum deep into his throat.

I was still stroking his dick while he was swallowing the last drops of my seed. He sat up and took over stroking his dick and started rubbing his balls. I think he gave two or three good tugs and he let go of his man juice. He shot a nice stream of cum where some of it landed on the dashboard. I reached back and grab a towel that usually use for wiping down the dashboard. Carlos thanked me for letting him suck my dick and I thanked him back for sucking my dick and letting me cum. I've been back several times but haven't seen Carlos but hopefully we'll bump into each one day.
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12 days ago
Got hard reading your story. Thanks!
1 month ago
Hot story.
1 year ago
100 percent all my stories are. Check back sometime as I will be posting more :-)
1 year ago
"As we danced, I began to feel his dick growing in his pants an" Awesome to know another guy gets a hard on for you.

Good story..Is it true?