my shemale GF part 7: Bukkake

My birthday was like a week ago or s o, and Christy got me what ive been wanting, a bukkake. I finally got this present like two days ago. We went to dinner, we meaning me Christy, Brittany apparently another shemale who I didn't know about but also my friend, and Jennifer, who I did know was a shemale. There are apparently plenty of shemales where I live, awesome. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, Christy wore a short jean skirt, and nothing underneath, I know cause I dropped my fork and she opened her legs, she also had on a my Odd Future shirt on. Brittany has blonde, about 5'8, busty, big ass, with a 8 inch cock, she is from Denmark. She was wearing skinny jeans, I don't know why I didn't notice her cock, with a V-neck on so it showed her cleavage. Jennifer has Brown hair, about 5'6, with a 6 inch cock and petite. She was wearing yoga pants, and a tank top. We all got in Jennifer car, Christy and me in the back, Jennifer driving, and Brittany in the passenger seat. Brittany looks back and says, "Christy, oh my God, are you not wearing panties!?" "Nope, see" and pulls up her skirt, and strokes her cock. "Ryan, suck her cock, I wanna see how well you can handle hers" "Why?" "Cause if you can't handle hers you can't handle mine" and she pulled out her cock. Christy said "Well his was sire can take a pounding" she said while she pulled my head to her dick. I came back up and said "Brittany, I didn't know you were a transsexual" "Yup, I got a cock, and I have too much estrogen so I grew tits, and my voice was always high, you and Christy should come to my place sometime and well have a fuck session. You like cum right?" Christy says "Of course he does you know that" "Good cause I can com more than a couple times. How tight is he?" "Very" "Alright your was will be hurting for a good week" I said "That seems normal for me." "Oh, Jennifer, what do you have here" Brittany pulls out Jennifer cock. "Looks like soneone is hard, and pre cumming" "Yes well, this is all very sexy, everyone's cock out, except for Ryan.... lets go Ryan whip it out" "Ok." I take out my cock, I'm hard from the cock surrounding me. Brittany says "Oh, somones excited, look how hard he is. I bet you love his cock in your ass ." "Actually, I fuck him" "Oh well then, this will be fun" "What will be?" I asked, Christy replied, "Oh you'll see. your ass is also gonna hurt for a week or two"

We got to our apartment, I went to the bathroom to clean up as I'm supposed to. I walk out their all sitting there on the couch watching bukkake videos on the playstation 3, stroking their cocks. All the bondage stuff is out, they get up, push me on the floor, put my legs in the air, tie it to a bar that keeps them in the air. Christy says "Im gonna let your hands free, but only for stroking our cocks." The doorbell rang, Christy said "I know who that is" she opened the door and in comes four surnames all of them hard. One had blonde hair and was white, with a 7 inch cock, two were Asian with 9 inch dick, and the last one had Brown hair with a 6 inch cock. Christy introduced everyone, "Ok this is Hannah, Courtney, Sarah, and Jackie, and to you this is, Brittany, Jennifer, and Ryan, the one getting the bukkake." Hannah was the blonde, Jackie and Sarah were the Asian two with huge cocks, and Courtney was the brunette. "Enough with the pleasantries, ill tell you how we know another later" she grabbed the bottle of lube, dripped it from my balls down to my asshole, rubbed it in and fingered me. Brittany slapped my face with her cock, and put her balls in my mouth, then took them out and shoved her cock down my throat. Hannah is helping Christy finger my ass, both of them have two fingers in. I'm jerking off Jackie and Jennifer, and sarah is stroking my cock. Hannah and christy loosened my ass up, and hannah shoved her thick cock in my tight lubed up ass, she didn't take it slow she started fast and hard. She pulled out and swithed with jackie. Jackie slowly stuck in the tip. "Mmmmmmm yeah, you're gonna take this whole thing." They all took their turn fucking my ass, telling me how much of a cum whore I am, everyone there has had their balls, and cock in my mouth, and ass, until my favorite part, the big bukkake. They untied me, and made a circle jerk around me. They all put their cocks on my face and slapped my forehead, tounge, and cheeks with their cocks. I put Sarahs cock in my mouth, and started stroking Hannah, and Jennifer, everyone else jerked themselves off. Iwent around in a circle sucking and stroking everyone. The first one to cum was Jennifer, she came on my forehead, a big thick load, she shoved her cock down my throat for a sec, then took it back out. The second one to cum was Christy, she did it right on my lips and chin, she moaned, i licked some of the cum but was quickly scolded and told not to. The third to cum was hannah, whose load was massive, covering almost all of my face, i begged for more, and got more from sarah, who came in my mouth, and middle of my face so i had to close my eyes. I wiped the cum out of my eyes, my whole body was drenched in cum. Brittany came next, and her load was even bigger then hannahs, it covered my mouth chin, cheeks, and forehead, her load was kinda thick and very white, she came two more times, but one was in my mouth, it was the same amount as the first. they all came at least three or four more times in my mouth and, face, and body. They tied me back up, but on my back, and my hands weren't free. Each of them took their turn riding my cock. Brittany was first, and jackie shoved her cock in my mouth. she rode me until she got off stroked my dick and i came so much and so far i came on my own face. They did this until my body was covered in cum. My ass burned, face covered in cum, cock was numb, and body white as fuck. They scooped up all the cum on my face and body, and put in a cup, and made me drink it, I enjoyed every drip of it, every ass burning moment of that gangbang/bukkake. Jackie, Sarah, and Hannah left, Christy knew them from her work and school. Brittany, and Jennifer stayed over, and slept together in the other room where Ashley used to live. But they all took a shower with me, so i had to take 3 showers, and i sucked their cocks while i was in there with them.
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2 years ago
My kind of party.
2 years ago
I would have loved have been there with you. I love to be the Cum Dump at an orgy and I also like to be pissed on
2 years ago
Wow what a party would have love tobe with your freiends you could dothe same to me
2 years ago
It fucking was.
2 years ago
Sounds like a dream cum true to me.