My wife's best friend

Jeff and Tanya were a strange little couple. He was 10 years older than her. They had been together since she was 16 and married the day she turned 18. They say nothing ever happened before she turned 18, yeah, right.

They lived with us for a little while between houses. She seemed a little too attentive too and in tune with me and my likes. My music was her favorite, my shows were all her favorites. I never thought about her sexually until we got a few drinks in us and it came up that I would be nude if they weren't living with us. They said that was cool with them. Though I never did, I started me thinking.

Years later, after they moved out, we were out having drinks for their anniversary and the topic came up again. We all decided to try one of the local nudist resorts. She was between jobs and I was off in the middle of the week, so she and I decided to try a less populated resort. She seemed a litt apprenhensive on the way out there, but I figured we would continue to see how things would go.

The place I choose is one where I go on my days off to play. The wife will never find me in this place. I figured it would be best not to go where we planned on going with our spouses. she only went topless the first time we went. After introducing her to the owner and giving her the nickel tour. Off came my clothes. After some drinks and some sun we looked around and we were the only ones there save 2 older guys chatting it up by the pool. We decided it was time to get out of the sun so we went to the club house . After we realized we were alone the talk went back to when they lived with us. And how she wanted to swap partners waaay back then.

She had huge tits and a wide ass. Just like I like. She told me she was very oral and the husband could not last 5 minutes of her skills. See the challenge coming. She told me she wanted to see me get hard then she would suck me off. That didn't take long. She was skilled, but obviously with a much smaller man. She didn't even come close to what I am used to. But with the use of her hand she did get me to cum. Nothing to write home about. The owner had come in a watched most of the BJ.

Now he wanted to see how good she was. She was so worked up from me she called him over. He lasted a little longer than me and shot his load on her tits.
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3 years ago
very sexy but could have had more detail
3 years ago
good but short
3 years ago
good story man,,do her more often i hope