Karolina my slave

I trained my girl to be a total slave to me. Each time we fucked she I kept pushing the boundaries until it be ever more kinky. She started to like it and now she loves it.

So I decided to make it worth our wild and one night I put a blindfold on her and said "Trust me babe your gonna like it" she bite her lip and nodded. I didn't even give her a safe word because I knew she wouldn't even use it. So instead of the usual where I tie her up, I put a collar and a leash on her. She then got on all 4's and walked like a dog. I slapped her ass and she yelped in pain and pleasure.

"Now now Karolina, we can't have your barking wake up the neighbors" I said. I then gagged her with an apple in her mouth and tapped it to her head. Carefully without getting too much tape to her long beautiful hair. She breathed heavily as I looked at her naked willing body. She has pale skin and long red hair. Her body was one of those slim but busty girls. Where she was definitely petite with her long skinny legs and arms. At the same time she is a nice full natural C cup where her boobs sagged ever so slightly. Then my eyes wandered to her lovely shapely ass. I couldn't help but to start already and finger that ass. Her head pulled up in shock as I did it without warning and my fingers were cold and dry.

With the leash in hand I dragged her making her walk. "Keeping going you whore" and she replied with a muffled noises. I took her out of the house and she hesitated as she knew that we were outside. When she stopped I kicked her ass making her move forward. "Don't stop now you bitch" as I said that I can see her was walking with fear and excitement as her hands and legs shake with each step. Her tits would swing side to side with each step.

It was night time and as we walked there wasn't many people around but there were a few who saw her fully naked body. Instead of being disgusted, they were curious and walked up to us. One man was puzzled but intrigued. He was with his wife and I let them touch her. He fondled her tits while she rubbed Karolina's ass and pussy. "I said good girl you like getting petted huh?" She nodded as spilt dripped off her face. Only muffled noises was her response when the stranger put her finger in her pussy. The man now started taking pictures with his phone and Karolina was in a panic after she heard those noises. She knew there was more people around her with so many hands on her. I slapped her on the face "Stop moving, its rude to our guest" she held still, her being submissive. Then the women moved her fingers into her ass. "This is so wrong" I nodded to her and told her if she likes it she should keep fingering her ass. The women started to get into it and smiled as she stared to put more fingers into her ass. Her husband went and got a branch from a nearby tree and started to whip her body. Her ass started getting red when he then moved on to whipping her tits. Karolina was happy as she started to moan every time the branch hit her delicate soft body. He then stuck the branch in her asshole. I started to walk her again and waved good bye to the strangers.

I brought her to a nearby park and sat down on a bench. She walked this whole time with a blindfold on and she didn't see a thing. I plopped up my legs on her back and relaxed for a bit. "Good whore slave" she was delighted and wiggled her ass. She wanted to get fucked. The branch was still sticking out her ass and she was anxious as she wanted something fucking her ass and not just sticking out of her. So then I started slapping her body. Her beautiful tits shook as I slapped them. Then I started slapping her nice little ass. So shapely and toned from her running every day. I felt up her pussy where I realized it was dripping wet so I lubed up my fingers and dug them into her asshole. Now we started to get a crowd as more onlookers were curious. The original couple came back as they were too intrigued. I told the women to lick her ass and as she did I unzippered my pants showing my hard cock. I put my dick in front of the women and right in front of Karolina's asshole. She started to lick then suck my dick getting me ready to plunge it into Karolina's waiting asshole. The husband was let me as he was too busy grabbing her tits to care.

I shoved it into her ass and her head rose in an instant. UMPH! she said. I began to fuck her as I rubbed her pussy. I fucked her in front of a crowd. Then I switch and started to fuck her pussy as she was bent over. After all this I think it was about time to let Karolina breathe so I removed her gag and she moaned with each thrust. The women was underneath and she licked her pussy and my balls at ever chance she could get. She was hesitant but I knew she liked it so encouraged her to taste us. Now it was time to return the favor to the husband. I picked her up and stuck it in her ass and lifted her legs apart showing the crowed her swollen pussy. I told the man to go for and we both fucked Karolina at the same time filling her ass and pussy. She moaned with pleasure as we fucked her. "Oh god! Please more! Fuck me harder!" What a slut. "Karolina you filthy whore you love this don't you?" I said. She didn't say anything but just smiled. The man said he was cumming so I put Karolina down and let him fill her mouth up. "Give it to me!!" Karolina said in anticipation. Then she swallowed every drop with glee.

I looked at his wife and said its your turn to have fun. So then I removed Karolina's blindfold showing her what she had done. She saw the strangers for the first time and the crowd of men watching her. I took his wife and fucked her mouth. I knew she wanted it in her so I rubbed her pussy hard. She wasn't sure but her husband was fucking Karolina at this point. She gave in and I took off her panties and as I was getting ready to fuck her pussy, she said "no, not there" thats when I realized she was just as dirty of a whore as Karolina. I penetrated her anus hard and swift.

At the same time Karolina was in shock about how many people just watched her get fucked. But as a true whore that she has become it only made her more excited. One of the guys pulled out his dick and walked to Karolina and as soon as she started to suck his dick, all the other men joined in. They all took turns face fucking her then moved on to fucking her holes. Double penetrating her while forcing her to eat their cocks. I then bring over the mans wife and fucked her next to Karolina. Where they both started to make out and swap cum with their mouths.

I jizzed in the wifes ass as she was quite tight. Tighter than Karolina probably because I fisted her ass so many times. Then I made Karolina eat the jizz out her ass. By then she already swallowed a few loads and was just as eager to taste her ass. I then took Karolina and fucked her upside down in her ass as she spread apart her legs in the air. She was in total delight and she came as she realized what a whore she is. Her cumming made her sphincter grip my dick and with that I cummed one more time deep in her asshole. The crowed all cheered as they saw her ass cream pied.

I then got up and put on my pants where I let the crowd keep fingering her and stuffing her holes with anything they could find. The had some rocks in her ass and a bottle in her pussy. She was still pulling out grass when we came home. To this day she thinks back on it loves to cyber with strangers thinking back on how kinky it was to fuck not just in public but her first orgy is with total strangers
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8 months ago
Wish we lived in a sex positive world where these kind of consensual acts were allowed.
Love this fantasy!
9 months ago
Wonderful story!
1 year ago
hmmmm great story!
2 years ago
Good story...if only such things could really happen
2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
good one