My cousin got too d***k.

Most people, if your f****y is big enough, probably have at least one cousin they would consider having sex with, assuming they weren't cousins. Or as long as no one finds out at least. This might be a little too far for some readers, but there are a few of you out there already jacking off to the idea.

My cousin had just moved into town, not too far from where I lived. When we were k**s, there was an attraction, but we had found out quickly not to ever entice the notion that something might happen. Plus our f****y was close and so I saw her often. When we started drinking as teenagers, a stare might last longer than it should. She was younger than me, but once she started becoming a woman, I noticed.

So we jump forward to both of us being over 21. She had just broken up with her boyfriend that day and wanted to get d***k with her favorite cousin. Maybe I broke a trust and she invited me knowing she wouldn't do anything stupid. say the least we got pretty d***k. Throughout the night I felt like she was teasing me by semi-flirting with guys then coming back to talk with me.

My filter was slipping and I wanted to bring up the thought to her of what if we ever did anything...but how do you do that?

Time to go home. Good thing we walked, neither of us could drive. I walked her back to her place. She demanded I stay because she was so d***k...and alone. She put on a movie, we sat next to each other on the couch...and she passed out.

Don't get the wrong idea though...this was just me contemplating at this point. I wanted her to lift one leg on the sofa and reveal if she was wearing panties under that skirt or not. I wanted her to feel hot and start taking off her clothes. I wanted her to wake up in horn mode and hop on my lap.

Nothing happened...for a minute. Despite everything I wanted to do that was immoral, I didn't have to. I turned off the tv, and the light, grabbed a blanket, tossed it over her, and one for me, and off to sl**p on the couch I went. I suppose I did get down to my boxers...but that's how I sl**p.

Just before I was out, a smooth foot rubbed my leg. My brains said stay still, ignore it, but after only a minute, my leg started rubbing back. I already had a god-damned hard-on. I grabbed her leg and massaged her foot and calf as I pulled her toward me. She was laying on her stomach as I dragged her. She was also feeling my legs at this point, up to my thighs. So I grabbed her thighs and my instincts pulled her all the way up to my face.

There I was kissing the exterior of my cousin's vagina, who did not wear panties after all. There is still a chance to turn back and say I was d***k...but once that tongue goes in? And, hell, she went and shoved my dick in her mouth. She's really good at sucking a dick, too. My face plunged in and treated it like an oxygen mask secreting the most delicious juice ever. Completely smooth and clean vagina, soft, pink, tender. I could get off doing this even if she wasn't sucking my dick so well.

I pushed her forward, got on one knee and plunged right in, stopping for a second, a few slow pumps, then time to get to work. She was still pretty tight, and could really work her hips. We worked magic, and it was luckily so dark in there I was trying to keep my mind off the cousin part and more on the hot chick part. This is clearly the best fuck I've ever had. Best I've ever done, that's for sure.

Judgement time came, do I blow this right in her? I hadn't made up my mind fully yet as I started getting full rock hard, going faster, and feeling more and more. It's about to happen. I grab one hand on her tit, the other on her ass, and pull both as close to me as I can as I bust the biggest nut ever inside her. I wondered if my balls just became bbs after that release. I pulled out and it drooled out as I sat on the couch.

She got up and went to the bathroom. I got dressed. I should probably leave. As I was all dressed, I waited at the door, slightly ajar, thinking of just jetting. Then she headed out of the bathroom. She asked, 'Hey Ian, did Jeremy just leave?'

What the fuck??? Is she serious? She thinks she just had sex with her ex? Not a good time to talk about what just happened, but I thought I'd do my best to get away with it. 'Yeah, said he made a big mistake...he said he hoped you would just pretend it never happened. I just came over to make sure you were still good.'

'Oh my god, I don't remember anything from the time we got to the bar! Have a good night'

She was still wasted. I felt a little dirty. Plus I wanted more. I'll probably have to tell her someday. Probably.
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3 years ago
Great story I wish that would of happen to me
3 years ago
Is it wrong I had a specific cousin in mind reading this...? Would never do it (in my right mind) but I have thought about it.
3 years ago
Loved the story and your writing style. Hope there is more.
3 years ago
wow. great story. Hope there's more.
3 years ago
Awesome start to a good story.
3 years ago
yes i thank it good you tell her it be worng not to tell her i no about that ben thair
3 years ago
Tell her and she will except it,,but do tell us more,,,very good start