How I want fucked

I show up to my apartment after too many to find my new neighbor had a few, as well. She is doing better than me, but clearly hornier.

I bring her inside, light the candle, play some music and try and be sensual. Grab some drinks, and get ready for as little talking as possible.

The lights in my room are off, and she says to keep them off. She wants a back rub.

I don't even know her name yet, but I leap on without asking. Her shirt is off, her skirt is still on, as are her panties and bra. I rub the shoulders, I rub the neck, I kiss the neck, I kiss the ears. I lick down the back, I massage the butt cheeks. I go back up and reach around to grab the bra.

I squeeze for a while, but then I take it off with my teeth. Takes a second, but I do it. I grab her tits. They are huge...but clearly at least a little fake. I don't m ind, they are huge. I reach down and she stops me. I go back to the butt, squeeze, go underneath, and she stops me. I twist her around and make out something fierce. I ruin those tits, and give hickeys to the nipples damn near. Then I go down her tummy. I stop at her button to see if she stops me. Nothing. I unbutton with me teeth, but it seems like movement happen below the zipper.

I unzip the zipper, and pull down. Down all the way, along the smooth legs. I kiss her feet. They are a little big, but very cute, very sexy. Then up the legs, which are so smooth. Behind the knees, inside the thighs, up the panties. Bright, pink panties.

The panties had a bulge.

I look up to see her looking at me. Both angry and embarrassed. I felt bad.. I had to at least see what this was, I mean was it?

It was. I pulled down, and out flopped a meaty dick. Looked like a dude's dick, except it was so smooth. Even her nuts. So curious, I brought a finger to her ass, no hair there either.

She liked this, and started to gyrate. Her eyes were closed, and the dick grew a little... Shit...what do I do.

I licked it. She moved it towards my face. I licked it again. I kept giving little licks till precum came./ i liked that, so I stuck the dick in my mouth. Next thing I know, she is trying to shove this dick that must be 9" into my throat, when I gag just brushing my teeth.

I reach for her, and she brings her mouth to me dick. Now we are talking. She's damn good. I almost nut, and get stone solid at 7". I have a nice cock, but her's is so damn veiny. I am pretty manly, but this made me feel girly. I didn't want to though, I wanted to man this woman. I pulled her off, I slung her around, spit on her ass, and shoved my dick in.

"Without a condom?" she asked? I just nodded yes, grabbed her hair, and shoved it to the bed. I went deep, and I didn't care. I went deeper than I had ever gone in a girl. Hell, I came so damn fast, and in her. I felt weird...

She wasn't done. She gave me a massage, then spit on my ass, and stuck it in. Damn that shit hurt. The whole night. Felt great though, just knowing it barely fit. I fucked her like I wish women fucked me, like she fucked me. I tried at least. It took her 15 minutes to cum in me, but when she did, she said, it's only fair. Then she fucked me again...and made me eat it.
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1 year ago
Damn right its only fair! Lol Lol! (^_^)
1 year ago
You lucky bastard, what a nice surprise
1 year ago
wow i loved this one