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I often sit on sites like this masturbating to ideas I'd never fathom the guts to do. I even go so far as to find random guys on cl, but never go through with scared I guess.

So there I sat, another lonely night of jacking off to internet porn of a shemale ramming a man hard bareback while it's a major thunderstorm outside. I hear a knock at the door and I quickly zip up my pants, turn off the monitor and answer it.

I am cautious at first, to make sure it's not a robber. A man stands there drenched with a look of desperation on his face. He says his car broke down as he was passing through and he got lost driving through the city. He could leave in the morning, promised he didn't have any weapons on him and wasn't going to steal anything, even offered to pay to spend the night.

Having a good heart, I let him in, but told him he'd have to get out of those clothes into dry ones to be walking around my place. Also had to inform him that since I am still new, I do not have a couch yet, so we'd have to split half and half my bed. He needed warmed up and asked to use my shower.

I could hear him in there...wanting so desperately to take advantage of a one time situation. Didn't want to be weird about it I didn't. I did however leave some of my clothes on the bathroom floor for him...and checked out a quick site in the mirror. He had a surprisingly tone, yet natural physique, slightly tanned and very smooth.

I made some drinks for us and told him we should probably watch a movie till we pass out. He slammed the first rum and coke, and I offered another, which he downed as well. Figured I had better catch up as well.

We made it 10 minutes into this horror film when he said he doesn't like gore and laid on his stomach, head turned away. 'It's so hot in here," he says as he take off his shirt, and lies slightly d***k on my sheets. I decide it's a good time to take off my jeans, since this is about to be a night. I pull the blanket over me and lean back.

He gets under my covers and asked me to please turn off the movie and the lights because he's too d***k to keep watching. I do it and as I get back into bed I see him checking out that I am in my boxers...which happen to be slightly bulging right now.

Back into bed. Laying stone still for a good 5 minutes, I finally relax, and so does he. His hand has now landed on my thigh, but ever so accidently. He leaves it there, and I leave it there. My instincts are taking over now and I swivel my hips toward him. He squeezes my thigh...and I know instantly where this is going...but must remain patient.

I throw my arm up over his pillow...and nothing happens, then he rests his head on my arm and grabs my inner thigh, pulling me closer. I abide. His hand massages my thigh for so long, I get a full fledged hard-on...and I am pretty sure he didn't notice. His hand starts to glide up towards my dick, and he finds it...stops instantly to find how erect it is...after a pause he grabs hold of it and squeezes, surprised by both my length and girth, I am not puny needle after all. With slight f***e I push his head towards my groin, and he takes the bait.

Kissing me as he goes down, he finally gets to the goods. He licks it, then he puts his mouth around it, then he sucks it. He sucks it real good. I start fucking his head, grabbing onto his still slightly wet, short hair, pushing it towards as I thrust into his throat.

Then he slides his finger into my anus. Very unusual feeling, but I instantly like it. He starts going to town with his fingers now like a guitar, as his mouth plays my harmonica. I really want to cum, but I also want to fuck this man. Bad.

I pull him off me, drag him towards me, give him a quick kiss sucking the precum off his lips and throw him onto my bed, back on his stomach. I tear off his pants and boxers and just start squeezing his firm ass cheeks. I start sliding my dick between his butt cheeks creating more precum. I start applying pressure with my dick to his butthole, but it's so dry still. I keep pushing centimeter buy centimeter as my dick slowly releases it's natural lube into this fuck hole.

I finally get my whole head in there...from this point it gets much easier, and much more gratifying. Here I am fucking this smooth yet firm, golden boy raw dog in the ass. It's too late to worry if he has anything, but I am pretty damn sure I don't.

I start getting that bastard in as far as I can fuck. Sometimes with a slow sensual drag, and other times pounding it like I'm trying to hurt him. He starts moaning, and it only adds the fuel.

I flip him around again, this time though I grab hold of his dick. Not sure how I didn't notice that big ol b**st. Easily a tenner with an inability to grab my hand around it it's so thick. I start rocking this baby like I am playing an old school arcade game. Right now, I have the GI Joe kung fu grip on this bad boy. I keep fucking and fucking, and he starts digging his fingertips into my back, which makes me throw his ass up higher, fucking even harder now.

As he bounces up and down my cock, his dick practically keeps hitting my face. I pull down for only a moment to shove this bad boy in my mouth. I think it would have been scary even if I did this stuff all the time, let alone my first time ever. I pull him back on my cock, and I can tell he is gonna cum, so I go full f***e now. He suddenly tears into my back skin with his small nails...just as I blow the biggest built-up load I've ever forged, directly into his asshole.

We breathed heavy for a moment, i handed him an old shirt to wipe up the mess with and said, I need some sl**p, he agreed and we passed right out.

The next morning he wakes up and leaves in a hurry. Didn't notice till the door slammed, and although I hoped nothing was stolen, I was glad for what happened. Then I saw a note on my table. It said 'Be back in town next week...then it's your turn.'

I better get some practice in before I take that guy though.
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3 years ago
great story
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3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
I love this. thanks. x
3 years ago
nice, part 2???