My first & continued, pt. 2

thank you for the responses and I give you my word to keep subsequent stories 100% real and factual. For future stories, they don't necessarily follow a timeline - instead, I'll recall the hottest sessions we have had and post them in that manner.

At his salon:

We arranged for me to be the last customer on a Friday - the dreaded 6 pm appointment. Brian had no problem with telling the receptionist she could leave, "I'll close up when I'm done". After washing my hair, and had me undress before sitting in his chair. He did the same. Although his cock was fully hard, oozing precum and constantly grazing me, he was focused and did an amazing job. Make no mistake about it, my cock was equally as hard, my ass in spasms thinking about him fucking me, and my mouth - salivating and biting at the bit to wrap my lips around his cock.

I stood up out of the chair, leaned up and kissed him hard & deep. No mistake about it, I wanted him to fuck me tonight. I teased his nipples and settled on my knees in front of him. I lifted his balls, licked the underside and between them, running my tongue up the length of his cock, and just lightly taking the head of his cock in my mouth.

I then turned him around and stood legs shoulder length apart, and I ran my tongue over his ass. One cheek, then the other, then right up his crack until I was teasing his asshole. He reached around and spread his cheeks, and I massaged his balls and stroked his cock while I ate his ass.

He then stood me up, no kissing, straight to my nipples - licking, nibbling, stroking my cock, grabbing my ass f***efully, pulling me tight to him, biting my neck, telling me how he's going to fuck me into submission and make me beg for his cum.

I did as I was told and knelt on his chair, ass up in the air, cock dripping precum like I was orgasming already. He knew, by this point, what turned me on, and instantly I felt his mouth on my ass. He teased me lightly as first, running circles over just the outside, then buried his tongue deep in my asshole. Fuck, it felt amazing and ALWAYS got me even hotter for him to fuck me deep and hard.

He spun the chair around to where I was facing him - or more of where his cock was directly in front of my face. Both hands on my head, he pushed his cock past my lips and to the back of my throat. Drooling, saliva running everywhere, the occasional gag - but I loved every inch and every minute of him fucking my mouth like he was. He took his cock out and rubbed/slapped it against my face, smearing my saliva and his precum all over me, then back, f***efully, into my eager mouth. I wanted him to cum down my throat, to taste his cum in my mouth, but he had other ideas.

He reached into a draw, pulled a bottle of Astroglide out, and got on his back on the floor. His monster cock, thick, red, it's beautifully large, carved head oozing precum down his shaft, was waiting for me. "Come put that fine ass of your on my cock - I want to watch you ride me, see my cock slide in and out of that ass of yours". I grabbed the lube, put in on/in my ass, and straddled him.

I reached around and grabbed his cock, bringing it to my ass, rubbing it over me, teasing myself and him, before putting it directly in the GO position. I leaned up, felt the head of his cock twitching, and began to rock back-n-forth, feeling the head go in, back up, then an inch or two, back up, then an inch or two more, back up and down a few strokes - letting my ass stretch and accommodate his thick cock, until finally, sitting square against him, his cock buried as deep as my ass could take him -to his balls.

He reached around, pulled me fwd a bit, and raised his hips every time I pushed down. His hands grabbing my ass, spreading me apart, and the slow strokes turned into deep, hard, intentional thrust as be started to pound my ass for all it was worth.

I spit in my hand, reached around, and coated his cock with my saliva. Instant 'feel good' with that scenario. I leaned up, got on my feet, squatting over him, and rode him like this for a while. This position caused my ass not to relax as much, sort of gripping him even more than usual, and allowed me to look between my legs and watch his cock disappear in my ass.

Brain started getting up, grabbing me, pulling me up with him, and walked over to the receptionist's desk. On my back, legs spread and bent up toward my chest, he pulled his cock out of me, put the head back against my asshole, and pushed back in, all the way in. He did this numerous times, driving me crazy, making me want to cum. I reached between my legs, putting more of my saliva on his cock, and kept my hand wrapped around his shaft while he fucked me like this. We've been going at it for a solid 20-30 minutes - my ass always gets a little sore at this point but again, there's no way I'm stopping until I have his cum inside of me.

Brain tell me, "you ready for my cum - ready for me to pound that ass and fill it up"? Without answering him, I pushed him off of me, climbed up on his chair, and put my ass up for him. He walked over to me, his huge cock swinging, glistening with lubrication, throbbing, vein bulging out, balls red and so fucking heavy. It had been 8 days since we last fucked, I knew he had a big load to give me tonight.

Both hands on my hips, his cock entered me f***efully, causing me to gasp, maybe even yelp a bit, until he hit the very back of my ass. My face pressed against the back, one arm bracing against the brutal fucking his was giving me, the other, reaching around and squeezing his balls, grazing his asshole, and me, telling him to fuck me, give me that cock, Brian. . .that's it baby, fuck that ass like you own it, look at your massive cock, spreading my tight ass apart, yeah, com'on baby, give me your cum, fuck me, fill my ass up. . .deeper. . .yeah, fuck you feel good, I love your cock inside of me and you know that ass is 100% yours.

And there it was - the familiar feeling of when he's cumming: hands gripping my hips, his cock swelling, twitching, pumping his hot, thick load inside of me. I felt it - sometimes I do, sometimes I don't - but that night I felt it, his cum shooting inside of me, plastering the walls of my ass, filling me until it was running out around his cock. It was fucking awesome. . .but not over yet.

Back on the floor, cock still hard as fuck, I sat back down on him, guiding that b**st inside of me. As started pumping in and out of me, reaching up to tease my nipples, I stroked my cock until I sprayed my load over his check.

I leaned down, resting against his sweaty body, his cock still buried inside of me, and stayed like that until he went soft.

We got up, cleaned each other in the bathroom, and after he closed shop, decided to grab Subway. Place was packed, I could still smell the sex on me, and I always - really - walked funny after Brian fucked me. He went in, got our orders, and we decided to eat at my place before going our separate directions for the night.

It didn't work out as planned. As soon as we entered my house, food on the table, I went to the bathroom to rinse off. Brain stepped in the shower with me, already hard as fuck, with that "I want to fuck you again" look in his eyes. My ass was SORE, I told him, and not really sure if I could go a second round. Always the problem solver, he said, grab a dvd, we can 69 a bit, and just bf we're both ready to blow, I want to put my cock back in your cum filled ass. Ok, I was hard and that sounded like a plan.

The 69 didn't last long - the two guys fucking on my tv, the sounds, and brain's mouth wrapped around my cock all had me ready to nut within minutes.

I knelt between his legs while he sat on my sofa watching porn. I told you already how much I love sucking his cock - how large he is, thick, veins everywhere, and the head of his cock is so fucking beautiful. I slow sucked him, taking him to the back of my throat, getting just above his cock and letting my saliva run out of my mouth and down his cock, wrapped my hand around his shaft, rotating it just like he taught me, while following with my mouth. Going down, licking his balls again, lightly teasing his asshole, then back up to his cock. I pushed one of my fingers into his ass while I was blowing him, massaged him, pressed 'that' spot, and soon felt him twitching, cock growing thicker.

I raised up, turned around, and he guided that monster of his back into my tight, sore, but cum filled ass. No lubrication, aside from my saliva already on his cock, and his cum from earlier. He slid right it, burned a little, until he was buried inside of me. I leaned up, fists on the ground for support, and watched between my legs as he lunged up, back down, up, back down, finding a good steady rhythm of fucking my already ravaged ass. He was so fucking hot - built like a true athlete, hard body, thick strong thighs, big strong hands, and a cock that matched his physical presence perfectly. I watched as he fucked me hard, deep, but not as fast this time. Taking his time, letting both of us feel every inch of his cock fucking me. That's it, Brian. . .fuck me good and slow. You like watching that cock of yours abuse my ass, huh. Yeah, right there, all the way in. . .yes, that's the spot. . .you're going to make me cum again fucking me like that.

That's all it took, he grunted so loud and with such deep intensity, I started cumming immediately. I could feel his cock totally swell and twitch and shoot yet another load inside of me, mixing with his earlier load, my ass was full, fucking dripping with his cum, and he kept sliding that cock of his inside of me until he had no more to push out.

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