my shemale GF part 4

I am now pretty much living at Christys place along with Ashley. So Ive reverted back to my 13 year old self of having wet dreams, and its really annoying especially waking up with a puddle in the bed. Chrisy went shopping, while i was just chilling and smoking weed with Ashley. Christy walks in and pulls out pull-ups, and says "Here this should help with the problem." Ashleys geeking out (histarically laughing) Christy says "You shouldnt be laughing we're all wearing them...." She throws Ashley amd me one. We all take off our pants, and pull them up, they were very comftorable suprisingly, they t hought so too. Ashley and i finished smoking and watched tv in the diapers, they were even more comftorable high.

Christy put them in the nightstand, and says to me "When you go to sl**p youre going to wear those, ive got to say these are very comfy, I'm gonna keep buying these." I could see she was hard, they were obviously very comfy to her, as they were for me, cause i too was bulging. I went over to her, pulled her diaper down, and started stroking her cock, she did the same thing to me, i took my thumb and massaged the tip of her cock using her precum as lube. I kneeled down and lick her cock from the balls to the tip back around, i learned from my ex who wanted to be the man in the relationship forcfully. I put my mouth on her cock and licked the shaft while sucking it. Her cock was throbing in my mouth as i felt the creamy warm cum come out, i didnt swallow, her cum today was very thick, and there was a big amount. I jerked her off as the second load splattered in my mouth and some on my face. she jerked the last load out into my mouth, i garggled the very thick cum, as Ashley ran in and said "I wanna see him swallow!" I did as i laughed after i did, since she was wearing only a bra and the diaper, it look hilarious. I jerked off as christy bent down and sucked my cock, i came a less thick cum in her mouth, Ashley complained, cause she wanted some, she was obviously baked, cause she said she was going to dominate us tomarrow after work for not cumming on her. We have a very weird group of friends. I pulled up my diaper cleaned my face off, and went to bed, after Ashley went into the closet pulled out a vibrator and some lube and went back to her room, for 30 minutes we heared buzzing and her moaning, with the sound of porn in the backround.
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2 years ago
Yes this i like
2 years ago
i love this short storys!