memories of school

reading the "my teacher" story brought back a distant but oh so clear memory i have of a particularly great school day
it was in maths class, and our teacher was a large lady in her early 40,s, she always wore tight fitting tweed suits which showed of all her curves and bulges under her teachers robe, and my mind had always wandered to fantasy land concerning how it would be to get my hands under her blouse and play with the massive breasts that seemed to be straining against the material of her clothes,
anyway on this particular day i was doing my usual and not paying attention in class, when it dawned on me i was expected to answer a question she had just asked me, at a loss for an answer she just frowned and said i had to wait behind when lunch break came and she,d have a talk with me.
lunch time came around with other class members leaving and having a laugh at the fact i was in for a detention or something similar,
with the classroom now empty she came to my desk looking down on me and muttered, "what will it take to get you focused", i just shrugged as she leant forward with her hands on my desk, but could,nt take my eyes of those huge breasts just inches away from my face, i know she was aware i was staring, and i caught a fleeting grin on her face as she saw i was getting flustered at her closeness to me,
"you need a bit of focus young man" she said, "come with me to the text book cupboard where you can stack some shelves this lunchtime, as a lesson to concentrate in future"
so i stood to make my way with her, but had to brush past as she did,nt move as i left my desk, god it was electric as i felt the softness and fullness of her body as i squeezed past her, then she gestured for me to follow and as i did i could see her lovely round ass move under her teachers robe,and felt my cock stirring in my trousers, by the time we got to the book store i was sweating and my groin was aching with the bulge in my pants,
inside now she turned to talk to me but her eyes went to my bulge and she stood there staring, then out of the blue she just reached out and brushed her fingers over it and said, "i could be sacked for what i,m thinking right now", to which i replied, "i could be expelled if i said what i,m thinking", at this she took my hand and placed it on one of her breasts and leaned forward and kissed me on the lips slowly as she led my hand in circular motions over the now hardening nipple, with her other hand she reached down and undid my pants and slipped her hand inside to stroke my now rod like cock, she stopped and pulled away and i thought it was over, but she went to the door and locked it, came back and kissed me again, now my hands were roaming over her large soft ass and pulling her towards me, then she took my hand and guided it up her skirt, i was trembling now as i felt the silky soft nylon on her full thighs, then the feel of bare flesh made me realise she had stockings on, my head was spinning as i reached the top and stroked between her legs, her now breathing hard and gasping with each stroke of my fingers over the full mound inside her panties, i cupped my hand over her pussy and squeezed softly, feeling the cotton of her panties moisten at my touch, we were both now feverish with lust, kissing deeply and playing inside each others underwear, i hooked my fingers over her knickers and pulled them down her thighs, finger rubbing slowly and slipping in between those bulging soaked pussy lips, fingers inside her now she squatted sightly and opened up so i could fingerfuck her hard, juices were streaming out her now and running down my hand and her thighs, i got on my knees so my face was level with her soaked hole and saw just how wet and gaping it was, her thighs all wet and shiny with juices, her pussy lips were so full and bulging and i just had to have a lick at which she moaned softly and i felt a stream of wet splash on my lips and run down my chin, god i was in heaven and never wanted this to stop
she was gaping wide now and my fingers were vanishing inside her as i licked the full lips and her stiff clit, her juices now a thick sticky cream which was smeared all over my face as she kept coming,
"try and get your hand in me" she said, "i want filling completely", at which i pushed slowly and could,nt believe how it slipped inside, other hand holding her big ass cheeks and the fingers rubbing over her hot asshole, i could feel her tight asshole flexing as i fisted her so i pushed slowly and a finger just slid in her ass as she squirmed and moved up n down on my hand in her large wet pussy, all of a sudden she tensed n let out a loud moan as i felt a torrent of wet splash down my arm, soaking me as she continued to writhe n convulse with orgasms,
"god that was good" she said, then bent over pulling her now wet skirt over that big lovely ass n said "fuck my ass", at which i spread those soft cheeks and placed the head of my cock against her tight hole, rocking against it and feeling the head of my cock open it and slip inside,now pounding against that lovely ass it did,nt take long for me to shoot my cum in her, stood with my cock deep in her trembling as we both tried to calm down,
"we both better clean up and get out of here she said, so we slipped in the bathroom which was in the storeroom, she lifted her skirt and squatted over the toilet and i heard her pee a stream, my cock throbbed at hearing this, so went over and kissed her as she peed loads, and reached under rubbing that gaping soaked pussy as her pee ran through my fingers,
if anyone is interested i,ll continue where this tale leaves off, hope you enjoyed hearing my tale !
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3 years ago
woot three thumbs up on that story can't wait for part two
4 years ago
really waitng to read what happened next :)
4 years ago
lmao a good one
4 years ago
WOW i love this story