Sex at Summer Camp

The following story may or may not be true

When I was fifteen, my parent's suggested that i start thinking about getting a summer job. We lived in a small town, so I was able to get a conseling job at the local sl**paway camp, Lake Juno. The pay was decent, and there was the added perk getting to live away from home. On my first day at oreintation, I noticed some of the older conselors pointing and staring at me. It wasn't because I was good-looking, but rather because I was very gawky for my age. I had thick, mosy brown hair, mud colored eyes, and sqaure-shaped wire framed glasses.I was skinny, but in a awkward way. My body seemed to have reached the hell known as puberty at an early age, so I was used to the embarassment that came with it. When the head conselor, Ms. Mary, statred calling out room assignments, the fear of me getting paired up with some of the older guys scared me. But then relief came when Ms.Mary called out me, and the names of three other first-time conselors. One of them I quickly recognized as a boy who went to my high school. His name was John. We had never talked to each other before because we were both very shy, but we quickly became friends over the course of a few weeks. Like me, John was the yongest of three k**s, and had always felt different from the rest of his f****y. He loved watching television show's like Saturday Night Live, and hoped to college out of state. One night after light's out, John went over to my bed and asked if I wanted to go take a walk. Our other bunkmates were asl**p, so I whispered yes, and got out of bed. We quickly put our shoes on, and tiptoed out of the room. We walked along the camp's trail that surrounded the woods. It was peaceful walking with John. As we headed in the woods, I felt John's hand brush up against mine. I thought at first that it was just because we were walking close together, but then it kept happening again. Then I reliazed that John was actually trying to hold my hand. He never seemed gay to me, but he also never socialized with any of the girls at the camp. I just assumed it was because John was uncomfortable around them, but he seemed less at ease when he was around the other guys in our bunk. Before I could tell him to stop, my clumsiness kicked in as I tripped over a rock. John bent over and asked if I was okay, and before I knew what I was doing, I leaned upward and kissed him. My first real kiss, and it was with a guy. He hesitated at first, but then surrendered his mouth completely over to me. We continued doing this for what seemed like a very long time before we mutually stopped. John smiled at me as our lips parted. He said that he had always noticed me at school, but was too ashamed to ask me if I liked guys. I said I always thought that he was cute too, and that I would get jealous when girls would talk to him. Eventually, we got up and walked back to our cabin. This time I was the one who took his hand in mine.
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2 years ago
cant wait for the sex
3 years ago
I assume there is more :)
3 years ago
cute. more?
3 years ago
Lovely, very sweet!
3 years ago
Loved it !!!!!!!!!!