My first and continued bi experience with my hair

I'm about as real as it comes, so no stretching the truth or adding things that didn't really happen. That's just me and here's my story:

When I was 25, graduate student, athlete, previous clothing model, manly and had no idea I was bi, really, no idea. I had a knockout for a gf, had always had mind-blowing sex, and life was good. I was a customer of my stylist for about a year when he eventually told me he was gay. Understand - I had no idea b/c he was very masculine, never mentioned it before, hung out with really hot girls (yes, I realize this point now) and just seemed like your average, kewl guy.

So, needless to say, I was shocked. I wasn't phobic, so it really didn't effect my friendship with him at first. We continued to bike, run, hit the occasional movie and things of the sort, until one morning, I woke up having had a dream about him fucking me. I was like. . .errrrrrr (insert screeching tire sound here), WTF just happened. Over the next few months, those thoughts started entering my mind throughout the day, except now it was an actual fantasy. I won't bore you with the "how did this happen, what am I going to do, am I gay, etc. - instead, I'll fast fwd to what happened.

After a few weeks of renting gay porn, masturbating to it multiple times a day, and even purchasing a dildo to experiment with. . .I broke the news to Brian. While he was shocked, he said he figured this was coming about a month ago when he saw one of the gay porn dvd's in my car :-o

I met him that night at his place - a small but quaint house, impeccably decorated and very masculine in both look and smell. . .it turned me on even further. After a little nervous small talk, Brain led me to his bedroom where we undressed each other. Can you say TRAUMATIZED?

His cock, already hard when I pulled his shorts down, was fucking HUGE. I don't mean big - I'm 8" and decent girth - I mean huge (later to be measured at 9.5" x 6") and looked like it was sculpted out of granite. I'm 5.11, 165, he's 6.2, 205 - both very athletic, muscular, smooth and at this point, both intoxicated with lust.

He laid back on his bed and I climbed on top of him. I was so nervous I wanted to puke. His hands ran down my back, across my ass, back up my back, and to my head - and pulled me down and kissed me on the mouth. I didn't know what my reaction would be to this - or anything that I 'wanted' to happen that night - but when we started making out, precum started dripping from my cock and I felt truly attracted to this MAN (can you way, WHUUUUUT). Our tongues explored each other - necks, lips, ears, he even pulled me up and licked my wayyyyyyy sensitive nipples - which yes, almost made me cum right then and there.

I settled back down on his chest, his massive cock pushing against my own, and slid down to do what I had be fantasizing about for months. First, I licked his heavy balls, sucking each one gently, then gently teasing with my tongue again. As I leaned up and grabbed his cock, I told him to give me pointers if I was doing good or bad. His precum was both salty and sweet as I stuck my tongue out to taste him. His cock twitched at first, then again when I lowered my mouth and wrapped my lips around his cock. We spent the next hour - yes, hour - with me developing my oral skills. No teeth, swirl my tongue, lean up and let my saliva run down his cock to lubricate my hand, twist up & down while my mouth followed closely. By the end of my first lesson, I was able to take about 6-7 inches of him with no teeth action.

He was ready to cum at any second and pulled me off of his cock. I told him earlier - while sucking his massive cock - that I wanted my first time with him cumming in my ass (I can't tell you how hot that was to me watching the gay porn - to see a thick cock stretching a guys ass, cumming inside of him, and seeing his cum run out - wow). Brian, rolled me over onto my back, and climbed between my legs. He kissed me again, deep, and at the same time, I felt him putting lube on my asshole. It was an intense, shock-like feeling when he touched me there - big difference from the cold dildo, trust me. I reached down and he put lube in my palm - then I spread it over & around his GINORMOUS cock that was about to attempt to fuck me.

Brain leaned down and teased my nipples again while he pushed one of his thick fingers inside of me. I almost came. A few minutes later, while he was licking the head of my cock - I told him not to put my cock in his mouth b/c I would blow instantly - he has two fingers inside of my asshole. I couldn't take it any longer and told him, "I want you to put that cock of yours in my ass. I want to feel you stretch me wide, taking your time to let me adjust and then I want you to fuck me until you cum inside of my ass".

He flipped me over and pulled my hips toward him. Teasing me at first, just rubbing his cock against my asshole, I started to push back. Then, there it was, I felt the head push in and stop. It didn't really hurt at this point - felt like a lot of pressure but it felt good. More lube, and it wasn't until about 5-6 inches in that it started to hurt/burn a little. Brian was patient and skillful - he would back out, let me relax, and slowly push in again; reach around me and tease my nipples, stroke my balls, caress my back, etc., and eventually - seriously, maybe like 15 minutes - he was balls deep in my tight asshole.

I don't know what to say to explain to you how incredible he felt - how his huge cock filled every inch of my ass, how I could feel his pulse through his cock in my ass, or what it felt like when he slowly started to really fuck me that night. His strong hands on my hips, his massive cock sliding in and out of my until tonight virgin asshole, the sound it made when he pulled his cock all the way out, added more lube, and slowly pushed in all the way inside of me again. Fuck, I was turned on and ready to cum right then and there. Don't get me wrong, it still hurt but the pleasure far outweighed the pain.

I told him I was about to cum - even thought he/I wasn't touching my cock, I could feel it in my nuts, amazing. He told me, "wait, don't cum yet. Let me fill your ass with my cum first, then I'll show you something you'll absolutely love". No argument from me and although it only took him about 10 strokes, those last 10 strokes where fucking incredible. He moved up closer to me and leaned back with his legs outside of mine, and pulled me upwards toward him. I was just about back to chest position, and I swear this allowed him to push another inch of his cock inside of me. He then put one hand on my hip, the other on my shoulder, and fucked me hard and fast those last 10 strokes - until I could actually feel his cock explode inside of my ass and his hot cum shooting inside of me. Just as he started pumping his load in my ass, he reached around and stroked my cock. I tell you no lie when I say - I shot my load at least 5-6 ft across his bed and for what seemed like a solid 1+ minute. As he was cumming, his cum made my ass VERY lubricated and the sounds changed - that, coupled with his f***eful ending, gave me the most incredible sexual experience I had yet to experience.

So, like I said, no lies with me - and I'll tell you, I meet with him at least once a week now and have become an expert at being his "straight boy toy".

I don't mind sharing my stories - if you want to read more, let me know because I have plenty to call upon;)

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2 years ago
3 years ago
I have had bi thoughts too, every so often. I love women, but I think thus helped me make up my mind about trying the flip side.
3 years ago
I loved your story reminded me so much of my experience
3 years ago
Cowboy. I'm a str8 woman and I'm turned on by that story. Make me wanna have anal. Keep me Cumming!
3 years ago
nice keep um cumin
3 years ago
Hope you'll share that thick cock
3 years ago
so hot plz tell more
3 years ago
Gve me a minute to catch my breath hanks fantastic story
3 years ago
I am so ready to experience your intense cumming session, when can we meet?
3 years ago
Fabulous story!!! More please!!!
3 years ago
excellent story. well done. if i ever try that id like it to go like that
3 years ago
HOT story. You are a terrific writer. I hope you post more of your sexy life stories.
3 years ago
fantastic turnon - and great storytelling. I so prefer true stuff. Thanks
3 years ago
send more stories in !!
3 years ago
baby i so want to do what u did & will soon i hope u got me so hard i am ready to cum!