The Party

My wife and I attended a friends 30th party at their home in Boston, we were visiting from the UK, my wife and I have loving relationship and fantasize about many things, especially her with another girl or a threesome with a guy.
On this paricular evening she dressed very sexy, black pleated skirt, stockings and garter belt, blue silky/lace panties annd matching low cut bra, my wife is around 5.6, slim, nice legs and long dark hair,and looked great in her black stilletoes, we had been at the party for about 2 hours, we both had a fair amount to drink, we had a bottle of wine at the hotel before we came to the party, anyway around 1pm my wife was very dipsy so I took her up to one of the spare bedrooms, the room had a laege bed covered with fur coats and other coats from the guests, I told her to have a lay down and come back downstairs later after a sl**p, anyway after a hour or so where I spent the time mixing with other guests I decided to check on her, I walked onto the bedroom and to my surprise she was laided on her back,her legs wide open and her panties and stocking tops and panties were covered in cum, her shaved pussy was wide open, it was clear that someone had fucked her, but there was too much cum for one guy, she was covered in it, her blouse was also open and cum all over her bra and nipples, I closed the door and pulled my cock out, this was one of the horniest things I had ever seen, I started to masturbate and was just about ready to mount her and fuck her also when I hear someone coming, I quickly hid behind some large d****s, a young couple came in kissing and laughing, they closed the door and locked lt, they were to busy to notice my wife and the girl was then pushed up against the door as the guy kissed her and had his hand up her skirt, she looked over her shoulder and noticed my wife, she nudged her guy who also stopped what he was doing and they both looked at her, without hesitation the girl knelt on the bed ad went straight for my wifes shaved pussy and started licking her, this went on for about 5 minutes and I can say that my wife must have cum a couple of times, her clit was ready sticking out as the girl played with it using her tongue, the girl kneeling on the bed was also being fucked by her boyfirned from behind, she had her skirt around her waist and her black panties pullled to one side as he pumped her, suddenly the girl stopped, said something to her boyfriend who pullled his massive dick out of her covered in love juices, she urged him to get on to of my wife and fuck her, he then did just that, his girlfriend guided his massive cock into my wife and he proceeded to bang her, he had her stocking legs over his shoulders and really drove his big cock into her, this went on for anout 5 minutes, his girlfriend squeezing his balls and talking in his ear, all I could hear was "fill her up with cum", and after another minute he did just that, he pushed real hard while squeezing her tits and then shot his cum deep in into her, he pulled out and there was more cum everywhere, they tidied themselve up and left the room. without hesistation, I grabbed my wife, woke her up and we left the party, she slept most of the way back to the hotel, I got her up to the room, took her shoes off and put her straight into bed fully clothed, during the night I must have fucked her 6 or 7 times, it was so horning to get on top of her and feel the wet pussy as I fucked it, and to feel all the cum on the panties, stockings and bra, I just thought it was the horniest thing that has ever happened, even in the morning when she awoke she was not aware of what had happened only that she was covered in cum, she asked me how many times I came in her and on her, I just said I could not get enough of her. Every time now that she wears the blue panties and bra I think of that night.
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2 years ago
That was a great story! Please tell us more......
2 years ago
nice one!
thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
AWESOME story it was wonderful so very sexy I would love to see my wife like that
2 years ago
so ever thought about letting it happen to her again?