my shemale GF part 5

If you read my last story, you know that Ashley said she was going to dominate me, well that's exactly what she did.

So today after work I went back to Christy's place not actually thinking she was going to fuck me. Christy was home before me and asked me to clean up, which is the universal sign for us that she's gonna fuck me. I kinda forgot what Ashley said last night since I was blazed. I cleaned up, went to the f****y room, and noticed the fuck machine was out, harnesses, some contraption that held me up in the air, and other bdsm things. Ashley comes up behind me and handcuffs me and said "I told you I'd dominate your sissy ass, now you see that thing there its gonna fuck you....hard. But first I think someones been a naughty boy, you came your diaper, I guess I have to punish you." she was wearing red latex boots, red latex top, and a red strapon way bigger than the last one. She sat on the couch, and ordered me to lie over her lap. I did, and she began spanking and said "Yeah, dirty whore, your ass is so round" my ass is very round maybe that's why I'm the one getting fucked."are you gonna cum your diaper again." "No mistress" "Good boy, now lie on your back in front of the machine." I saw Christy in the corner jerking off and fucking herself with a black dildo.

Ashley put a ball gag in my mouth and tied my legs to my hands so my ass was vulnerable, and slid me closer the machine, at first it went slow which amazing, it gradually got faster. Its got really fast that I came on my face. Ashley slid me back, licked and ate the cum on my face. She slid her dick in my ass, it was much thicker, and was about 10 inches long. My ass was gapping by then. She fuck my ass so hard that I'm not sitting down as I write this."Yeah, you like this big cock in your ass don't you, you sissy whore." She untied me, and made me get on the suspension thing, spanked me, and attached a bigger strap on, which got my cock so hard. She slowly inserted her cock into my gapping ass, it burned, but started to feel great. She asked Christy to come over, she had a glass filled with cum. Ashley drank some, then gave. Almost all of it to me. I drank all of it, it tasted good, the thick warmness of it felt great in my mouth. "Mmmmm you love that cum don't you, your our sissy cum whore. Now I'm gonna put this diaper on you" My ass burns so I think I'm just gonna go to bed.
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2 years ago
Wow this time a came with you
2 years ago
Good story
2 years ago