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3 hours ago
hi wellcome sweet kisses thanks for ADD i love profile nice pics and videos baby :)ummm ;D
7 days ago
2 months ago
I would love to see your creamy grizzz all over my pussy photo!
2 months ago
Ruby leaned her head back and slowly bought her fingers to her now throbbing clit. The whisper at her ear was hushed and raspy.

"I want to mouth fuck your pussy. Harder, faster, deeper than anyone's ever eaten you before."

The soft pads of Ruby's fingertips slowly brushed across her clitoris and down along her very wet slit to pause just at her opening and then slide in and curl up to caress her clit from the inside. She felt herself shiver from toes to scalp. She hand cupped her pussy letting her palm roughly move back and forth over her clit until she couldn't stand it any longer.

Writhing off the bed, she turned to Janice who was just walking in their bedroom. Seeing Ruby's squinting face, Janice immediately dropped to her knees and bowed her head. In two steps, Ruby's left leg was draped over Janice's shoulder as she began to grind on Jan's mouth. In moments, Ruby was moaning at the feel of Janice's active and worshiping tongue. She dug her fingers into Jan's thick hair and held her mouth tightly against her bucking pelvis. Janice's head thrashed into a blur of licking and tasting...and...

It almost worked. Almost. Almost might be okay for darts and horseshoes. For orgasms, not so much.

Janice burst into tears behind her trembling hands. "I am so sorry."

"We need a cock," Ruby muttered roughly, pulling Janice to her feet and nuzzling her graceful neck.

You've never felt real hot man cum in you, on you, have you?"

Janice shook her head softly.

Ruby's forefinger rose between them and she grazed it along Janice's lower lip. "Like liquid pearls. Thick and hot. All over your mouth. Dripping out of your mouth." Ruby licked the right corner of Janice's mouth and then nipped the skin with her teeth. "Watching his cum shoot all over you? Yeah? Does that make you hot?"

Janice squirmed, her nipples ripening and growing hard. She gasped loudly when Ruby's left hand groped her pussy hard. Her face reddened, lip trembled. She knew she was sopping wet down there.

"Oh," Ruby growled. "It DOES make you hot. You whore. Are you going to slut up when you see that hard cock? Yeah? Is it going to make this pussy all wet and horny when you watch his cock fuck me? When you kneel there and rub your clit watching me suck that hard cock and then taking all of his cum? You don't think you deserve any hot cum, do you?"

Janice yelped at the touch of Ruby's thumb on her clit. She grew limp at Ruby's growling whisper at her ear.

"But you want it, don't you? You want it all. Every spurt and every drop of cum he's got." Ruby crushed her lips against Janice's open mouth. "So do I," she said, their tongues beginning to dance from mouth to mouth.

Ruby was neither desperate nor overly picky, but she knew it had to be the right kind of man for their kinky holiday. No desperate men. No creepy men. No needy men. The list of "No" was long. It was always easier to eliminate what you didn't want from what you did. In the end, they decided to dress to thrill with a touch of holidays. They already knew the hunting ground. High class shopping mall. The kind with Tiffany's and Victoria's Secret, Nordstrom's and Crate and Barrel. High dollar men would at least – they hoped – be dressed nicely.

At first, settling into a slow aimless stroll from aisle to aisle, they were disappoint. The guys with rolls of jolly old Santa fat stuffed into too tight pants – no. Heavily-sweating guys being dragged by invisible leashes behind better-dressed women – no. No. no, no, no.

Outside Tiffany's, smiling at the festive and classic window displays of jewelry and lovers in New York, they saw him. And it was him. There was no doubt in their minds or the shared smile. And the lovely part of it was that he was seemingly obvious to what a fox he was. Or that they were going to seduce him for all his cum.

It's easy to not look like you're stalking prey at a holiday mall. Everyone's in their own haze and daze though everyone's unique in the stall, the stumble, the accidental bump. Consumer frottage is part of the cheer of the holidays.

In the reflection of the window glass at Tiffany's, he saw the two women watching, then turned to face the opposite way. He slowly looked left and right as if crossing a busy intersection and then eased smoothly into the flow of traffic. Glancing in passing windows, he noticed the women were still following and he grinned, feeling a growing tingle in his cock. It was a good feeling that he could still pull the attractive women. He even nodded to himself a little, thinking that maybe some of the Old European charm ways were returning to society. He hoped so.

Ruby nudged Janice with her elbow. "Look away sometimes. You're burning holes in the back of his head."

"What do you think it's like?" Janice whispered.

Ruby's lips curled impishly. "Big. I checked it out when we walked past him outside of Armani's."

"How big is big?" Janice's tongue licked at her lower lip, leaving it slick and glossy.

"Well, he doesn't have to be much of a grower because he's definitely a shower. And I think it will be a good show tonight."

Janice sighed loudly and lowered her whisper even more. "I'm wet."

Ruby looked around. then quickly kissed Janice's cheek. "Pussy," she whispered back.

He paused, looking carefully over the menu of the small bistro-style coffee and pastry shop before stepping into the growing line. They waited until a few more people were in line, then Ruby and Janice joined the queue. They were surprised when he suddenly took out a phone, stepped slightly out of line and motioned the next person to take his place as he walked to the end of the line. Behind Ruby and Janice.

He didn't say anything, but closed his phone and pocketed it. "Wrong number," he muttered to no one.

The queue slowly moved forward. Pretending not to notice the movement, Ruby stood still as he stepped against her. She leaned backward and felt his thick but soft cock press against her thigh. It felt huge and sponge-y. She turned her head and looked up into his eyes.


"No need to apologize. It's crowded."

Janice swallowed loudly, unable to meet his drifting gaze.

"There's a small table for three just over there. Would you mind sharing? One of us could go sit and..."

Without a word, Janice walked over to the vacant table and curled herself into a chair.

"Well..." He smiled warmly. "Happy holidays."

Ruby just stood and inhaled him deeply. It was a man smell. Slightly old-fashioned and woodsy. No man version perfume, all sweet and artificial. Somehow rugged and herbal with an odd streak of exotic from somewhere. Almost peppery. She closed her eyes briefly and had a mental picture of a massive eruption of his cum shooting in her mouth. And then kissing Janice's open lips to share the cum ball.

"Yes," she said, opening her eyes and impulsively putting her hand on his forearm. "Happy holidays."

They both glanced over at Janice. Her lower lip hung loose mostly covered by her tongue. Her glazed eyes were fixed on the cock in his pants. Slowly her tongue moved side to side across her lip like a clock pendulum.

Ruby cleared her throat softly. "Crowds can spook her."

He chuckled. "That's three, isn't it? Three's a crowd?"

She inhaled sharply and leaned closer to his ear. "Or perfect." She drew her head back with a smile, looking deeper into his eyes.

They smiled back into hers and he tilted his head toward Janice. Rudy nodded.

"Perfect," he agreed.

"Oh, good."

Sitting at the table and sipping their espresso, nibbling fresh biscotti with chocolate tips, they agreed that he would come to their apartment after nine o'clock that evening. As he walked away from the table, Ruby flexed her shoulders and ran a hand down Janice's thigh. "Yummy," she whispered.

About six o'clock, he finally stepped into the shower getting getting to meet the Ruby and Janice. Standing under the flowing water, his skin glistened as it ran off his broad shoulders and trim muscles. He lathered up but it wasn't long before his hand was brushing over his hardening cock. His thumb ran down the top of the shaft and rubbed over the thick purple head.

His mind drew a picture of Ruby and Janice, naked, on their knees, their tongues licking around his cockhead while gently squeezing his balls. First Ruby's mouth parted around his cock, then Janice's lips were sucking eagerly. He started using both hands to stroke himself in the shower. He used one hand to squeeze around his tightening ball sac and the other to stroke up and down the shaft, from the root to the head and back. Up and down, up and down, slowing, tightening the grip of his fingers. He could feel the cum building, straining to flood up the shaft. Suddenly he released his cock and squeezed his balls harder. He was gasping and his heart was pounding but he wanted to save his cum for the women. They were going to drain him of every drop. He was going to love it.

He couldn't help it. His cock was hard as concrete by the time he got to their apartment on the second floor. Every step on the stairs had made the cloth of his pants rub against his cock and balls. He'd had to adjust his pants three times already and his cock was standing straight up against his belly. It felt like he would shoot at the slightest touch of their tongues. He breathed deeply and kept walking down the hallway outside the apartments.

His steps slowed as he approached their door. He listened to the obvious erotic sounds of hard sex going on.

"Oh! Oh, fuck, yes! Oh my god! Oh! Fuck me! Harder!" The woman's voice was grunting and guttural.

Opening her door, Ruby stuck her head out and looked down the hallway. She laughed at his confusion. "Neighbors. We're in here." She ducked back into the open doorway. He stood for another long moment listening to the woman shout a litany of dirty talk. It actually made his cock feel harder if that was possible.

Inside their apartment, Ruby greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and a hand sliding down the front of his pants. She looked taller in her black high heels and the dark stockings made her curvy legs and thighs stand out. She wore a black corset that curved in at her waist and thrust her breasts high. He noticed her nipples were exposed and already hard and wrinkling. She raised her eyebrows at him and tilted her head toward the living room.

Janice was naked, sweaty, and on her knees on the carpet. Her thighs were spread wide and he saw that her pussy lips were swollen and slick.

She bowed her head and whispered so softly he barely heard her.

"Good evening. Sir."

Ruby walked past him, letting her hand trail over his bulging cock. "Mmmm. I can't wait to get your cock in my cunt. But there's someplace else I want it first." She turned to face him, her body close and her breath warm on his skin. "Have you ever wanted two women begging for your cum before? Do you want that? Because we want that. We want every single drop you've got." She slid down the front of his body and began sliding his zipper down over his straining cock.

Janice crawled on her hands and knees until she was staring over Ruby's shoulder at his cock. "It's beautiful," she said in a hush. "Can I touch it? Please?"

Ruby batted away her outstretched fingers. "No," she growled. "Bad girl. Now go to the corner and fuck yourself."

"Yes, ma'am," Janice said, biting her lower lip. She crawled to a corner of the room, her back against the wall and spread her legs wide. She began slowly sliding two fingers inside her pussy and moaned loudly.

Ruby turned sharply and knelt in front of him, her hands busy at his belt and zipper. Her eyes looked up at him, half-lidded, as she pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles. Before he could step out of his pants her lips had engulfed the thick head of his cock. Her mouth tightened just before the rim of the head and she sucked quickly up and down while flicking her tongue in swirls.

Janice moaned from the corner, her eyes like sharp beams focused on Ruby's mouth and his cock. Her fingers thrashed and shredded at her pussy like a crazed guitarist. "Please," she whispered.

Ruby's mouth played a symphony of sucking. Sliding her lips all the way to the root of him and back up – with lavish tongue work – in some intricate rhythms. A jazz mouth and tongue virtuoso playing for serious cum. His groans grew as loud as the ones coming from Janice. The wet sounds of mouth, tongue, and cock from Ruby were the melody.

His ball sac tightened as he got close to shooting and Ruby smiled with his cock still deep in her throat. When she felt him rise up on his toes, she roughly grabbed Janice's arm and pulled her beside them. He tried to pull his cock out of her mouth, but her hands held his ass tight, his cock buried in her mouth to the balls.

He growled and snarled when he came, shooting heavy thick spurts in Ruby's greedy mouth. He shot his last one watching Ruby drip his cum into Janice's open begging mouth.

"Please," she whispered over and over, licking the drips from her own mouth, then hungrily crushing her mouth on Ruby's in a deep French kiss.

Their tongues wandered from mouth to neck, to ears, to nipples. They licked wet trails down each other's bellies and fingered each other's pussies with experienced abandon. Before dipping her mouth down on Janice's dripping pussy, Ruby looked over at him and grinned.

"I hope you're going to shove that in my pussy later. Make some more cum for us. You've got time."

Their mingling moans and the sight of their mouths and tongues feasting lustily was already making his cock stir.
2 months ago
You are quite welcome ;)
2 months ago
Thanks for the complements
3 months ago
I'm here and I'm cold.
3 months ago
Of course...love watching you fuck yourself with it :)
3 months ago
Do you like the dildo in my cunt?
4 months ago
I would love to get your cock down my throat and suck the hot cum out of it! I'm glad to be your friend! Please leave a comment on my profile page if you have not already. I look forward to chatting with you when I have the time!
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8 months ago
Thanks for the comments on my pics! Glad you like!
9 months ago
hey Robb, hope all is well
9 months ago
Hello Neighbor...Thanks for all those nice comments on my pics!!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Thanks. Miss you!
1 year ago
Thanks for all of the great comments :-*
1 year ago
:) hello! have a great week!
1 year ago
HaHa, you know it!
1 year ago
Sorry I'm so late in responding. I hope the best for you and yours this coming year as well.
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite!
1 year ago
thanks for the nice comments on my pics!!
1 year ago
Happy New Year!
1 year ago
Peace and a Happy New Year friend of mine
1 year ago
Thanks for the note :-*. I'll gladly have you as a friend.
1 year ago
You are quite welcome ;)
1 year ago
Thanks for all of your comments :-* I'm glad you're enjoying what I make to post :)
1 year ago
1 year ago
Thank you Hawn...wishing you and yours the same!!
1 year ago

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