I went round to my friend’s house to hang out cos I was bored and she wasn't there, I’d forgotten she was away for the day for an overnight trip with her mother; they were going to see some stage show or other. he just told me she wasn't in but I could come in and wait, dirty bugger obviously thought he'd try his luck, his cock must have been doing his thinking as he is an elder of our church and if I’d told my dad he'd be in jail by now, it might have only been a couple of days but it was still before my 16th birthday on the 10th of June this year
I went in and he made me a coffee and we chatted, I’ve known him all my life so it wasn't awkward or anything, he is pretty funny, always telling jokes, most of them a bit risky for a church elder, thinks he is a comedian, tries to be down with the k**s as he calls it, that always makes his daughter Anna cringe. so I was there for over an hour and he makes me another coffee and then asks if I can keep a secret, I said I could, I thought it would be something stupid or one of his jokes, but he left the room and came back with a pouch like a pencil case and opens it up and takes out a clear bag with what looked like herbs in it and a little pipe. He sat down beside me and asked if I’d ever smoked dope? I had, a couple of times but I told him I hadn't, he went to put it away, saying it wasn't real and he was just testing me to see if I was a good girl, so I told him I didn't mind if he smoked dope, I wouldn't tell anyone, I reckoned I might as well get high while I was waiting for Anna to come home
didn't occur to me that he'd never smoke dope if he expected his wife home anytime soon, so it went back and forth, him saying it wasn't real grass and me telling him it was ok for him to have a puff, in the end he filled the pipe and took a couple of tokes, then I asked if I could try and he said no, so I told him I’d lied and I had smoked before, but that Anna hadn't (she fucking had but I wasn't telling him) so we finished the pipe and he filled it up again, and smoked that
I was pretty stoned by now and so was he, he started telling me how beautiful I was and how I was a credit to my parents and shit like that, then he started saying I had great legs and I was very tall and if I didn't mind him saying so I had a really nice bum and my young breasts were so tempting looking etc., if it had been someone else I’d have thought he was a perv and left but he is a handsome man, over 6ft, silver hair and a little goatee and I could see from the open shirt he has silver chest hair, a sexy daddy. This went on for a while, his hand on my leg stroking it just above the knee and him feeding me a line about how he loved my long auburn hair etc. etc., patter we call it
by this time I was feeling no pain, zonked, it was pretty strong gear he had, so when he leaned over and kissed me on the lips I didn't stop him, so he kissed me again and stuck his tongue in my mouth, not the usual frenzied thing while the guy fumbles with my bra strap, this was slow and fucking horny, running his tongue over my teeth, sucking my tongue and my bottom lip, didn't take him long to get me wet which caused me to forget I was supposed to be an innocent 15yr & 362 day old teenager. I grabbed his cock thru his cords, nearly died when I felt the size of it, he is huge, must be 11", talk about a green light, rather than come to his senses and stop me he stuck his hand inside my top and fondled my tits, pulling my bra down and started rubbing my nipples between his finger and thumb, fuck, this is making me so wet remembering all that. Things happened quick from there, I forgot about Anna and went for his zip, she and her mother could have walked in and I wouldn't have stopped, I wanted to see that big cock close up, I plan to get a chance to feel it fill my ass as soon as I can. I got his cock out but I couldn't see it as he was still kissing me but it felt like a rolling pin in my hand, so I moved my head away from him and got a good look at it, wow, I actually said that out loud, several times, and before he could do or say anything I pushed him back into the seat and got on my knees.
even with both hands round it there was still a couple of inches of his big fat purple head sticking out the top, and his pre cum was leaking out and running down over my hand, I stuck my tongue out and licked it from his cock then licked it from the back of my hand, old man pre cum is delicious. couldn't get enough of it, swallowed the head of that cock and sucked for all I was worth, I could feel his pre cum running over my tongue, fuck that cock tasted good, I’m going to make it my mission to get another taste.

well I sucked him as best I could for about ten minutes before he stopped me and made an attempt to tell me it was wrong and a sin and religious blah blah blah, but I told him it was too late now, he either fucked me or I went straight home and told me dad, so he locked the doors and took me up the stairs, he was leading me into his bedroom but I said I wanted him to fuck me on Anna’s bed, I was still hoping she'd come home and find us but hadn't thought to mention the fact I’d been there nearly three hours, that’s when he told me about them being away to the show that night, they were staying in a hotel and doing some shopping next day and wouldn't be back till the next evening
I quickly got my phone out and called my mum and told her I was staying the night at Anna’s, she went thru a whole thing about asking her parents so I just handed him the phone, he nearly had a heart attack on the spot but he told my mum he said I could stay over and that was that, we didn't need to rush things, I’d be staying the night and getting as much of that big cock as I could take
he stripped off and I told him to lie on the bed, I took everything off except my panties, which were soaking wet, obviously so as they were plain white cotton, I say were, he kept them then I climbed between his legs and got back to sucking as much of that cock as I could get in my mouth I could have sucked on that big cock for a week it tasted so good, the head is the size of a golf ball, nearly choked me when I tried to take it down my throat
I don't know how long I sucked him but eventually he grabbed my head and told me he was going to cum if I didn't stop, I didn't mind, if his cum tasted as good as his pre I was more than willing to swallow every last drop, but he lifted me off and told me to move up the bed and straddle him, he kept saying how he loved my titties and played with my nipples, I could feel his cock sticking into my back and wanted to slide down and rub my pussy on it but he had another idea, he put his hands on my waist and lifted me up and sat me on his face and started sucking on my wet panties making them even wetter
I put my hands on the headboard and lifted my bum off his face so he could use his tongue, he pulled my panties to the side and started licking my wet pussy, he really worked on my clitty with his tongue and his lips, sucking on it, even nibbled on it which did the trick, at last a man that can make me squirt, my legs started shaking and I had to hold onto the headboard real tight, squeeze my knees against his chest, he put both arms round me and held me tight then I came, fuck it was out of this world, I thought the top of my head would blow off, my ears started ringing, I nearly passed clean out
I squirted all over his face, not the little squirts like when I get myself off, this was floods, three maybe four big gushes, it was so much I was sure I’d peed myself, or rather peed him, but I couldn't stop I was shaking and grinding my clit into his top teeth, someone was screaming, and I remember thinking I wish that person would shut up, then I realised it was me, I could hear him crying yes, yes, yes, more baby more cum for daddy Anna cum for daddy, kinda spoilt the moment a bit for me, he'd called me by his own daughters name and instead of enjoying the last of my orgasm I was wondering a few things to myself
Was Geoff screwing Anna? Or did he want to screw her and this was his fantasy I was living out for him, the dirty bugger. well as soon as I could speak I started apologising to him and tell him I hadn't peed on him, I still wasn't sure myself. he explained that he knew and that I had a special gift as not all women could orgasm like that and many many men would love to have what happened take place on their face, that made me feel better and I decided not to mention the Anna thing, I wanted that cock. I stood up and took my panties off then straddled his chest again, sliding down till I could feel the head of his cock against my ass, I just rubbed it up and down the crease of my ass a few times before lifting my bum slightly till I could feel it at my pussy, then I pushed down on it and the first few inches slid in, that big head stretched me wide open, if I hadn't been so wet it would have been painful

I looked down at him to give him a smile and he ruffled my hair like I was a k** and said *I’m obviously not the first* I just winked at him and slid a little further till I hit a dead end, it wouldn't go any further, I reckon he was nearly in my womb, then I sat up till I was upright and felt beneath my pussy, I could still get my hand around the bit of shaft that wouldn't go in me. I’ve never felt so full; it was like just after a six course Xmas dinner, I was stuffed
He reached out his hands to fondle my titties but I had another idea, I grabbed both his hands and meshed our fingers so I could use our arms for leverage and started to ride up and down on Geoff’s big cock. He let go with one hand and picked up my panties and stuck the crotch over his nose and the gusset in his mouth and started sucking on the cotton, I could hear him inhaling deeply thru his nose, then he grabbed my hand again and I carried on riding up and down on my big horsecock "uncle"
how he lasted so long I don't know, he eventually said he didn't want to cum in my pussy which I wouldn't have minded, I’ve been on the pill since I was 14, not that my parents know, doctor / patient privilege is a wonderful thing, I came another twice before he asked me to stop, not as big as the first time but beautiful rippling orgasms that each lasted more than 30 sec. when I did get off of him he made to get dressed but I asked him what he was doing, he hadn't cum, he said it didn't matter but I grabbed that cock and got on my knees and went to work on it, my jaw was aching after ten minutes and I was ready to give up, I looked up at him and asked if he ever came ?
He told me that sometimes he had trouble Cumming and his wife did something which helped, I wondered what it was, did he want to fuck my ass? Stick on her undies? he was still holding my panties after all, I asked him what it was and I would do my best to do it, I wanted to taste his cum and wasn't leaving till I did. He told me to follow him to the bathroom and he climbed into the bath and lay down telling me to get on top in a 69 then suck him
I did as he asked and sucked on him for a few minutes, played with his balls, even stuck a finger in his ass, then he said he was close and told me to p**s on him, p**s on his face, I very nearly burst out laughing but I was really bursting for a p**s as it had been hours and coffee goes right thru me, so I kept sucking and relaxed my bladder and started to p**s on his face, I tried to control it so it would last longer, but I could hear him swallowing my p**s, gargling it, I stopped for a second and he spat a mouthful of p**s back up at my ass and said again, more, I’m going to cum, so I started to p**s again,.
I was trying so hard to push every last drop of my p**s out that I accidently farted, that really was going to make me laugh but he screamed oh yes oh yes, again, again, so I pushed and farted again, I was horrified, but he came, right then, fuck did he cum, I could hardly swallow it all there was so much, blasting the back of my throat like a water pistol. I put both hands round his cock to save any that escaped my mouth, eventually he stopped Cumming and I sucked on him some more, working my cummy hands up and down the shaft, licking up all that beautiful cum, till I’d eaten every single drop, it was amazing stuff, filled my belly, fucking amazing
after that we got out the bath and into the shower where he washed me all over spending ages on my tits and pussy and my ass, while I washed that beautiful cock, then we went and lay on his bed, not before he stripped everything from Anna’s and stuck it all in the washing machine. we slept for a few hours and I woke in the night to find him sucking on my pussy lips, when I was wet enough he fucked me again, slow and loving, this time he pulled out and shot his cum on my belly, a midnight feast for me to scoop up and eat, he even licked his own cum from my titties and shared some kisses with me
I went home after breakfast leaving him with all his bedclothes, sheets and pillows to wash and open all the windows to get rid of the stink of sex, and he kept the panties, can't wait till Anna and her mum go off for the day so I can go round and ask for my panties back.

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Thanks for an excellent story.
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Great story, well written. I really enjoyed it, thanks.
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