sex with ex fantast first fuck

Okay, we're exhausted from the drive, literally, wanting to fall over and pass out. So, i decide to take a shower and tell you to go make yourself comfortable in the bedroom....little did you know...
i get out completely dripping wet, water is still dripping my my nipples..i walk out of the steamed bathroom and you look at me. i'm standing there rubbing on my tits and licking my fingers....
you walk over to me, and start kissing on my neck than working your way to my tits shoving me against the wall, you start licking your way down adn lift one of my legs up completely over your head and start licking my dripping wet pussy...
i'm breathing so heavily and shaking so bad you drag me over to the bed and lay me come back up and with the taste of my wet pussy you kiss my lips...i then turn you over and un buckle your pants and pull out your hard cock...
i then work my mouth over your 9 inch cock and start to lick up and down, you then take my head and start slamming my mouth down on your cock making me choke, so i start spitting on him slowly, then licking it back up...i start kissing your stomach and you toss me over, start kissing me again, caressing my tits, licking my nipples, thennnnn....
you lean up with my legs shaking and slowly slide him in, i immediately start to clench your arms, and the pillows underneath me. you start to feel my pussy get wetter and wetter as your cock slides in and start kissing and biting my neck as you start to fuck me faster and faster...i can't even breathe,
you take your fingers and shove them down my throat, and put your hands on my neck and push down just little so i can feel a little pain, at this point i feel your cock in my gut.

i'm screaming your name and pulling your hair, then i tell you to lay down...i jump on top and start rubbing my pussy against your hard cock while i'm sucking your neck and biting your lips, youre smacking my ass, and making me scream. you put your cock in my pussy as it's dripping all over, and i start to fuck you so hard, and leaning all the way back, you have one hand on my chest, and the other on my ass...
you lean up with me still on your dick and pull me completely up against the headboard and start fucking me so hard as my tits are bouncing in your face. you shove my head back and keep your hands on my neck while my back rests against the head board, sweat is pouring down my chest....
you flip me over and eat my pussy from behind, spreading my ass cheeks apart
you bend me over and push mjy head into the pillow and thrust your cock so deep in my throbbing pussy i then begin to scream, you grab my hair and bring me back up to you while fucking me from behind, holding me up by my tits, my ass is bouncing off your stomach
youre kissing my neck, and then you start to play with my clit as youre still fucking me...i beg you for more, my pussy starts to clench
you turn me on my side and put one leg in the air and you start to smack my pussy lips with your hard cock...
then turn my on my back and start slowly fucking me and lifting my ass off the bed until my back at a complete arch, and each inch of your cock goes deeper and deeper...
i'm grasping the pillows, scratching your back..
screaming your name, FUCK ME ......,,,, MMMMMMM FUCK MEE....

you take your hand and grab my tit and just when youre about ready to cum, you pull out and i tell you to nut all over my face and in my mouth....
mmm, i want your hard dick inside my mouth baby!!!!
my tongue sliding up and down, deep throating to the point that im choking.
mmmmmm babyyy, i want you to titty fuck me as i spit on your cock
don't worry i'm gonna lick it all back up
mmmmm, i know you like when i spit on your cock babyyyyyyy, my tongue sliding up and down your cock...
my teeth softly rubbing against you, twirling my tongue around, mmmmm
slurping up all the pre-cum, and spitting it back out, letting it drip off my tongue.
deep throating till i choke, you slamming your cock further and further down my throat

mmmmmmm, sucking so hard, and jacking you off as i lick all the way down your cock
mmm, keep fucking my face babyyy
i wanna feel that warm cum slide down my throat
all over my tits, all over my face...
mmm, hold my hair back baby and slam my head on your cock
mmmm, i want your cum all over me
fill my mouth up baby
you like your cock in my warm mouth....well then fuck my face harderrr!
you like when i spit on your cock and lick it back up
mmmm baby
mmmm, push my head back baby and shoot that cum all in my mouth

let me suck it harder, i wanna feel your cock all the way in the back of my throat!
mmmmm, i loveee the taste of your cock
while you jack off for a little bit ill lay up on the bed and you can watch me play with my pussy, nice, hot wet pussy
mmmm baby, my pussy tastes realllll gooooooood
come over here and smack my pussy lips with your cock
mmm baby, i'm licking my fingers
my pussy wants your hard cock so bad baby, mmmm i want you to fuck my wet pussy

i'm going to come with you...

mmmm my mouth is wide open baby!
whenever youre ready
my pussy is soo wetttt
my fingers are dripping

mmm baby cum for meee

all in my mouth
mmmmm, so hot, mmm your cum tastes good baby!
you dont even have a mess to clean up because its all over me ;-)

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